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5 Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors (Plus Many Photo Examples)

Wrought iron door with circular handles.


Wrought iron entry doors have delivered a look of luxury and grandeur to doorsteps around the world for centuries. Widely regarded as being timeless, heavy-duty, and multi-faceted, wrought iron doors offer security and function for any home. When combined with a sidelight or transom, or highlighted by an outdoor hanging light, a wrought iron door can create an unforgettable entryway.

The most appealing aspect of wrought iron entry doors is their stylistic diversity. Traditionally-styled wrought iron entry doors typically boast carefully handcrafted spiral designs. Meanwhile, contemporary iron doors are still available for more modern homes, and feature more angled and geometric designs. While wrought iron entry doors are reminiscent of Victorian-era style homes, they’re being incorporated increasingly into modern designs due to their sleek, bronzed appearance.

Breathtaking beauty is not all that wrought iron doors have to offer, however. More homeowners are installing these doors because of their wide array of additional features and benefits, of which there are many.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors for Your Home

1. Added Security

The sturdiness and durability of a wrought iron door is unmatched. Unlike wood or vinyl doors, wrought iron doors are nearly impossible to penetrate. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to high temperatures, meaning they cannot be easily permeated by fire. In fact, many iron doors have been shown to withstand pressure testing and water infiltration. Some iron door manufacturers even suggest that these doors can withstand the force of a Category 5 hurricane (that’s about 160 mph!).

For homeowners seeking a maximum-security doorway, opt for a 12-gauge door. Keep in mind that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the material. Many homeowners will compound their wrought iron entry doorway with iron fences, windows, and gates as well, making for a complete sense of safety.

2. An Excellent Investment

A wrought iron entry door will likely last you a lifetime. In fact, the only reason you would ever need to swap out your door would be if you decided your home needed a design change. While wrought iron is not rust-proof, rusting can be prevented with the proper care and attention. At least once a month, your wrought iron door should be cleaned with a vegetable-based soap and warm water. A towel should be soaked in this mix and used to completely wipe down the door. From there, use a water hose to clean any soap residue off the door and dry the door with a fresh towel.

Soap residue that is not properly cleaned off can encourage rust, so thorough cleaning is crucial. If done properly though, these doors will never need to be replaced, and you’ll surely get a satisfactory return on your investment.

3. Thermal Protection

Thermally insulated iron doors are available for those living in colder climates. As heat transmission can make it difficult to keep the house warm during winter time, it is important to have an entry door that will retain the heat inside of your home. Many homeowners combat this by installing insulated windows, but the fact of the matter is that 18-20% of heat loss occurs through entry doors.

Thermally insulated doors contain thermal breaks and high-density foam insulation, which keeps the warm air in and cool air out. Insulating your home is important, as it could also save you money on your heating bill. It will significantly prevent against the winter cold seeping through.

4. Diverse Usage & Design

Wrought iron doors are not strictly for entryways. They can grace many other areas of your home, as well. A popular interior use for wrought iron doors is as a wine cellar entry. The insulative abilities of these doors help keep your wine cellar at a steady temperature, ensuring that your treasured wine collection is well preserved. Furthermore, their ornate and antique appearance perfectly complements the décor often found in wine cellars.

They come in singles and doubles. Single iron entry doors can be used as side or back entrances, delivering a more practical purpose to an otherwise extravagant design. Despite the fact that iron doors are associated with luxury, they can go fittingly with any home. Understated iron door designs are available for homes that cannot accommodate the resplendent nature of a double iron door complete with sidelight and transom. Iron doors are chameleons in that they work with any home and can serve any purpose.

These types of doors are increasingly being used in commercial design as well, and can be seen in many upscale hotel entryways. They offer businesses the security and lasting impression they are seeking, while also offering a wider entryway to accommodate heavy foot traffic. The customizable sizing available for iron entry doors cannot be achieved as easily for wood or glass doors. This is why iron entry doors are so popular amongst commercial builders.

5. They Look Fabulous

I love the look of these types of doors. Below you can check out an extensive photo gallery featuring many styles and designs.

Iron Door Examples (Photos)

Wrought iron door on a brick walls

Wrought iron door on a mixed brick and concrete walls.

Wrought iron door on a brick walls with a couple of green plants on both sides.

Wrought iron door on large brick walls with two wall lamps on both sides.

Tall wrought iron door with a couple of wall lamps on both sides.

Wrought iron door rustic type with a pendant lamp.

Black wrought iron door with lamps on both side.

Small wrought iron door with a brick framing.

Large and wide wrought iron door on brick walls.

Black wrought iron door on brick walls with lamps and plants on both sides.

Tall wrought iron door on concrete finish wall with a pendant lamp.

Wrought iron door with wide mirror glass inside.

Wrought iron door with flower plants on both sides.

Tall wrought iron door on a well-finished walls and has a pendant lamp on top.

Medieval style wrought iron door on brick walls with two lamps on both sides.


Settling on a Wrought Iron Door

If you feel prepared to commit to a wrought iron door due to their extensive variety of uses and designs, there are many factors to consider. Your front door design says a lot about you, so picking the right one is essential. You may want to consider hiring a designer to find the right kind of wrought iron door for your home, and have them assist you in narrowing it down to the right kind of finish, glass, and style. There are numerous finishes available (from copper, to bronze, to absolute black). The same goes for glass, which is typically available in frosted, clear, rain, etc.

Once you have picked the style you like, it’s important to find the right size door. Hire a contractor to take some measurements and decide whether a single or double door can be best. Keep in mind that single and double doors can each come in countless sizes.

Ellie Batchiyska is a writer for Abby Iron Doors, a top manufacturer/designer of wrought iron doors and windows.