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Holly Lane, A South Facing Beach Residence by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The living is easy in this impressive, sleek, and modern residence that feels like a beach house.

Holly Lane, a waterfront house with a sleek modern design made to resist humidity and heavy rains.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Holly Lane faces south, which is unusual for Florida beachfront house. Hughes and Umbanhowar Architects designed the two-story structure. A black metal “shroud” covers the roof, shielding it from the elements without detracting from the design. The 6,900-foot space offers much more than the typical beach house. Holly Lane contains several ultra-spacious rooms for dining, relaxing and entertaining in comfort.

A smooth marble staircase, flanked by two palm trees, provides a majestic entrance to the sliding glass doors leading to the living room. On one side of the first floor, there’s a full-size pool and lounge area. The second floor slides out over the first floor to create an open terrace for outdoor entertaining. A railed-in balcony on the second floor overlooks the pool.

All four bedrooms on the second floor have a private balcony. These terraces offer a relaxing spot for lounging. Some are shaded by palm trees, and they all have a view of the pristine waterway.

The architects outfitted the house with sturdy but attractive Fleetwood doors and windows. The aluminum framing around the glass offers protection against the weather without looking cumbersome.

The second floor of Holly Lane slides offers shelter from rain or the mid-day sun for anyone standing around the pool. A “floating” black and white staircase, visible from the pool area, leads to the second floor.

A walkway under the shroud connects both sections of the second floor. Made of smooth wood planks, it offers enough space for a baseball team to walk through it at one time, or even play a game. Lights on the underside of the shroud blink like stars at night. A thin white metal railing guards the walkway.

A narrow slip of kitchen space on the first floor contains a long kitchen island. The island has a gray and white striped countertop and built-in sink. A row of padded bar chairs for dinner guests are lined up on one side of the island. An inconspicuous gray metal storage cabinet almost reaches the ceiling; a smaller white metal cabinet sits by the window.

The uncluttered kitchen has a freestanding stove and oven adjacent to the island. The refrigerator is cordoned-off in its own alcove. A pool table sits in a room off the kitchen for after-dinner fun. A white partition separates the kitchen from a sleek blonde wood dining room table seats ten people.

The living room is only a few steps away from the dining table. A sofa upholstered in muted gray faces a built-in flat screen TV. A colorful, framed modern art lithograph decorates a side wall.

A sliding glass door by the dining room opens to the pool deck. Off the first-floor deck, a small pier leads to a sailboat for enjoying the waterway.

Ten-foot high ceilings help define the first floor, along with four-foot-high floor to ceiling windows. The design provides as much open space as possible and lets in natural light.

This Jupiter, Florida residence has a concrete foundation and steel frame to guard against notorious Southern Florida hurricanes. The underpinnings of the structure may be tough, but the home itself has an inviting, airy look.

Here are more photos of Holly Lane by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects
Photos by Robin Hill

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Photos by Robin Hill