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House in Shiohama by note architects

House in Shiohama by note architects

Company name: note architects
Contact e-mail:
Completion Year: 2019
Photo credits: Shimpei Suzuki

This is the renovation project a room in the apartment to live with my wife and future children. I removed the partition of the room that was three bedrooms and made it only one bedroom and the living kitchen.

I required for a family gathering around the kitchen, we have created a room where the living room and kitchen are integrated, centered on the island counter. Cook while taking care of the child doing his homework at the counter. The spacious kitchen does not feel cramped even if two couples cook.

If he doesn’t know what to study, use the whiteboard-painted walls in your bedroom to teach him. After finishing his homework, eat at the retractable table, and after the meal, enjoy the movie on the big screen projected by the projector on the wall just painted white.

It has become a home where family communication is born, where LDKs are mixed without being clearly divided by function.

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