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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home in Highland Park Chicago, IL (Listed for $749,000)

Designated as a registered historic Chicago-area landmark, Frank Lloyd Wright's Highland Park home is up for sale. Built in 1906, it boasts four bedrooms, just as many bathrooms, a sunny kitchen, plenty of living space, and more. Discover the treasure of this charming house modeled after the Midwest prairie landscape.

This is a look at the side of the house. Here you can appreciate the dark brown tone of the house exterior lined with warm, glowing rows of windows. These are then complemented by the surrounding mature trees. Image courtesy of

The Chicago area is dotted with a number of homes designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Many have been designated as historic landmarks. One of them, located in suburban Highland Park, is on the market. Asking price:  $749K.

Built in 1906, this iconic home finally made it onto the list of historic landmarks in 1982. The dark brown-toned structure follows the classic Wright Prairie School design, which is meant to resemble the flat, open landscape around Chicago.

Prairie-style homes are known for their horizontal lines. Most of these architectural wonders are rather low-slung and easily distinguished by their clean outlines. This home meets most of the criteria for Prairie School design, although it has two stories. Let’s take a look inside.

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The living room’s dark wood floor goes well with the molding around the windows and door. Beige furniture balances the dark colors, keeping the room from being too dark. Enter the dining room and you are greeted by a row of windows that let in just the right amount of natural light. An elegant light fixture hangs from the ceiling, and the dining table and chairs match the molding around the windows.

The kitchen is equipped with plenty of cabinets and ample counter space for appliances, as well as food prep. White cabinets make the kitchen appear more spacious, and windows over the sink and at the end of the room give it a cheerful look, especially when it’s splashed with sunlight.

The home has four bedrooms and four baths. At least one of the bedrooms has a cathedral ceiling. This historic landmark has hardwood floors throughout and comes with a family room, separate laundry room, and home office.

You can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house, too. A narrow covered balcony provides a cozy nook from which you can take in all the surrounding greenery. The property is well-landscaped with lush lawns, carefully-tended shrubs, and trees that provide shade from the sometimes relentless summer sun.

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In the fall, the foliage shows off its resplendent glory, displaying the red, yellow, and orange hues of autumn. There is also a covered patio that gives you a little more room to spread out — a good place to have a barbecue or your morning cup of coffee.

This Frank Lloyd Wright work combines old-world charm and contemporary innovations. Throughout the home, for instance, you’ll find radiators. While many Chicago-area homes are still heated this way, their numbers are dwindling. At the same time, the kitchen is stocked with modern appliances.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Wisconsin in 1867. Twenty years later, he found his way to Chicago, where he began working for an architectural firm. He is credited with developing the prairie style of architecture, which resembles the flat Midwestern landscape. Throughout his career, which spanned more than 70 years, he drew up plans for 1,114 structures, and 532 of them came to fruition. Wright is one of the most well-known American architects of all time.