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What is Chalkboard Paint? It’s Not Just For The Classroom

A dining area on the side of the kitchen pantry that has a chalkboard wall.

I spent years of my life staring at a chalkboard. From my early years at a catholic school that didn’t have the funds to have fancy projectors, to my high school years, where I had to get up at five in the morning, throw my uniform on just to get to class right before the bell rang, you could say school was a little bit of a drag.

I realized a long time ago that life is all about choices. What to eat for breakfast, what shoes to wear with that dress, where to go to college, and where to live, are all choices I have found myself making. 

I thought once I graduated college the choices would stop (at least for the most part). I would get a job, settle down in a new city and then my deciding would be over. Little did I know how wrong I was.

When I stepped into my newest apartment, I was once again faced with empty white walls and a million choices. What art should I get for behind my couch, where should I put my gray chair, and should I paint the stark white walls, were all questions I had. And so the questions continued.

Choosing how to decorate your home can feel overwhelming. There are several things you should consider when sprucing up your space. Picking the color and finish of your paint, are just two of the choices you will have to make when decorating your space.

So what happens when you don’t like to take the traditional route? New types of paint such as chalkboard paint, have recently taken the decor world by storm. 

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What is Chalkboard Paint? 

Krylon K05223000 Chalkboard Paint Special Purpose Brush-On, Black, Quart

Chalkboard paint is a paint created to give any surface a matte finish. Although it started out as just being black, paint companies now offer a ton of colors in chalkboard paint. This type of paint consists of talc, titanium dioxide, and silicon dioxide. These ingredients make the paint perfect for writing on it with chalk. 

What is Chalkboard Paint Used For?

Although you might think of the obvious choice to paint a wall black using chalkboard paint, that is not your only option. It is perfect for a wall on a home office, where you need to take notes, or in a child’s playroom where you want them to actually be able to write on the walls. But, this is the obvious choice. Chalkboard paint can be a cool way to make an old item look new, or a new item looks distressed. 

Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

A close look at a home office with a chalkboard wall.

Painting Your Kitchen Chairs

A fun way to update an old dining room table is to paint the chairs. It is the perfect way to bring an older item to life, and add a splash of color to your room. If you are not ready to commit to a new table, give this trick a try! 

Paint Your Laundry Room Door

Do you find yourself forgetting to add a laundry item to your grocery list? Do you forget (or choose not to) put your clothes away? Painting either the inside or outside of your laundry room door can be a fun way to spruce up your space while also acting as a personal reminder to do your laundry.

Paint Your Planters

Painting your pots and planters is a great way to add decorative accents to your home. While most terracotta pots already look like they are covered in chalkboard paint, adding a bright color can bring your space to the next level. If you like bright colors try using a bright orange or green to bring summer inside. 

Paint An Old Piece Of Furniture

Do you have an old piano lying around that was handed down to you? Did your grandma give you a rocking chair that you don’t know what to do with? Cover it with chalkboard paint. Adding a matte finish to an item that has been collecting dust can become a focal point in any room. 

Paint The Back Of Your Kitchen Bar

If you are lucky enough to have a bar top in your kitchen with stools, you may need a way to spruce it up. If you are a master mixologist, this is the perfect way to display your drink menu. It may sound like a weird idea, but trust me when I say it can bring some fun into your kitchen. 

What Materials Can Chalkboard Paint Be Used On?

A plate of easter eggs painted with chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard paint is one of those paint options that can be used on just about any material. It can be used on glass, concrete, metal, and various types of ceramic. But, not all paints are created equally. Make sure to read the instructions on the paint before applying, as some manufacturers do not create chalk paint that can stick to every material. 

Where To Buy Chalkboard Paint

  1. Lowes —Krylon Tintable Latex Tintable Chalkboard Paint, 1 Quart
  2. Ace Hardware — Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines KILZ Flat Chalk Finish Tint Base 3 Furniture Paint, 1 Quart
  3. Amazon — Purple Chalkboard Blackboard Paint – 250ml Ideal to use with Liquid Chalk and Dry Chalk Sticks by Rainbow Chalk Ltd
  4. Walmart — Benjamin Moore Ben Chalkboard Paint. Eggshell (308)
  5. Home Depot — Behr White Interior Chalk Decorative Paint, 1 Quart
  6. Home Depot — Rust-Oleum Specialty Clear Chalkboard Paint, 30 oz
  7. Ace Hardware — Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Linen White Water-Based Acrylic Chalk Paint, 30 oz.