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20 Entryway Storage Ideas for Uncluttered Foyers and Entry Halls

Discover a great selection of different types of entryway storage options for your home entry hall or foyer here.

Scandinavian minimalist entryway with storage ideas.

It’s hard to create a good first impression when your home’s entryway is all cluttered and chaos. This can easily happen when you have kids or during the morning rush when you’re trying to get out of the house as quickly as you can. Shoes, coats and backpacks are simply dumped inside once kids come home or you riffle through the piles of stuff on your way out trying to find the keys.

You don’t need that pile of mess to greet you and your guests when you walk in the door. Keep your things organized and leave a good first impression with the following entryway storage ideas.

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Storage Bench

Storage bench for entryway storage

Source: Hayneedle

A storage bench is one of the best ways to have plenty of room to drop off everything that you have with you when you enter your home. As long as you have enough room in your entryway, you can buy a storage bench that will meet your needs by providing you space to leave your purse, shoes, and coat as well as give you a place to sit to take off and put on your shoes. This is especially helpful if it is wet or snowy outside as you do not want to track water and mud all of the way through your home. Instead of sitting on the floor when you are preparing to go outside or come inside, you can use the bench and have a great place to rest. This also makes it easy for kids to leave their belongings, especially if the bench has a flip-top as you can hide backpacks and other belongings inside and out of sight.


Table for entryway storage

Source: Etsy

If you’re in the market for a piece of furniture to go in your entryway where you can leave your purse, keys, and sunglasses but don’t have enough room for a bench then a table is the best choice for you. These are going to be much smaller than storage benches are but will still give you enough space to drop off some of your belongings when you come home. This ensures that you always know where your keys and your purse are before you try to head out the door. Some tables come with a bottom shelf where you can either leave your shoes in a basket or place a plant or vase to decorate the space and bring in some of your personality.

Hall Tree

Hall tree for entryway storage

Source: Wayfair

Hall trees do a great job of utilizing vertical space instead of taking up a lot of floor space, which is great if you need plenty of storage but don’t have a lot of free room in your entryway. Instead of using a bulky storage bench that will make it difficult to navigate a smaller space, opting for a hall tree allows you plenty of storage but ensures that your items are stored up and off of the ground for ease of use and plenty of space. These generally have a bench for you to sit on while you are getting ready to go out the door, and space underneath to store shoes or your bag. In addition, hall trees have a back that can be open or solid and above the head of the person on the bench are hooks where you can easily hang coats, hats, or scarves. Having everything that you need to leave the home all in one location makes getting ready in the morning very easy and keeps items from scattering all over the home.

Wall Hook

Wall hook for entryway storage

Source: Houzz

Sometimes you have an entryway that is so small that there really isn’t anywhere to put a large piece of furniture but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be able to hang your coat, hat, or purse when you come into your home. If you have very limited space at your home but still want to have storage inside your entryway, then a wall hook is the best option for you. They take up very little space on the wall but allow you to hang your items. This makes it very easy to grab your coat, hat, backpack, or purse when you are rushing out the door. They shouldn’t be confused with key hooks as they are much sturdier and made to withstand heavier items, unlike key hooks which tend to be lighter and not nearly as sturdy. Wall hooks come in a number of designs, which makes it fun to find one that matches the décor in your home.

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage for entryway

Source: Wayfair

The size of the shoe storage that you need will be determined by how many people you have living in your home and how many shoes you need to keep corralled. There are some shoe storage options that function more as a bench and even come with a cushion on top to make it more comfortable to sit and put on your shoes but if you are in need of more storage, then you will want to choose vertical storage. This won’t allow you to sit on the piece of furniture while you put on your shoes, but this is a trade-off that is worth it to many people. If you are more concerned about storage space than where you will sit, then a taller piece of furniture is the best choice that you can make. Ensure that there is plenty of airflow through the piece as you do not want to have to deal with stinky shoes or the chance of mold or mildew growing if you put your shoes away while they are still damp.

