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Gomez Road – Elegant Home in Resort Community by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Despite the modest 3,400 square foot print, the two-story L-shaped structure engages the idea of “openness with an edge” resulting in a comfortable living.

Gomez Road has all the style of a streamlined luxury residence. Warm but elegant, it offers open living spaces centered around a patio.

Photo and Design: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects received the 2002 AIAFL Design Excellence Award and the IATC Design Excellence Award for this 3,400-square foot home. The house consists of two L-shaped structures, deftly placed to provide a cozy open environment for relaxing and entertaining.

The first-floor living room, sparsely decorated with potted plants and framed lithographs, overlooks the pool and patio. Clerestory windows, built above white walls, let more light into the room. The décor consists of framed lithographs, white and beige stuffed armchairs and sofas, and a marble table. A white partition separates the living area from a hallway overlooking the greenery in the yard.

Circular white padded chairs and a glass table fit into a small dining alcove overlooking the patio. The wood stairway to the second floor is a few feet away. A hallway runs the length of the first floor next to the sliding glass doors for easy entrance to the patio.

On the second floor, a living area has white blinds, white carpeting, and walls, with a small wood table facing an overstuffed white couch. Two framed vintage advertising graphics add a splash of color to the room. The bedroom has a minimalist design, with two end tables with chrome desk lamps and a framed graphic poster above the bed.

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A side entrance has landscaping on one side, a marble bench, and terrazzo walkway in the middle, with a small trellis reaching up against the side of the building.

The rectangular pool has grass and small trees on one side. A patio with lounge chairs and potted plants decorate the other side. An outdoor staircase next to a small landscaped area by the pool leads to the second floor.

An outdoor dining table, flanked by potted plants, turns the small atrium space into a perfect location for entertaining. Since this space is covered, the owner can use it for meals or parties rain or shine. A small living area/entertainment room lies across from the outdoor dining area.

Set apart from the rest of the first floor by a staircase, it juts out a few feet from the other first floor rooms and has separate sliding glass doors. Full-length white shutters cover the side entrance to this room.

The windows have wood shutters that swing out to let fresh air in during mild weather.

The structure, made of poured in concrete, looks pleasing to the eye while guarding against damage from Southern Florida storms and hurricanes. A bit of vegetation on the back walls and an outdoor partition give the exterior, extra eye appeal.

The architects used existing greenery to their advantage, incorporating it into the design for this house on undeveloped land. The structure even has a grass roof to protect the interior from UV rays and climate extremes. Although the Gomez road house is constructed between other homes in a resort community, it has the aura of a “stand-alone” home.

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Here are more photos of this unique home, courtesy of the designers, Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

Photo and Design: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects