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24 Different Types of Quilted Throws for Sofas

A dog sleeping comfortably on a quilted throw covering the sofa.

The earliest quilted garment is dated as far back as 3400 B.C. and found on a statue of a Pharaoh belonging to the Egyptian First Dynasty. The oldest surviving quilt, on the other hand, was found in Sicily from the end of the 14th century. It was used on bed and was made of linen and padded with wool.

Quilts, however, aren’t exclusive to beds. With its extensive history, humans have used quilted garments in various ways such as covers for doors and windows, as floor mats and even as currencies. Now also used as throws on sofas, a good number of varieties have cropped up that keep the selection as interesting as ever.

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Microsuede quilted throw

Source: Wayfair

This is a type of polyester fabric that is very tightly knit with incredibly delicate fibers. It has a lot of the same properties as suede but is usually significantly softer as well as much easier to clean than real suede. It’s loved by people who want the feel and appearance of leather without actually using any animal products. When you buy a quilted throw that’s made of microsuede, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or stained, as it is very resistant to dirt and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear before it begins to look old and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The fabric is also resistant to wrinkles, making it a great choice for a quilt to wrap up in again and again.


Satin throw

Source: Wayfair

This is a very glossy fabric that will instantly make your throw look a little richer and more elegant than if you had opted for another type of fabric. When you opt for a satin quilted throw then it’s important to know that you are limiting yourself as far as how you will be able to care for your throw, as satin needs to be dry cleaned to ensure that it doesn’t get misshapen or damaged. If you do decide to try to wash your satin quilted throw at home, wash it by hand with a mild detergent in cold water and make sure that you don’t wring it out, or the throw will become stretched out and misshapen.


Cotton throw

Source: Etsy

When you want a durable, soft, and attractive natural fiber for your quilted throw then it’s important that you opt for one made of cotton cloth. This cloth can be used for a very long time and is generally something that you can throw into your washing machine at home without having to worry about the hassle and money for a dry cleaning service. In addition, because cotton is so versatile, you can find quilted throws that have most any color or design in them. This makes it very easy to either match the rest of the décor in your home or to form a great focal point in your living room with your quilted throw. Anyone using your sofa will be able to curl up under the throw without worrying about wrinkles or about getting it dirty, as cotton is a strong fabric that can stand up to a lot of use without showing wear or tear.


Polyester throw

Source: Houzz

These quilted throws are going to be fairly fast drying, which is great if you like to curl up on your sofa with a snack or a drink and are prone to spilling. They are also easy to wash, so if you do have a bigger spill on the sofa then you can easily toss the throw into the washing machine and have it back on the sofa in no time at all. Another major benefit of opting for a polyester throw is that it stands up to stains very well in addition to mildew and mold. Even if you do not wash your throw right away after a spill, you won’t have to worry about it growing mold or mildew, as it is durable and resilient enough not to be damaged by this. One concern with polyester in general is that it is very flammable, so it’s important to take care when using a quilted throw made of polyester, especially if you are going to be using it in front of a real fire that might be emitting sparks into the room.


Microfiber throw

Source: Wayfair

This is a very durable and strong fabric that, although it is flammable, is very popular for blankets and throws because of all of the pros. It is great for resisting stains and other damage from regular use, which means that when you buy a throw made of microfiber it will look great for a long time, even if you have to wash it regularly to remove stains and damage. In addition, microfiber is very absorbent, so any spills that occur on the sofa will immediately be taken up by the fabric and won’t get to the sofa or the upholstery, which can cause major and expensive damage. It’s easy to wash microfiber quilted throws by yourself, and you don’t have to worry about the fabric fading or losing its color. One problem that people tend to have with microfiber is that it tends to hold static, which means that hairs and dust will be attracted to the throw. This is more of a problem for people who live in very cold and dry areas.

Cotton Blend

Cotton blend throw

Source: Wayfair

Buying a quilted throw that is a cotton blend is a great way to get the durability of cotton with some of the benefits of other fabrics, as well. When looking for a cotton blend throw you will want to take into consideration the use of the other included fabric, as you still want your throw to be soft, durable, and easy to clean. One great way to enjoy another type of fabric on your throw is as a backing or as embellishments, such as with velvet. While you would not want a throw made entirely of velvet, it does add a lot of texture and interest to the throw when it is used in small amounts to an otherwise cotton quilted throw.


