Armani Casa by Diego Revollo

Armani Casa with ambient lighting and paneled walls fitted by fitted by black polished aluminum.

Design by Diego Revollo

Packed with striking features, the Armani Casa Store delivers a sophisticated atmosphere heightened by dramatic lighting. It is defined by bronze polycarbonate panels with indirect lights fitted by black polished aluminum profiles for that eye-catching look. These elements are present all throughout the walls providing character to the intimate yet classy space.

Initially, the store has a narrow, multi-level “box” configuration which was maintained and used to begin with the store concept. Instead of having an integrated space solution or a large showroom, the small environments have been designed with the brand’s furniture due to space limitations. All in all, the area of the plant and land is 204 square meters. Space may seem really small but with the right mix of elements and materials, the polished aesthetic was attained.

For this project, the client requests for the existing property to be adapted to the international identity of the Armani Casa brand which includes specific architectural solutions, materials, and finishes. To be able to meet the client’s demands, the project was constantly sent to Italy. During execution, the images are sent periodically for analysis and approval. The entire project started in October 2012 and was carried out in March 2013.

The design features a refined blend of luxury finishes and elegant textiles. The intimate interior was turned into a classy showroom with opulent vibes. Armani bronze marble present on the staircase is incorporated with glass railings to create a modern and contemporary look. The floors are covered with vinyl carpet in black and silver weave for a soft and cozy ambiance.

Ceilings were installed with air conditioning in the split cassette system to address the issues of thermoacoustic comfort. ACM shiny black along with bronze polycarbonate panels gives the walls an oomph and distinctive style. Subtle lighting deepens the elegant atmosphere while exquisite furnishings and decors topped up the overall look.

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