Roy Rogers’ Ranch in Oro Grande, CA (Auctioned for Sale on July 12)

A gorgeous view of the sunset that can be seen from the home inside Roy Rogers' Double R Bar Ranch.

The Roy Rogers owned Double D Bar Ranch in Oro Grande, California is going up for sale at auction on July 12th as a wonderful private 67 acre multi use private property, with several houses and multiple barns and outbuildings which provide it remain a working ranch or private residence.

You don’t have to be a fan of cowboys and cowboy movies to recognize the name Roy Rogers, the stage name of Leonard Franklin Slye. He starred in over a hundred cowboy movies and had a radio show through the forties which became a television show in the fifties, known as the Roy Rogers Show costarring his wife, Dale Evans, his horse Trigger, and his dog named Bullet. He later franchised his name to the restaurant chain.

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What people would be less likely to know is that he wasn’t just a movie cowboy, his home was a ranch in Oro Grande, California. Another interesting fact not many people are aware of is how the Double D Bar Ranch on Roy Rogers Road is listed for sale by auction, which will be taking place on July 12.

The Double D Bar Ranch is versatile and well suited for any number of purposes. The most obvious aspect of the ranch is how lovely a house it is, 1,700 square feet of floor space with all the customized amenities one would expect in a top tier home. There is an additional 1,200 square foot guest house on the 67 acres of property which comes with the package, and a less formal bunkhouse.

There’s an additional finished barn turned into a theater and movie viewing room, complete with its own kitchen, restrooms, private living area, and outdoor oven. As such, it’s a great place for reserved privacy or entertaining close friends, or alternately there is enough room to turn it into a commercial property with appropriate licensing and understanding of local ordinances and coding.

In addition to the houses for people, the property is also a working ranch. The barn and stables qualify the ranch as being capable of hosting 150 horses, or perhaps fewer horses would make room for substitution of cattle, sheep, goats, or other animals suitable for California weather. There are ten separate fenced pastures, some of which use electric fences, along with a professional level horse training facility and ½ mile track for disciplined exercise.

Something worthy of noting is that the house is up for auction rather than having an asking price to negotiate against. Even if the house isn’t in a suitable location for your needs, or if you reasonably expect it to be out of your price range, it will still be a fun auction to watch in person or online, on July 12th.

To help turn the auction into a fun family-friendly afternoon, small items are also going to be auctioned, personal possessions of Roy Rogers, some collectible memorabilia, and items donated by the Roy Rogers museum in honor and memory of the man and the legend. It never hurts to take a look, you’re not obligated to purchase or even bid on anything if you would just like to window-shop and see the items and the ranch before they are sold.


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