Textured & Embroidered

Textured throw

Source: Etsy

A quilted throw that has been embroidered or has other texture is going to be a lot more visually interesting and appealing than one that does not have this added feature. That’s because without the embroidery or texture, the quilted throw will simply look like pieces of fabric sewn together over batting and then thrown over the back of your sofa. When you buy a quilted throw that has been hand-made then you will want to make sure that the stitches of the embroidery are small and even, as that is a sign of good work and that the throw will last for a long time. Otherwise, just make sure that the threads are pulled tight and that you like the way the added texture improves the appearance of the throw.


Reversible throw

Source: Hayneedle

You can quickly double the options that you have for the way your quilted throw looks on your sofa when you opt for one that is reversible. This means that the front and the back both have a pattern on them that will likely appeal to you, and they will both be made of complementary fabrics and colors. Choosing a reversible throw also means that when it is tossed on the sofa without being folded that it will still look great. Make sure that you choose one whose colors that complement the rest of your home and your décor, as you never know if the front or the back will be showing at any given time.


Personalized throw

Source: Etsy

When buying a quilted throw for someone as a gift it’s nice to go the extra mile and personalize it. This will really set your gift apart from other items that the recipient may receive and will show them that you have taken time and thought about what they would enjoy. While you sometimes can buy a quilted throw and then take it to a local store to have it personalized, it’s best to have the same person who made it personalize it, as they will be comfortable working on the throw and you won’t have to worry about them causing any damage to the fabric. Make sure that you give them the correct information for the personalization, as you don’t want to have a misspelling on the throw.

Water Repellent

Water repellent throw

Source: Houzz

While no fabrics that you want for your quilted throw are going to be completely waterproof, you can still buy ones that will be water repellent and better able to stand up to spills. While this will mean that you will have to clean up a mess from the sofa or from the floor, it also means that there is a much smaller chance that your throw will become stained when something spills on it. If you like to drink anything other than water on the sofa when reading or watching TV then this is a feature that may be important to you.


Hypoallergenic throw

Source: Wayfair

It’s normal for families to suffer from allergies, especially at certain times of the year, but if you have noticed that your family members have problems for much of the year then it’s time to look for hypoallergenic items to replace your old ones. A hypoallergenic quilted throw for the sofa is a great choice, as a blanket is something people will wrap up in, causing problems if it held onto allergens. Luckily, hypoallergenic throws don’t, and your family will be able to snuggle and get warm under the throw without worrying about exacerbating their allergy problems.

Organic & Natural

Organic throw

Source: Houzz

There are many reasons why people want to fill their home with organic or natural products. No matter if you are very environmentally-conscious or simply want to make sure that you are limiting your family’s exposure to chemicals, you can buy a great quilted throw that will meet your needs. Knowing that you or your family will be wrapping up in a quilted throw that is full of chemicals can be difficult for many people to stomach, but when you buy an organic throw then that concern is gone. Look for ones that come from reputable companies so you can be sure that they are not just labeling their throws this way to make them more appealing to customers.

Outdoor Use

Throw for outdoor use

Source: Wayfair

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your quilted throw outside, and when you opt for one that is rated for outdoor use then you won’t have to worry about it fading in the hot sun. while you can bring any quilted throw out with you that you want to, you will run into problems with some throws, as they will not be able to stand up to the elements without being damaged.


Machine Wash

Machine wash throw

Source: Home Depot

No matter how busy you are, there is nothing easier than throwing your quilted throw into the washing machine when it gets busy. Sometimes that extra stop at the cleaner’s just doesn’t happen, but when you opt for a machine washable quilted throw then there’s really no reason why it can’t stay clean. The colors on these throws are going to be strong and bright and can stand up to years of being washed, and the fabric will be very durable and forgivable. If you do leave a food or spot of drink on your throw for too long then you may have to take it in for professional cleaning, but as long as you act quickly and take care of any potential stains right away, they shouldn’t be an issue and your throw will last for a long time without stains or other problems.

Dry Clean Only

Dry clean throw

Source: Wayfair

Depending on the fabric and the number of embellishments that you want on your quilted throw, you may have to take it to the dry cleaners to be washed. This is because a home washing machine will be much too vigorous for the throw and may cause the fabric to split or the beading or other embellishments to come off.



