Apartment in Santa Apolónia by SER-ra

Apartment in Santa Apolónia by SER-ra

The apartment in Santa Apolónia is located on the first floor of a Pombaline building whose interior has been overwhelmed by the layers of time and the needs of those who inhabited it.

The intervention required, in this sense, the rethinking of the essential in a search for the identity of the house and the consequent appreciation of its characteristics.

The structure and the existing infrastructures forced the location of the kitchen and the sanitary installation. St. Andrew crosses were properly treated and assumed as a constructed curtain, separating the spaces. We sought, therefore, the creation of a flexible and transparent house, where the different divisions are indistinct and its limits unknown. There is, however, the possibility of separating room and bedroom through a sliding wall, filling the need for privacy.

Architect: SER-ra

Instagram: SER-ra

Contact: [email protected]

Author: Gonçalo Moleiro / João Bilbao

Team: Gonçalo Moleiro / João Bilbao

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Year Built: 2018

Built Area: 47 m2

Photos by: emontenegro / architectural photography

Other collaborators: Nuno Reis (engineer)

Materials Used:

Instagram: Eduardo Montenegro


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