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Corbin Bernsen’s House in Hollywood, CA (Listed for $1.95 Million)

This is an aerial view of the side of the house that faces the sweeping view of the city below. Here you can see various outdoor areas to maximize the view built on wooden deck platforms and complemented by the surrounding tropical landscaping. Image courtesy of

The Crown Jewel, owned by prolific actor and director Corbin Bernsen, is up for sale for $1.95 million. Located in Hollywood Hills, this property was build in 1936 and comes with a lot of history. He inherited the house from his godfather, Beach Dickerson.

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Located in Laurel Canyon, the house has been visited over the past by many actors, writers, and directors. Imagine the conversations at this house! The property boasts four structures for a total of four bedrooms and four bathrooms. In the main house, one can find a kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, and large windows with panoramic views of the hillside and the city beyond.

The floors are a beautiful wood finish. The other buildings consist of an A-frame guesthouse with a kitchenette and a lovely hillside bungalow named “El Nido de Nestor” after the cinematographer Nestor Almendros, who lived there for a long time.

With so many tales to tell, it’s no wonder the property comes along with a story. It all started when actor Beach Dickerson introduced Corbin Bernsen’s parents. Afterward, the two were struggling young actors right after the birth of Corbin. In fact, they didn’t even have enough money to pay the medical bills.

It was Beach who helped them. In the meantime, Dickerson, knowing that acting was not a reliable source of income, began to develop property in the area. As Bernsen grew up, Beach would put him on construction jobs. When Bernsen turned 17, Beach gave him a piece of property to fix up so he could keep all the profits, which helped pay for college. All together, Beach Dickerson owned 18 homes in Laurel Canyon.

Inspired by his profit of $12,000 from fixing up the property given to him by Dickerson, Bernsen was hooked and continued to flip houses. In fact, he and his wife, Amanda. lovingly restored The Crown Jewel to its original splendor, with modern conveniences, of course.

After inheriting the house, Bernsen didn’t actually take possession of it for the first 14 years. Instead, they let Scotty Bowers, a friend of Beach Dickerson, live there until he died. This was a generous gesture, to say the least. The house sits tucked into a hill and is rather cozy.

Not as spacious as some of the houses in the other area, this piece of property comes with immense charm and wonderful history. Some might even say the house has such great vibes it’s a good luck charm. We just hope its next owner is as wonderful as the previous ones.

The listing agents for this property are The Agency of Max Nelson of Compass and Daniel Stevenson, both of which are located in Beverly Hills.

Corbin Bernsen is known for such films as The Santa Trap, Spacejacked, Tidal Wave: No Escape, Young Hearts Unlimited, and many more.

Photo credit: Brian Thomas-Jones