Jennifer Lopez Former Hidden Hills Estate (Dance Studio, Media Room, Views, Views & Views – 14 Photos)

Jaw-dropping 17,000 square foot estate formerly owned by Jennifer Lopez. Recently sold for $9.9 million. Has dance studio, media room, game room... beautiful.
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I’m a big J-Lo fan.  I first saw her in the 1998 movie “Out of Sight” with her and George Clooney.  It was a fantastic movie.  At that point I had heard of her as a music artist, but wasn’t into her music.  That one movie made me a fan of her acting work.

Since that movie, she’s gone on to star in many successful films all the while pumping out platinum albums, performing a residency in Las Vegas, becoming a judge on American Idol.  Speaking of American Idol, I watched all of season 15 and came to really appreciate how genuine and kind she was to contestants.  She’s an A-list celeb in every sphere she participates (music, movies and now TV), yet she’s super nice.

Her latest venture is in television; namely in a starring role in Shades of Blue.

I don’t know how she keeps her schedule straight.  Talk about talented.

Net Worth

All that talent certainly pays the bills.

With a reported net worth of $322 million, she can afford the finest houses in the world. The house featured here definitely qualifies despite the fact she had to reduce her original listing price to sell it.  At the end of the day, she sold this house for $9.9 million.

She’s not homeless though.  She still has an NYC penthouse and pad in the Hamptons.

About this house

I’m surprised this house didn’t sell for higher given it’s over 17,000 square feet on a 3 acre lot in Hidden Hills, California.

Map of Hidden Hills

It’s also very nicely decorated and has pretty much every amenity you could ask for.  I base my surprise on the what other much smaller houses sell for, many more than $10 million.   I guess the fact Hidden Hills is fairly remote outside central Los Angeles it results in lower prices.  The plus side you get larger parcels.  3 acres is pretty sweet.

Below is the photo gallery where you can enjoy this real estate eye-candy. This house has all the goodies including requisite pool plus media room, dance studio/gym, killer games room, library, beautiful kitchen, family room, formal living room, etc.  I guess when you have 17,000 square feet of space you can have those many bonus rooms most of us only dream of having.

What I like about this home

The kitchen:  The kitchen is remodelled and looks fabulous with gray cabinetry.

Wo0d-paneled family room:  Check it out.  The wood-paneled family room definitely stands out. It’s a real beauty.  I like it more than the formal living room.

Home theater:  I’m not a big home theater guy, but let’s face it, it’s still cool to see these “cinema-like” rooms in houses.  I’d prefer watching TV in the wood-paneled family room, but the home theater is cool.

Library:  The library is a beauty of a room being cozy with some nice reading areas and of course plenty of books.

Pool with a view:  The pool area is awesome; perched at the end edge with amazing views.  It’s a great backyard.

Photo Gallery

Source: Trulia / Hilton & Hyland (via The MLS). The listing agent is Brett Lawyer.

Source: Trulia / Hilton & Hyland (via The MLS). The listing agent is Brett Lawyer.

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