Goose by Cartelle Design

Goose by Cartelle Design

The apartment is in Saint Petersburg for one person.

The main task was to create comfortable living conditions in a small area. In the space, it was necessary to place a bedroom, a kitchen, a workplace, a relaxation area with a sofa and provide for a sufficient number of storage spaces. In terms of area and the wishes of the customer, the project was very similar to Bolshevik (one of our previous projects), so we had one more task – not to repeat ourselves and find new interesting solutions.

Functionally, we divided the apartment into two areas. The kitchen-living room area was placed along with the windows, and the bedroom was in the back of the room.

The project is based on functionality and conciseness. A minimum of decor is used in space, the emphasis was on geometry and a combination of materials. A combination of different shades of gray with the color of natural wood was chosen as the main scheme. The walls and ceiling are dark gray, the kitchen facades are lighter in tone, the tabletop and kitchen apron is made of light terrazzo. Black partitions, blinds, and a dark sofa add contrast to the room.

One of the interesting design solutions is the bedroom area. The bed was placed on the podium. Sliding metal partitions make the zone private, but at the same time retain a general sense of space.
Another interesting detail is the cabinet in the shower. The finished structure is lined with ceramic tiles at the top and side, creating the feeling of a single structure with the wall.

Overhead spots and track systems are responsible for the main lighting. The sofa area has a minimalist floor lamp, a pendant lamp above the kitchen island and a laconic wall lamp over the bed.

Along the perimeter of one of the walls is LED backlighting.

The customer is very satisfied with the result. We were able to solve all the tasks. The interior turned out to be stylish, concise and functional. We look forward to the completion of the project.

Interior Design: Cartelle Design

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