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Is it Okay to Put Chalk Wall in the Living Room or Dining Room or Does that Look Bad?

Incorporating a chalk wall in the living and dining room creates interest and unique character to your interior. Here are the various ways on how to integrate a chalk wall into your space.

Living room with an olive green couch, wooden table, a bicycle, and a chalkboard wall.

I love having a chalk wall in the living room or dining room since it offers a unique way to get creative interior décor. You can use the surface to write or draw interesting messages or adjust a portable chalk wall to your desired design. I support its incorporation into a living room or dining room because it can make them look better in the following ways:

Artistic Living Room

Living room with a study nook against the chalk wall.

A chalk wall offering so much room for artistic additions is my favorite aspect of including it in a living space or dining area. Our room shows how you can use the chalk wall to draw creative postings and form an illusion of hanging frames on the wall. The drawing of a lighted lamp incorporates a fun and playful touch to alleviate a serious atmosphere, even when working at the desk.

I also like the board’s placement by the wall, making it appear as a black-painted wall when you choose to leave it blank. Although its black shade complements the black and white theme in the living room, you can use different colored chalks to create an interesting look. For instance, you can draw large, colorful flowers or patterns in blue or lime green to break the monotony while complementing the non-black and non-white hues around the space.

Nursery and living room separated by a chalkboard wall.

Our second room uses a portable chalk wall to create a partition in the living room, leaving a secluded nursery area. I love this design for its convenience since it enables you to keep your bundle of joy nearby without continually exposing him or her to wondering eyes in your living room. The customized privacy lets your baby rest as you tackle other duties in the living space, including using the lights without disturbing his or her rest.

The chalk wall features a sweet message with a clock to add a unique look to the space. It also includes height measurements on the side, making it a fun way to keep up with your kids’ growth. I like this living room’s design because it includes a smaller whiteboard by the chalk wall to form a contrast. The white crib, board, and living room furniture balance with the black chalk wall to give the space a more modern look and feel.

Nursery room with a white couch and a rocking cradle against the chalkboard wall.

Another way to use the chalkboard decor is by converting it into a wall rather than a partition. Our example features a similarly short and lovely message on the chalk wall, wishing the little one some sweet dreams. You can rely on this design to bond more with your little one since you can work in the living room while maintaining eye contact with each other.

Aside from functionality, I enjoy the palettes incorporated in this living room. The black chalk wall against the white wall allows you to use it as an accent wall. You can change the messages and drawings to make the wall more interesting to attract guests and the infant’s attention.

The dark shade complements the black lighting fixture and grey cushion while offering visual balance with the white themes. The pink carpet breaks the monotony, whereas the neutral wooden floor seamlessly links the bright and dark shades.  

Fine Dining

Dining area with wooden furnishings, brick pillar, and a chalkboard wall.

Who says you cannot have fine dining from the comfort of your home? Our example here shows how to convert a potentially bland space into a creative dining space. The grey back wall offers a great balance with the darker chalk wall, while the front bricked wall forms an interesting and segmented visual transition. The three partitions match the off-white floor and carpet well, creating a perfect connection with the white hanging lamp.

The furniture and accessories are among my favorite aspects of this dining room. I like how the brown dining tabletop, chairs, cabinet, and wooden boxes on the stand create contrast against the lighter themes. The plants on the stands around the room give the space life without forming a cluttered appearance.

The foliage also complements the green stool and storage stand without clashing with the grey wall or black chalk wall. The writing on the chalk wall includes cursive writing and drawings to enhance the dining room’s artistic and unique feel.  

Modern dining area with a brick accent wall and a chalkboard.

Lou Danziger once stated that design is intelligence made visible, and this dining room reflects the meaning of this quote. It features a small chalk wall smartly integrated into the kitchen design, adding a unique focal point. I especially love the chalkboard’s mini size since I can fit into any home with a limited living or dining room space.

It can also satisfy the minimalist’s preferences, allowing you to fuse creativity without needing additional decorating items. Besides, its compact dimensions give it a tidiness that fits a high-end interior setting like our example here.

Its grey hue balances the brown palettes around the dining table, wall, floor, and wall frames. It also goes well with the darker wall oven, white lamps, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. I like the white walls that include customized writing to create a visual extension of the chalk wall writings. In addition, I enjoy the fonts on the walls since they let me choose whether to match them or use a different one when marking the mini chalk wall. 

Our examples above show that a chalk wall does not exclusively belong to a classroom. You can considerably improve your home décor by adding it to your living room or dining room. I also like it because you can choose the size of the chalk wall to best suit your space needs. You can also select between a portable and permanent chalk wall to achieve a satisfactory look that fully complements your overall interior design.