Apartamento Oscar Freire by Firma Arquitetura

Location: Jardins, São Paulo
Data: 2017 – 2018
Area: 217 m²
Project: Arquitetura de Interiores
Authors: Eduardo Saguas Miller e Cadu Murgel Miller (Firma Arquitetura) e Bruno Gondo (Oficina Aberta)
Collaborators: Pedro Torggler, Julia Lazcano
Photos: Carolina Lacaz – www.carolinalacaz.com
Woodwork: Caciel
Locksmiths: Dante Machi
Stones: Neogran
Granilite: Casa Franceza
Automation: New Solution
Lighting: Reka
Furniture: Etel (mesa de jantar e sofá), Dpot (poltronas e banquetas), Micasa (sofá)
Carpets: By Kamy
Curtains: Dauer Decor / Uniflex
Cushions and upholstery: Dauer Decor

The premises put forward by the owners of this apartment from the 50s in the Jardins district in São Paulo, required the architecture project to combine two moments of intervention: one of greater intensity in its particular area (bedrooms and bathrooms), and one of lesser intensity in its areas. social areas, which should at all costs preserve the original features and finishes of the building.

Therefore, we proposed that the service rooms be attached to the master bedroom, thus enabling the remodeling of the closet and the creation of a small living area. With the extra space acquired, it was still possible to expand the couple’s bathroom and add a bathtub to it. In order not to be out of harmony with the original finishes that would be maintained in the social area, all finishes employed were chosen with extra care.

As for the social areas, aiming to act smoothly in the space and without too much breakage, we concentrated our efforts on the realization of small elements (acupuncture), which together were able to support and make the daily life in the apartment more comfortable.

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