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The Many Parts of a Deck (Very Detailed Diagram)

Parts of deck collage

I love decks. I used to love watching Paul Lafrance’s Decked Out TV show. That guy is a deck primary.

Because I’m so passionate about decks, I asked our graphics team to go all out on creating the ultimate “parts of a deck” anatomy diagram.

They delivered big time.

In fact, as you’ll see below, our graphic sets out the different parts for each aspect of building a deck. This is a super helpful diagram if you’re planning on building a deck or designing a deck.

Parts of a Deck Diagram

Parts of a deck - detailed diagram of the foundation, railing, deck and deck stairs.

List of the Various Parts

Deck Foundation

  • Deck Posts: Main posts to which the deck attaches.
  • Intermediate Joists: Supporting joists in the middle of the deck.
  • Noggins: Spacers for intermediate joists (keeps them straight and true).
  • Support Beams: Beams under joists for additional support.
  • Deck Board: The deck surface.

The Deck

  • Clips: Secures and steadies the joists.

Deck Stairs

  • Riser: The height of each step (part of the riser). See our parts of a staircase diagram here for more staircase information.
  • Tread Run: Where the steps sit (part of the riser).
  • Concrete Foundation: Slab on which the risers sit for solid foundation.

Deck Railing

  • Top/Cap Rail: The top railing beam (handrail).
  • Balustrade: Vertical boards that make up the railing. Can be spaced or have gaps. Most decks have gaps.
  • Bottom Rail: The bottom horizontal support beam of the railing.
  • Newel: Railing support posts.

Click here for 16 different types of deck railings.

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