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House in Komabaacho by Maki Yoshimura Architecture Office | MYAO

House in Komabaacho by Maki Yoshimura Architecture Office | MYAO

Client: Personal
Category: Residential
Type: New Construction
Location: Aichi pref. Japan
Completion Year: 2020 Jan
Architect: Maki Yoshimura
Firm: Maki Yoshimura Architecture Office | MYAO
Structure Design: Takuo Nagai / Eureka Structural Office
Contractor: Seiwa Ken’etsu
Structure: wood
Site Area: 79.52m2
Foot Print: 47.61m2
Gross Floor Area: 95.35m2
Photo Credit: Hiroshi Tanigawa / Tololo Studio

A house built in a corner of an old city with relatively small scale houses in a lively educational district. The area is densely populated with buildings, but when viewed from a slightly higher position, the walls and fences that mark the boundaries of the site disappear from view, the balconies also retract into the back, and the city becomes rougher than the road level.

Then, in response to the omission that appeared between the buildings on the adjacent land, the volume on the second floor was arranged diagonally. This diagonal arrangement ensures ventilation and daylighting, creating points that connect to the city.

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