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Is it Stylish to Put a Bar Or Bar Cart in a Formal Living Room (Or is it Bad Taste)?

Bars can deliver a unique focal point in your living room, they showcase your creativity. Check our ideas in placing a stylish bar in your living room.

Modern Wine bar with lampshade.

Style is a matter of getting the perfect balance between creativity and confidence. I find it stylish to place a bar or bar cart in a formal living room. It presents slight oddness that, when perfectly utilized, can deliver a unique focal point in your home décor. Besides, the shelves offer additional storage space to enhance convenience for utility and display needs. The following are a few of my favorite stylish bar or bar cart looks in a formal living room:

The Multipurpose Style

Living room with bar cart.

I enjoy the diverse bar and bar cart designs that enable me to find the perfect addition to different living room styles. For instance, our example shows a modern room with vintage touches to provide a chic yet classic space. Even though the bar cart is big with three shelves, its placement by the corner prevents a bulky feel. Moreover, its placement directly opposite the huge wingback chair means their big sizes balance each other.

I like the plant additions besides the chair and cart, helping to create a seamless transition to the sofa areas. The flowerpots form a balance that does not isolate the wingback chair and cart in their corners. I also appreciate the extra wall shelves above the cart to offer more storage and a display section for your wines when holding a huge party. The cart’s grey finish means it goes well with all the different shades around the living room, ranging from the almond white walls to the white sofas and brown flooring.

Contemporary bar with aquarium background.

Another take I love of a multipurpose bar style is the contemporary model. Our formal living room incorporates a minimalist design with an open-plan concept. This example uses the kitchen counter as a bar, allowing you to address your needs conveniently. The convenient multipurpose application means you do not have to invest in an individual cart and instead use the expenses on wine quality.

I like the bar’s length since it is perfect for two, or you can add more chairs to host up to five guests. The countertop can function as a serving spot for drinks and snacks or an exhibition spot for flowers and decorations that go well with the rest of your living room décor.

The Space Saver

Henn&Hart Satin Nickel Bar Kitchen Carts/Islands, 33"

Simplicity can go a long way when done right, and our room reflects this fact. I like the lightweight feel of this bar cart that lets me add a subtle style to my living room. Its satin nickel finish blends with the light grey wall to make it almost fade into the wall. However, the slightly shiny aspect of the material eliminates invisibility, offering a delicate balance between subtlety and visibility.

I also appreciate its compact dimensions with a narrow width, allowing you to fit it into almost any space, even in a small living room. The two shelves ensure you can organize a few of your wine and accessories to prevent a cluttered look. Although I generally prefer a bar with closed shelves, the cart’s open shelves increase accessibility and display comforts.

The bar cart adds style to this living room, and the mirror above attracts attention without overwhelming it. Its satin nickel finish complements any palette, suiting our room’s white sofa, blue carpet, and wooden flooring.

The Mini Bar Nathan James Sally Rolling Bar or Cart for Tea or Cocktail, 2-Tiered Glass and Metal, Black

Here is another example of a bar I favor adding to a formal living room without disturbing the balance of style and décor. The simple construction means you can maintain a tidy look in your space, regardless of whether you have a big or small room. Additionally, the two-tier shelves incorporate tempered glass construction that adds elegance to any space.

I like this mini bar because it complements any living room design. Its long black legs match the neutral wooden flooring. Its black metal and glass shelves mean the design can complement any carpet patterns and shades to enhance convenience when decorating your space. The glass components also make your living room appear bigger while offering a seamless visual transition between your floor and walls. This bar’s darker shades help infuse contrast in an otherwise bright formal living room featuring white walls and neutral wooden floor in a light palette.

The Eye Catcher Kings Brand Furniture Wood Wine Rack Buffet & Storage Cabinet, Black, WR1345

Jim Rohn stated that one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention. In this case, this eye-catching bar cabinet offers your guests a chance to be generous in this gift. I love its simple yet elegant design that immediately adds sophistication to a formal living room. It can seamlessly fit in the formal setting without making your space feel cheap. The black bar matches the brown theme in our living room, including the golden beige walls with a white skirting board and neutral wooden floor.

I love that it combines various styles to ensure you can use it to address different preferences. For instance, it features a hanging section to display beautiful wine glasses without it looking like a kitchen cabinet. The bar also includes an ergonomically curved shelve to keep your wine bottles safe with easy access. These bottles’ placement adds to the bar’s style while enabling you to show off your finest wine.

One of my favorite parts of this bar cart is its closed sections, letting me maintain some privacy. These cabinets are especially useful when hosting an event since I can store empty bottles before disposal to keep the living room tidy. The top shelf can hold more accessories and display items, such as the bottles and glasses in our example. You can also switch them out for some flowers to soften the formal atmosphere.

A bar or bar cart presents a convenient feature to meet your practical and decorative requirements. I love the look it gives in a living room, helping add a unique touch that prevents the formal space from being bland. My advice is to go for it if you consider incorporating it into your formal living space; ensure you get the right design and color to complement the rest of your themes.