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Can an Armoire Go in a Living Room?

A living room with antique cabinet.

When you think of storing tools and weapons, you may not immediately think of a dresser or an armoire. However, the word armoire is derived from the French word “armarie”, which essentially stood for a closet or storage space designed for both weapons and tools. Today, armoires are typically thought of as larger dressers or chests designed for showcasing items and storing clothing.

If you’re remodeling your living room, consider placing an armoire in the space. The use of an armoire in the living room is possible with the right placement and vision in mind.

Where Do Armoires Typically Belong?

Typically, an armoire is found in the bedroom or in a closet area of a home. In modern times today, armoires are used to store clothing and to keep clothes out of sight, as many armoires have doors and drawers that can be kept.  

Where Should I Place an Armoire in My Living Room?

Blue rustic antique cabinet.

Where you place your armoire in any living room space will greatly depend on the size of your living room as well as the vision you have in mind for the area. If you are in a smaller living room, placing the armoire opposite the doorway or door will make the armoire the focal point,or center of attention.

If you want to avoid this, you can place the armoire up against a side wall of the room, which can help you to keep clutter out of the sightline when entering the living room. 

Is My Armoire Too Big for My Living Room?

This will depend on the size of your living room the height and width of your armoire, as well as your own style preferences when it comes to the type of furniture you want to have in your living room space.

Measure your armoire as well as the available walls in your living room that are suitable for the placement of your armoire. You can also use virtual reality augmentation applications to preview what your armoire may look like in your living room space before settling on the best location. 

Reasons You Might Place an Armoire in Your Living Room

A living room with indoor plant and armoire.

Choosing to place an armoire in your living room does not have to be out of necessity or due to a lack of space in other areas of your home. In fact, many people choose to place an armoire in their living rooms because of their own preferences and personal senses of style.

If you enjoy dabbling in various trends or creating trends of your own, you can place an armoire just about anywhere in your home, including in the living room itself. 

Create a Focal Point

One of the biggest reasons someone may choose to place an armoire in their living room is to place visual focus on the armoire itself. Creating a focal point with an oversized armoire is a great way to draw attention to a grand piece of furniture, especially if your armoire is unique or one of a kind.

Showcasing Luxury Furniture

A Korean living room with antique TV and cabinet.

Another reason you may choose to place your armoire on display in your living room is to show off the regal and luxurious pieces of furniture. Because armoires are not as common in modern times, a large and oversized armoire can make for a great conversation piece.

It can also provide your living room space with a feeling of luxury and class that cannot be achieved with standard shelves or modern coffee tables. 

Reducing Clutter

If one of your household’s main goals is to reduce clutter and eliminate the buildup of unnecessary items including home decor, placing an armoire in your living space may be the best solution for you. Using a large armoire in your living room provides plenty of additional storage space, most of which can be kept out of sight as long as you have an armoire with drawers or doors that can be closed shut.

Placing an armoire in your living room is a great way to help declutter a space, especially if you are looking for a storage solution for simple items such as remote controls, blankets, and excess pillows that do not always need to be visible.

What Can I Store in My Armoire in the Living Room?

Depending on the size of your armoire, there is plenty you can store and do with an armoire chest in your living space. If you have chest doors that open and close on your armoire, you may want to consider storing your television inside of the chest if the television is smaller than the width of the armoire when it is opened.

If your armoire has additional drawers and storage shelves inside of it, you can also use the space to store additional items such as decor, guest blankets, remotes, and other items that may contribute to the clutter of your living room when left out in plain sight. 

Decorating Your Living Room With an Armoire in the Space

A living room with antique cabinet and sofa.

After you have made the decision to place an armoire in your living room, you will need to consider how you will decorate the rest of the space. If you already have a theme in your living room, consider how the placement of your armoire may impact or change the atmosphere and aesthetic you already have in your living room.

Some tips to keep in mind when you are placing an armoire in your living room and planning to decorate might include: 

  • Keep the color and material of the armoire you intend to place in your living room in mind. Is the wood or color of your armoire compatible with the current colors and decor you are using in the space?
  • How will the armoire appear next to other tables and pieces of wood or steel you have in the space? Is there a way to bring them together or to help them blend better?
  • Will the armoire take away from the rest of the decor and design in my living room? If so, how can I prevent this from happening? Is there a way I can minimize the attention the armoire receives so the focus is on the rest of my living space? 

Placing and using an armoire in the living room is a modern way of minimizing clutter while adding a regal and luxurious piece of furniture to your home’s family space. Whether you are going for a farmhouse look or if you want to add a touch of class and luxury to your living room, you can achieve the exact look and aesthetic you are going for with the right armoire.