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Rebecca Oppenheimer’s House in Tenino, WA (Listed for $11 Million)

This view of the house from the front side shows the unique architecture of the home that has a modern flat roof paired with light exterior walls that contrast the dark brown cylindrical main entry complemented by large shrubbery. Images courtesy of

Ever wondered how a billionaire heiress lives? Look no further than this house that belongs to Rebecca Oppenheimer. The house in Teniho, Washington is being sold for $11 million. Find out what inspired the architecture and why it’s this price.

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A Look Inside the De Beers Mansion

The name of this mansion is Merkaba. It was designed by a South African architect. The inspiration behind this mansion is the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. It is an awesome home that is 8,462-square-foot. It consists of the following.

  • Six bedrooms
  • Five bathrooms
  • Huge kitchen
  • Dining rooms
  • A music room
  • Library
  • Family room

The landscape is a dream and has open terraces that showcase the intricacies of the design. Moreover, this mansion is self-sustaining with a combination of geothermal systems, generators, and solar panels. To have a look at this house you should get in touch with Sotheby’s International Realty in Gig Harbor, Washington. The listing agent in charge of this mansion is Michael Morrison of Morrison House.

Front of the House

When you drive up to this mansion, you’re welcomed by extravagant white and modern exterior designs. This is accentuated by the lush greenery from the landscape. The shrubbery and grey concrete show the different textures. There are steps that lead to the front door.

Living Room

You’re taken into the living room where there are two large sectional sofas. In the middle, you have a wooden coffee table. Everything is customized to fit together. The large area rug matches the coffee table. The walls bring in a soft and light tone to expose the light beams from the ceiling.


The kitchen is situated in an airy space from the living room. The kitchen island is a deep dark wooden color. There are stainless steel appliances and a vent hood. Everything in the kitchen island stands out when it’s contrasted with the beige walls. On the far end, there’re glass walls to bring in a sufficient amount of natural light.

Dining Room

There is an entryway that leads from the kitchen into the dining room. There is a wide sliding door that lets in light while you have your meals. Above the massive dining table with chairs is decorative lighting that hangs slightly sunken.

Music Room

The music room has curved walls. These walls have magnificent layers of floating shelves. These help to make the grand piano stand out. Above the piano there is decorative lighting with pieces of paper that hangs lightly.


The outside of the house is a marvelous design. There are features and structures that are designed to stand out against the lush green landscapes and the beige and white walls of the mansion. There are walkways all over the yard. There are stairs that go from the top of the mansion into the swimming pool.

Who is Rebecca Oppenheimer?

Rebecca Oppenheimer is the heiress of the De Beers fortune. Her family hails from South Africa and is the richest family there. They have a large group of businesses that operate across international borders.

Photo credit: Jason Farris