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Kat Von D’s “Cheaper By The Dozen” Movie Mansion in Los Angeles, CA (Listed for $15 Million)

Kat Von D's LA mansion in Victorian style complemented with a lush garden.

Remember the mansion used in the “Cheaper by the Dozen” movie? Well, it was bought by Kat Van D in 2016 and the famous tattoo artist proceeded to renovate the property in a way that completely transformed it. 

The house cost Ms. Von D about $6.5 million and she currently lives in it with her husband, although it was recently announced that she’s selling the mansion for a reported $8,195,000. 

Although it was initially built in the 1890s and first gained popularity through the 2003 comedy by Steven Martin, the 3-story house is located in the Los Angeles area of Hancock Park, which is one of the most affluent and exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood.

Since the house is now for sale, let’s look at some of the features of this mansion. In case you want to buy it, this article will give you a clear view of it.

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How big is the mansion?

The mansion is more than 12,500-square-foot, it has 13 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and 1 half long garage.

Inside the mansion

This mansion is enormously big in that it has 7 fireplaces, which is very valuable since newer construction homes are no longer allowed to have fireplaces. In fact, this home is so big that some people think it’s not actually real, but it is! 

This dreamy mansion has a well-tiled floor that expands the space in the room, not to mention the well-decorated huge kitchen that’s literally a chef’s dream. 

Every room in the house, from the master bedrooms, master bathrooms, primary bathrooms, and primary rooms is neatly decorated with woodwork and that makes the house look even more unique and well designed. One of the bedrooms even has a bat theme on the wall that makes it unique from all the others.

There’s a salon that connects to the library, den, living room, and sitting room, as well as a dining room that boasts beautiful stained glass. There’s even a hidden bar with hand-carved walls that hide a secret door that leads outside to the pool and spa. 

All in all, this house feels regal. It’s the kind of mansion that has everything you need to entertain both your family and your guests, including a beautiful, well-decorated game room, tennis court, and bowling alley. 

Outside the mansion

Outside, this mansion is 100 percent safe as it’s strongly gated everywhere. But, it does have a few quirky details, such as a blood-red swimming pool with impressive statement pieces that add interest and intrigue. 

This dreamy estate has everything you can imagine, from fountains to beautiful maze-like gardens, and stunning flowers that will brighten your day, every day. We also love how stylish, clean, and well-maintained the lawn is as well. It’s the full package, inside and out. 

Kat Von D

Kat van D is a tattoo artist, singer, and model, she’s also known for her work in the beauty industry and is the former head of the Kat Von D beauty salon. She first rose to fame through the TLC reality TV show LA Ink, which chronicled her adventures as an entrepreneur in the tattoo industry.

Photo Credit: The Sher Group