Patchwork throw

Source: Home Depot

Patchwork throws are very popular and tend to bring a feel of the country or of living in a cabin to your home. They look great in most any home, although they will tend to be a little out of place in one that has modern décor unless you opt for a patchwork quilt that has bold colors and strong black lines. There are many different styles of patchwork, and the one that you choose will come with a number of colors. This is great if you want to pull colors from the quilted throw to use in the rest of your room or home, as you can easily tie together the décor by matching colors.

Nature & Floral

Nature and floral throw

Source: Hayneedle

Floral or nature quilted throws are a great way to bring a feminine touch to your space and also to invite the outdoors inside your home. They look great in any color, but seek out ones that are true to the colors that you actually find in nature if you really want to make the throw look realistic. These throws have the added benefit of usually having multiple colors in them, which makes it very easy to clean or to hide spots or stains that occur, as these can often blend right into the rest of the throw and won’t stand out too much.


Paisley throw

Source: Houzz

This is a very fun design that will instantly liven up any space and quickly brighten up your sofa. Paisley is growing in popularity and for good reason. It’s fun and fresh and tends to look young and new. When choosing paisley fabric for your quilted throw, make sure that you like all of the colors. The actual design of the fabric won’t vary much from throw to throw, besides being sized differently or having embellishments, but paying attention to the color scheme is important. The right colors will make your throw a focal point in your room, especially if the throw is bright and the sofa is a neutral color.


Geometric throw

Source: Wayfair

These throws are visually very interesting and tend to be busier than other designs or patterns, so you will want to make sure that the rest of your décor isn’t going to compete with it. When looking for a geometric design, keep in mind that the smaller the design, the busier it is going to seem. If you like the look of a geometric throw but don’t want it to appear too busy, then look for one that has a larger design. This will allow you to enjoy the geometric appearance of your throw without feeling like the throw draws too much interest.


Stripes throw

Source: Wayfair

Stripes are always classic when you are shopping for a quilted throw. You can easily find an option that will look great on your sofa just by thinking about the color scheme that you want as well as how thick you want the stripes to be. These throws are a great choice if you want your living room to look nautical, as blue and white stripes are classic and will immediately give your room this appearance and this feel. Make sure that you choose stripes that are wide enough to be visible from a distance so that your throw doesn’t just look muddled and dark, and pick one with colors that match the rest of your room’s décor to really tie it all together.

Solid Color

Solid color throw

Source: Wayfair

A quilted throw that is a solid color will instantly create interest on your sofa. This is a great way to color block your sofa, hide imperfections, or create a statement. While you can opt for neutral colors when looking for a quilted throw, sometimes deeper and richer colors are more fun, as they will make the space more interesting and draw the eye. Make sure that the color you choose is already present elsewhere in the room, or it will stick out and look out of place.


Plaid throw

Source: Wayfair

This has been a classic fabric pattern for years and shows no sign of slowing down or losing popularity. Plaid looks amazing in any space, but tends to go best in a cabin or a country home. While you can use a plaid quilted throw in a beach house or a contemporary home, it may just end up looking a little out of place. Typically, plaid is red, brown, black, or green, but newer versions are available now that contain most any color you can think of.


Novelty throw

Source: Houzz

A great novelty quilted throw is the best way to express your personality or to show your interests through your throw. These come in all sorts of designs and sizes, so you can easily find one that will either work with the rest of your décor or simply show your love for an item or a theme. From feathers in muted jewel colors that are great for a dreamy escape to an American flag to showcase your patriotism, choosing a novelty design for your quilted throw can be a lot of fun. You will want to think ahead to the future to ensure that you will still like the design, but otherwise this is a great time to go wild when choosing a quilted throw.


Scene throw

Source: Hayneedle

If you want to showcase your favorite location or a favorite scene that makes you really happy, then you can buy a quilted throw that has that design on the front. Most often what you’ll find are beach or woodland scenes, and these will look best in beach homes or cabins, respectively. If you want to cuddle up on the sofa under a picture of your favorite location then a scene design is right for you. These tend to have multiple colors in them, making them easy to fit into your décor, as long as you have some of the matching colors throughout the room.

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