Key Organizer

Key organizer for entryway storage

Source: Home Depot

When choosing a key organizer you will want to consider how much space you really have on your wall as you can opt for a very simple design that only has hooks for your keys or something a little more elaborate that will provide plenty of storage space for other items as well. If you do have a little more room on your wall, then you may benefit from an organizer that has room for mail, a corkboard for family messages, and even a drawer where you can drop items from your pocket. This can be the one-stop location where you need to visit before heading out the door as long as it has enough room to store all of your necessary items. Some key organizers have enough space on them that you can install a charging dock for your cell phone, making it easy to ensure that your phone is charged and ready to go each time you step out the door in the morning.

Mail Organizer

Mail organizer entryway storage

Source: Wayfair

While some key organizers have room for mail and some mail organizers have room for keys, not all offer both storage options. If you are dedicated to using a key bowl or keep your keys in your purse then you may not need a mail organizer that has hooks underneath it for keys. In this case you can keep it simple by choosing storage that only provides what you need as this will take up less space on your wall and ensure that your entryway doesn’t look cluttered. Having a dedicated place for the mail will keep you from losing bills or the thank-you note that was supposed to be mailed already. Look for a mail organizer to put in your entryway that comes with two sections as you can use one for incoming mail and the other for outgoing. Having the right storage for your mail will keep you from accidentally misplacing it.

Coat Rack

Coat rack for entryway storage

Source: Home Depot

While some homes have a coat closet right when you walk in, making it easy to stash your coats out of the way, others don’t and the homeowners are left wondering how they are going to store their coats when they are not in use. As long as you have enough room in your entryway, you can use a freestanding coat rack as coat storage. These coat racks come in all styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy and fun to find one that fits with the décor of your home and is large enough to hold all of the coats that your family has. Make sure that it is very sturdy as coats tend to be heavy, especially when it has been raining, they are wet, and you do not want the coat rack to tip over. Another thing to consider if you have room for a coat rack but don’t want it to take up too much space is to only store on it your favorite coats, leaving the off-season ones in the bedroom closet to keep the entryway from appearing too cluttered.

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stand for entryway storage

Source: Etsy

Every home needs a place to store their umbrellas so that they don’t drip all over the home when you come inside from the rain and an umbrella stand in the entryway is the ideal storage solution. These are made specifically for storing umbrellas so you will not be able to store other items in it as well but if you live in a rainy area then it is worth the space that they will take up. You will want to make sure that you buy an umbrella stand large enough to hold all of your family’s umbrellas without being too bulky. Take your time when considering the styles available as you can brighten up the space and match the aesthetics of the rest of your home if you are picky when shopping.


Cabinet for entryway storage

Source: Hayneedle

Get all of the hidden storage that you need in your entryway when you opt for a cabinet. While you will not be able to use this piece of furniture to sit on when you are putting on your shoes, you will likely love that it will quickly hide all of the items that you put inside. This allows you to ensure that your entryway isn’t cluttered, no matter how hectic your day has been. Many people prefer to use cabinets in their entryways because they appear a little more traditional and this can work well with the rest of your home. While hall trees are very functional, they are a little more contemporary and relaxed; if you want a classic appearance in your home, then that may not work. Cabinets can appear modern and updated if you choose to paint them a fun color and replace dated hardware but they are generally going to look best in a more traditional home.



Drawer for entryway storage

Source: Home Depot

Storage that comes complete with drawers means that you can enjoy hiding your belongings out of sight by quickly shoving them in a drawer and shutting it back up. Drawers also make it very easy for younger children to put their belongings away and get them out when it is time to leave the home. Make sure that if you choose storage with drawers that they are easy to operate and have stops so that children won’t be able to accidentally pull them all of the way out and onto the floor. If you love the storage piece but aren’t a fan of the pulls, remember that you can quickly and inexpensively update them, bringing a new look to your storage without much effort.

Baskets or Totes

Baskets and totes for entryway storage

Source: Hayneedle

Not only do baskets or totes in your storage unit make the whole piece look a little more streamlined than having just open cubbies but they also make it easy to separate items based on use or who they belong to. You can make getting out the door with multiple children a breeze when they have their own tote full of their items that they can access when it is time to go. You’ll never have to worry about arguments around whose shoes are whose, as they will be neatly separated by the totes. Additionally, totes are removable and can be taken with you around the home and entryway to make cleaning up easy and fun.


