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28 Cool Things to Put In a Room for Guys (Man Cave Poll Stats)

Collage of cools stuff guys want in a rec room or man cave

What do guys want in living spaces such as man caves, rec rooms and family rooms? We decided to find out.

We created a poll listing out all kinds of cool stuff to put in a room for guys where they could choose whatever items they wanted. To date we’ve collected over 600 responses. This post sets out what’s most in demand.

Below is a chart setting out 28 items in demand. You’ll notice some are very much in demand like a flat screen TV, while other items not so much. Not only does this give you an idea about what’s popular for man caves, but it might give you some ideas for outfitting your room or space.

You can contribute to the stats by taking the poll at the bottom.

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List of Cools Stuff for Rooms for Guys (Chart)

Man Cave Cool Stuff Statistics ChartThe List

  • Bar with stoolsThe bar seems to be a must-have item in a man cave relative to other stuff. Typically a bar is what people think of when conjuring up a man cave in their mind.
  • Billiards table:  While reasonably popular, not as popular as I would have thought.
  • Large flat screen TV:  The large flat screen TV is the most in-demand man-cave feature. I think this is a no-brainer.
  • Full home theater with stadium seating: Reasonably popular feature, but it’s expensive and a lot of work. Most people would want to dedicate space to other things.
  • Recliner chairNot as popular as I thought. I love recliners in casual spaces, but I guess people like bar stools more.
  • Recliner sectionalEven less in demand than a recliner chair. Go figure.
  • Regular sectional sofa: I think this should be up there with the bar. I know a large, plush sectional is my seating of choice.
  • Sports memorabilia on the wallCheck out how popular this is. Not my first pick, but sports themed man caves are popular.
  • Card table:  Also fairly popular. Poker night. Bridge night. Hours of fun.
  • Foosball tableFoosball is my favorite table game. I can’t wait to get one – when my oldest son is older and can play it.
  • Dart board:  This is a no-brainer. It’s pretty fun, doesn’t cost much and takes up little space. Looks cool too.
  • Desk:  I’m a geek so a desk is a must-have feature for me. I big, custom built-in would be awesome.
  • Library of booksNot surprisingly, a book library isn’t at the top of too many guys’ list. I like the idea, as much for how it looks as for reading the books themselves.
  • Video game console (Playstation or Xbox):  Oh yeah, I would definitely want a video console set up with the big screen TV. I’m not a huge gamer, but like playing now and then.
  • Full kitchen:  For me a kitchenette will do that includes sink and dishwasher. I wouldn’t need to cook… too expensive and takes up too much space.
  • FireplaceA gas fireplace is definitely on my want list. I love rooms with a fireplace.
  • Golf putting area:  I’m not a golfer, but if I were it seems to me a putting area is a nice way to relax.
  • Ping Pong table:  After foosball, ping pong is my favorite table game. I’m a tennis guy so ping pong is a good alternative indoors.
  • Air hockey table:  Air hockey is quite good for young kids. We had one growing up and enjoyed it. I play with my son. They just hammer the puck, but it’s still fun.
  • Pinball games (old school version):  I always wanted an arcade in my house, but not so much now. I’m not a big pinball guy, but they sure look cool in a room.
  • Sound system:  Definitely need a sound system. I’m not alone. It’s another big in-demand feature. My preference these days is wireless bluetooth Bose systems that syncs with Spotify. It’s the ultimate sound system set up.
  • Kegerator:  I’m not a big drinker but totally see the appeal of a kegerator if beer is your thing and you like having company.
  • Bedroom:  A bed is definitely a great item – a place to crash for guests when the imbibing gets out of control.
  • Golf simulator:  Again, for golfers, this is a great idea. It doesn’t take up much space, but isn’t cheap. Here’s one you can get:
  • Shuffleboard table:  Being in Canada, I can appreciate shuffleboard since it’s much like curling.
  • Tools for building stuff (shop):  If your man cave is in the garage or a shop, tools are awesome. Maybe your idea of a great room is with all your tools where you build and fix stuff.
  • Sauna:  This is a must-have feature for me. I go to a sauna 3 to 6 times per week. It’s my favorite way to unwind after work. I’d love one in my home.
  • HammockNot my favorite type of chair, especially indoors, but it is admittedly nice outside in the yard swinging in the breeze.

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