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2018 HGTV Dream Home in Gig Harbor, WA (Listed for $1.899 Million)

A few years back the HGTV Channel ran a contest for a chance to win a glorious home on the Washington State coastline. Nearly 130 contestants entered. But as it turned out, the very lucky winner was unable to relocate and claim the home. So, they put it back on the market, and here we are.

The gorgeous dream home has a modern and rustic feel to its dark earthy tones foregrounded with a large driveway and landscape. Images courtesy of

In 2018, the HGTV Dream House was won by one lucky contestant who has since decided to liquidate their winnings and put the house back on sale. The $1.899 million home in Gig Harbor, Washington was built in 1974. But don’t let its age fool you. It is just as fresh and stunning as it was the day the first owners turned the key on the entryway door.

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In fact, with careful attention from expert decorators and renovators, since it was erected over 45 years ago, it’s probably one of the most modern and chic of the category of homes built in the decade that brought us Shaft and Frank Zappa.

The home contains four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious living area and totals 3,590 square feet of room. Being located on the gorgeous Washington State coastline, the home takes full advantage with many windows covering all but the bare bones of some of the water-facing walls.

The main living room is so filled with light and angular that it feels like walking into an unusually large lighthouse. The vaulted ceiling and high glass panels make the structure feel almost too open. The floor is covered in white marble, and an impressive wrought iron chandelier hangs on a chain giving the feeling of an anchor hanging there. Not to worry, however – it’s well secured in the thick and sturdy beam that supports the main arc of the roof.

The kitchen is just as airy and light-filled as the living room. A four-seat high bar stands in the center and delightfully functional kitchen appliances and cabinetry stand opposite – suggesting entertaining, service, and family togetherness.

A secondary family room lies deeper within the floor plan and is not too heavily drenched in natural light. Here, a normal ceiling height, more egg shell-like whites, touches of seafoam blue and a prominently positioned entertainment system make it clear that this room is meant to feel more cozy, snuggly, and private. It’s a great space for teens to entertain their friends or for the entire family to engage in a game and movie night.

Out on the western deck and patio, the feeling of intense light admittance is traded in for a rustic, dark wood heavy, tavern-like atmosphere. This space is reminiscent of ships from the 1800s and feels like more than a few drops of bourbon have hit the deck here. It is a sharp departure from the bright and airy interior for an excellent change of pace.

A bit further out toward the water is an extended, sun-drenched deck with big wooden benches, deck chairs, a lean-out rail, and a big wood-top iron table. In front of this sitting area is a row of sun-bathing chairs facing the ocean. This is the spot to soak up rays, read, and dish gossip.

While it’s unfortunate, perhaps, that the contest winner decided to part with this stunning home, there’s no doubt someone else will enjoy it – and at under $2 million, it’s a steal for what’s on offer here.

Photo credit: Jason Farris, Northwest Best Real Estate Photos and Videos