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Coconut House by D.LIM architects

Coconut House by D.LIM architects

Architect’s Firm: D.LIM architects (Yeonghwan Lim+Sunhyun Kim)
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Design Team: Jeong-ho Choi, Wanki Kim, Hongnyeol-Kim
Location: 3-8, Sanun-ro 170beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Programme: Single-family house
Site area: 265.10㎡
Building area: 132.24㎡
Gross floor area: 208.91㎡
Building scope: 2F
Building to land ratio: 49.88%
Floor area ratio: 78.80%
Structure: R.C. Structure
Parking Lot: Ground parking lot 2
Exterior finishing: THK30 Stone, Exposed Pine boards concrete, THK24 low-e pair glass
Structural engineering: Eun Structural engineering
Mechanical engineering: Hitec Engineering Co., Ltd
Electrical engineering: Hitec Engineering Co., Ltd
Design period: Apr.2015 – Aug.2013
Client: Yeon-seung Kim, Kyung-ri Yoo
Photograph by: Young-chae Park

The house is called a coconut house due to its solid grey stone exterior, while its interior is white and sweet. It is for a family consisting of a couple and two children.

Privacy from neighboring properties was a key concern for the clients. The contrast between the exterior and interior materials and colors was chosen to heighten the safety of the house in a dense residential district. The building is packed into a plot between existing neighboring properties. Its plan was created to provide a variety of spaces across the two floors, and also to ensure the main spaces are oriented towards the sun’s path.

At street level, a concrete-finished wall and grey stones shield the lower story from view. It also incorporates a black swinging door and entrance that opens onto a grey stone courtyard. A large volume of glazing towards this courtyard is used throughout the house to ensure the interior receives plenty of natural light, despite its cramped site.

The master bedroom, situated in the more private front end of the second floor, contains a library, a walk-in closet, an en-suite bathroom, and a door to a terrace garden.

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