Lift-top entryway storage

Source: Wayfair

Storage benches and hall trees can both instantly become more functional and useful when you opt for ones that have a lift-top. Instead of dealing with cubbies and baskets, which show obvious visual clutter, when you choose storage options that come with a lift-top, then you can quickly and easily place items inside and shut the lid so that they are out of view. This makes cleaning up your home and entryway very fast and easy and even little kids can help by lifting the top and tossing in their coats or backpacks. If you want to hide the fact that you have lift-top storage so that nobody knows how you keep your home so clean, then you can easily place a cushion or throw pillows on the furniture. While you will have to move them in order to access the hidden storage, they are light enough that it is not a problem and can create a fun and fresh look that’s easy to update.


Cushioned entryway storage

Source: Houzz

There’s nothing more comfortable than a nice soft cushion to sit on when you are putting on your shoes and the best way to make sure that your storage piece has a cushion that fits with its size and style is to buy one that comes with the cushion included. This ensures that you don’t have to spend your time trying to find the right size cushion or waste your money having a custom cushion made. When choosing a storage piece with a cushion, it’s a good idea to look for one that has a removable cover as this will make it really fast and easy to wash it when the cover gets dirty or stained. Cushions can come in all styles, including plain and tufted, and it’s important to choose one that will work with the aesthetics of the rest of your home so that it doesn’t stick out.


Cubby for entryway storage

Source: Etsy

Storage units with cubbies make it easy to quickly stash items up and off of the floor so that you aren’t tripping over them in your entryway. One of the reasons that people love cubbies is that they make it very easy to clean up as you don’t have to worry about lifting the lid up to store your items. It’s usually fairly easy to find baskets or totes that will fit into your cubbies if you want to contain the clutter and hide the items that you have stored. This will create more of a streamlined look in your entryway as well. Cubbies are also very useful if you want to have a place to store your shoes in your entryway. If you are going to be using them as shoe storage, then you may want to consider lining them to protect the wood from standing water.



Traditional entryway storage

Source: Hayneedle

Storage options that are traditional will generally look great in any home. Look for a piece that has strong, straight lines and not very much decoration if you want this style for your entryway. One benefit of traditional entryway storage is that if you do move or want to update the décor and appearance of your home, you can easily do that but still keep the same piece of furniture. If your storage needs a bit of a facelift or you want to make it appear a little more modern, then consider painting or restaining the piece as well as switching out the hardware to update the look.


Scandinavian entryway storage

Source: Houzz

The Scandinavian style is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Homeowners all around the world love how clean and open the furniture and fixtures are. Using Scandinavian-style furniture in your home will quickly brighten up your space, especially when you pair your purchases with neutral colors and fabrics. When looking for storage solutions for your entryway that are Scandinavian, make sure that you leave enough space around the piece as you want to achieve the light and airy look.


Farmhouse entryway storage

Source: Wayfair

Whether you really live on a farm or simply wish that you did, a farmhouse-style storage option for your entryway is a great way to corral all of your family’s belongings. To really achieve that farmhouse look and feel, make sure that you choose furniture that is lighter or white-washed and don’t shy away from beadboard and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and pulls. Hall trees that are solid wood have the heavy feel and appearance that is so common with farmhouse furniture and will really anchor the space. It’s important that if you do opt for farmhouse style storage that you have enough room in your entryway as they are generally heavier and bulkier, although that can be offset somewhat by a lighter paint color.


Industrial entryway storage

Source: Houzz

You can carry the industrial feel of your décor throughout your whole home when you choose your entryway storage with this style in mind. Look for pieces that have exposed metal and very strong lines, cup pulls, and bare wood. While you will be a little more hard-pressed to find industrial storage that has lift-tops and drawers, it’s easy to find key and mail organizers as well as hall trees in this style. As long as you don’t weigh them down and cover up the exposed metal and wood with coats and other belongings, you’ll be able to enjoy this style.


Midcentury entryway storage

Source: Houzz

The fine legs and smooth lines that are so characteristic of mid-century furniture are available in your entryway storage as well as long as you’re willing to do some looking for it. Darker colors and finishes are fairly common as are the thin turned legs and small pulls. To ensure that you get the look that you’re going for, make sure that you choose a piece that has hairpin legs as well as either cup pulls built into the drawers or fine, delicate pulls. Rather than choosing a tufted cushion for seating, the cushion should be plain and unadorned so it does not distract from the beauty of the storage piece.