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Frank Lloyd Wright’s House in Kalamazoo, MI (Listed for $455,000)

An amazing and historic home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is for sale at very affordable price of under a half million dollars and can serve as a vacation getaway or home for daily living in a wonderful outdoor setting.

This is the front of the house. Here you can see that the structure is embedded into the elevation of the land for added insulation. It is surrounded by lush grass lawns and tall trees. Images courtesy of

Frank Lloyd Wright is well known as one of the great architects of the modern era. He had a talent for combining engineering solidity and artistic beauty in every home he designed.

His buildings were custom made for each of his clients to suit their needs for space their lifestyles required while being environmentally friendly before eco-sustainable designs were popular in architecture, and he had a particular knack for making every design fit perfectly against the background from which it might be seen at any angle.

One of the houses he designed is currently for sale In Kalamazoo, Michigan at a very modest price of less than a half-million dollars.

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The house was built in 1953 and has since been renovated. The renovations have honored Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs, by providing maintenance as expected for a 67-year-old home, and adding modern amenities today’s technology allows for without compromising the beauty of the home as it was originally meant to instill.

It was built according to Usonian design, a term Mr. Wright used to describe a combination of utilitarian usefulness and artistic beauty of architecture. At the time, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals was the main employer in Kalamazoo, and as such hired Wright to design a neighborhood for their employees.

As such, this house doesn’t have a name like some of Wright’s more famous designs do, yet does incorporate the same design styles. This house was one of 60 Wright-designed although only four were actually built because the neighborhood was located a bit too far away from local stores at the time before I-94 was built to provide better access to the area.

Now that the house is in a convenient location for driving to and from work every day, it is also located on a gorgeous one-acre lot surrounded by 70 acres of woods and a small nearby lake. It wasn’t part of the original design, but a swimming pool has been added to the property.

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The home was designed and meant for a family to live in on a daily basis but can be equally well suited as a vacation home for weekend visits, two-week vacations, or holidays and celebrations. It’s a private lot in a neighborhood filled with other private lots, assuring peace and solitude for whoever chooses such a lifestyle, or you can throw big parties there without having to worry about complaints from neighbors who might be disturbed by noise or traffic.

The house is available for sale, questions should be directed to the listing agent, Fred Taber of Jaqua Realtors in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The asking price is $455,000. Keep in mind, it is the realtor’s job to show the house or answer any questions you might have, that’s what it takes to sell the home.

Don’t be shy to contact someone about a home, even if you don’t think it’s what you expect to buy it’s worth taking a look at. Regardless of whether this home suits your immediate needs, you’ll be glad you saw this piece of Americana and recognized the beautiful architectural artwork Frank Lloyd Wright-designed as one of the great minds this country is proud to have within our history.