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Ziff Publishing Family’s Mansion in Manalapan, FL (Listed for $195 Million)

This is a view of the back of the mansion with a large swimming pool and lush landscaping that complements the balcony and pillars of the house exterior. Image courtesy of

If you are one of the richest families in America, where do you live? For the Ziff family, the answer is Gemini Estate. The estate has 84,988 sq ft and is listed at $195 million. The mega-mansion includes property on the Atlantic beachfront and intercostal Waterway. It’s known as America’s most expensive home. It is listed by Joseph Liguori of Premier Estate Properties.

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History of Gemini Estate

Gemini Estate has been the home of the Ziff family for 40 years. It’s hosted heads of state and children’s birthday parties. It’s located in Manalapan, Florida, on a barrier island. However, it has a storied history before it found its way into the Ziff dynasty.

It was designed by renowned architect Marion Sims Wyeth and constructed in the 1940s. Its original owners were the Lambert Pharmaceutical Family. It was sold to Loel and Gloria Guinness, who used it as a winter retreat. The next owners were the Ziff family. The Ziff family undertook a massive expansion and renovation that was completed in 2003. This included a tunnel that provides access to a guest house and boat dock on the Intracoastal waterway.

The Beauty of Gemini Estate

Many mansions are very formal and built to display wealth. The Gemini Estate is the height of luxury, but it’s designed to be liveable. 16 acres of the oceanfront property provide privacy and lush tropical surroundings for the mansion and surrounding buildings. The main mansion has 62,220 sq ft of living space. White marble walls and floors provide a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere. The property’s total is 84,988 sq ft. There’s a total of 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms.

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The estate was designed to house many people comfortably. It includes a 7 bedroom Mango House. A manager’s house has four apartments. Two beachside cottages have 4 bedrooms each. They are perfect for extended family and friends, or anyone who wants to leave the mansion in favor of privacy.

The journey begins with a trip down a jungle lined drive. The exterior of the home is white marble. It’s two stories high with a generous white railed balcony around the second story. Columns and arched doorways combine with the lush vegetation, making the mansion a beautiful tropical getaway.

The Ziff family takes full advantage of the 16 acres and beachfront. The estate includes a miniature golf course, a full-size practice range with two holes, a half basketball court, and a tennis court. True to the family theme, in addition to a deserted beach and green grounds to play on, you’ll find a treehouse with a slide for children.

The pool is one of the most notable features of the home. The back of the home opens onto a round terrace with seating. This leads to the large in-ground pool. It also has a fountain, perfect for viewing for relaxation or frolicking for children. Lush tropical vegetation surrounds the pool, making it feel like a jungle paradise.


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