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John Larroquette Lists His Venice Beach Home for $3.75 Million (Great Kitchen)

I’m a huge John Larroquette fan. He’s extremely underrated. I watched him while I was growing up on Night Court. He was the funniest of the bunch.

And then I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up as a nefarious character on the TV legal drama The Practice, which I watched with devotion. Again, his performance stole the show and he shared the screen with some terrific actors and actresses.

I’m a bit of a legal drama nut and so was pleasantly surprised when John showed up repeatedly on Boston Legal.

These days John stars on the TV show The Librarians. I’ve yet to watch it, but I’ll be trying to catch it just because I’m a big John Larroquette fan.

He’s been a guest on countless other TV shows over the years.

About his house that he’s selling

It’s not massive, but definitely spacious enough with 4,790 sq. ft. is located on the Silver Strand, which is a neighborhood of expensive homes just south of Venice Beach. The area is great for walking and ideal for beach lovers. The home has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. When you see it from the outside, it doesn’t look that big, does it?

What I like about this house

  • The living room:  I love the simple elegance of the formal living room. What’s particularly cool is that it’s 2 living rooms side-by-side with 2 sitting areas. I’m a huge sitting area fan… just like hotel lobbies.
  • The location:  I love the beaches in Southern California and while I’ve not visited Venice Beach or Marina Del Rey, I’ve been to many beaches south of that area and north. I love them and I’d love to live pretty much near or on any SoCal beach.
  • The home office:  The home office in this house is fabulous. It’s private, yet part of the house. There’s an image below.
  • The kitchen:  The kitchen has some super popular features including the prominent, slightly rustic hardware, the farmhouse sink, large kitchen island with pot rack overhead, and my favorite design element, different colored cabinets (the main cabinets are white, while the island is dark wood).

Below is the full photo gallery of John’s house that he’s listed for sale.

Image source: Zillow

Image source: Zillow

Map of Neighborhood

Here’s a map of the Venice Beach area:

Photos of the area

Here’s a photo of Marina Del Rey

Here’s a photo of Venice Beach from the water

John Larroquette Interview

Net Worth

TV has been good financially to John. Having been in several hit series, according to he has a networth of $28 million.