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Diane Keaton’s Tuscon Adobe ($1.5 Million)

Actress Diane Keaton just purchased a 4572 square feet adobe building in Tuscon‘s Barrio Viejo. The property is a former Sonoran row house.

Diane Keaton buys Tuscon adobe for $1.5M.

Diane Keaton is a veteran, versatile and oscar-winning actress who enjoyed spotlight early on her career for her work in several Woody Allen films and her important role in ‘The Godfather’ series.

Born in Los Angeles, California as Diane Hall, she started honing her acting skills at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, a full-time conservatory in New York City. She began using her mother’s maiden name, Keaton to avoid confusion with another Diane Hall in the Screen Actors Guild and continued using it ever since. She became instant famous at her young age when she refused to take her clothes off at the original Broadway run of Hair during the finale. She then landed a regular spot at several Woody Allen films such as Annie Hall, which earned her an Oscar for best actress.

The next huge hit of Keaton was The Godfather series, in which she portrayed Kay Adams, the girlfriend and then wife of Michael Corleone, which was portrayed by Al Pacino. She then followed up by teaming up with Warren Beatty in Reds, acquiring the Best Foreign Actress award. After showcasing her dramatic acting talents, she then tried comedy films and hit big time, appearing in huge comedic films such as Baby Boom, Father of the Bride, Manhattan Murder Mystery, The First Wives Club, Something’s Gotta Give, The Family Stone and The Big Wedding.

Away from her acting career, Keaton is also an architecture and building preservation enthusiast, and is a current active member of America’s National Trust for Historic Preservation. She is also a photography aficionado.

About Diane Keaton’s Tuscon Adobe

The legendary actress known for hit films such as Annie Hall, The Godfather series, and Father of the Bride is now ready to take on the desert life, dropping a $1.5 million on a four-bed, three-and-a-half bath adobe home in Tuscon‘s Barrio Viejo. Measuring 4572 square feet, the property was originally built in the 19th century and was just restored from dilapidation in the past few years.

What to Love About the House

The classy adobe was a former Sonoran row house that has many living spaces equipped by modern furniture. The dine-in kitchen looks perfect for every family and is good as a gathering area for house guests as well. The primary bedroom offers a large bed and features a long couch near the windows while the primary bathroom is complete with an open shower, a bathtub and a double sink.

Outside, the dusty ground can capture everybody into the desert living with its natural and traditional gathering space under the Arizona skies.

The home's outdoor view featuring the house's structure and trees.

Close up view of the house's entrance from the outside.

The home features modern furniture including a sofa set, TV and floor lamp.

Another living room of the house featuring modern sofa, center table and stylish wall decors.

The home also has a reading room boasting a tall and wide bookshelf with a pendant lighting.

Another home office in the house featuring a small workspace desk and a shelf standing on the back.

The home office features a workspace table and freestanding shelf along with wall decors.

Another view of the house's reading room featuring the workspace table and sitting area for reading books.

The home's dining room features a round table set for three along with white kitchen appliances and gray cabinetry.

The kitchen features a large wooden center island along with white kitchen appliances and pendant lights.

The bedroom features hardwood floors and white walls along with a comfortable bed surrounded by stylish walls.

The bedroom offers its own living space featuring a modish sofa near the windows.

Another bedroom features a regular bed with a couple of table lamps on both sides and a wall decor.

The bathroom is complete with an open shower, bath tub and a double sink along with stylish flooring.

Close up look of the bathroom's bathtub and open shower.

The home's backyard features sandy ground and mature trees.

Close up look at the house's outdoor plants.

Another look at the home's backyard featuring its sandy ground and mature trees.

Source: Trulia Celebrity Homes

Barrio Viejo, Arizona (Map)

Diane Keaton’s Net Worth estimates her fortune at $50 million.

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