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33 Different Types of Pool Tables for Fun and Games in Your Home

Photo collage of different types of pool tables.

Growing up I thought people with a pool table in a game room were rich. Little did I know that while you can spend thousands on a billiards table, you don’t have to. The good news is there are many different types of pool tables which can be placed in many rooms, which we set out in detail below.

Moreover, they come in many price ranges. You can buy an ultra luxury, custom built table or get something much more basic that works just fine. As you’ll see in our detailed billiards table buying guide below, we break out the different options by size, style, type, materials, features and playing surface fabric.

If you want such a feature in your game room, family room, finished basement or man cave, learn everything you need to know below (with many pool table photo examples).

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A. Size

1. Standard

Pool table in a beige walnut color with engineered wooden frame.At eight feet, this is the perfect size home table, no matter your skill level, as it’s large enough that you can easily maneuver to perform trick shots but small enough to work on your defenses. You can easily play nine-ball and eight-ball on this size table and are sure to enjoy either game. Making great shots is fairly simple so be prepared for a run-out and act accordingly.

Overall, for the home, this is the size that you will want to buy.

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2. Large

Large, mahogany pool table.The nine-foot table is the professional size table and requires a lot more physical and athletic skill to be able to play on it well. You will be consistently making more difficult shots than you would on the eight-foot table and need to understand how to play from one area of this large table before you move to another location. This can make playing tricky when all of your balls are clustered up together, although it’s fairly easy if you are lucky enough to have them all spread out.

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3. Bar

Pool table with burgundy wool cloth.A bar table is seven feet and while the shorter distances make it a lot easier to make great shots, there are often a number of problems that you can run into when you play on this kind of table. It’s important that you be on the lookout for issues such as dead rails, matted felt, tough pockets, and a larger-than-normal cue ball that makes hitting your shots difficult. Play is often aggressive on this smaller size table due to the ease of some of the shots but you have to wait for some of the congestion to clear up first; otherwise, it will be difficult to free your balls from the group.

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4. Mini

Blue, felt-covered mini pool table.Mini pool tables cover a number of sizes from just 20 inches long to five feet. The purpose of a mini pool table depends greatly on its size. For a game room for your children, you will want a mini pool table that is smaller but still a size that they can actually play, such as a four- or five-foot table.

The much smaller ones are tiny tabletop games and often given to pool aficionados to go on their office at work or at home. While you won’t be able to play a serious game on one of these smallest tables, they are still a fun gift to give and to receive.

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B. Style

1. Contemporary

Contemporary-style pool table with black frames.The contemporary pool table will have straight lines, sport bold colors, and look great in most any home game room. It’s also possible to buy contemporary tables that have cloth covers in various designs or with sports team emblems that you enjoy. This makes it even easier to personalize your pool table and make sure that it fits in the aesthetics of your room.

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2. Modern

Modern pool table with a matte black finish,If you are looking for a more updated pool table that will look great in your home and add a little visual weight to your space, then it’s smart to check out the modern pool tables that are available. These tables are a little darker, although some come in more natural wood tones that allow the beauty of the finished grain to come through. Make sure that the color felt you choose matches the décor of your room so your pool table will seamlessly fit into your home.

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3. Industrial

Industrial pool table with a weathered oak finish.Iron legs and crossbars combined with gorgeous wood of the actual table make industrial pool tables stand out from the crowd. The lines on this table are straight and simple and allow the legs to be the focal point of the design and construction. While you can buy ones with bare metal legs, a little paint on them to soften the edge and help the legs fit more appropriately with the body of the table is more common.

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4. Traditional

Traditional pool table with blue woolen cloth.The traditional pool table will remind you of the ones that you played on in bars and pool houses when you were growing up. It’s common for them to have ornate carved legs and feet with solid wood rails. In addition, they usually have inlaid diamond-shaped sights to help you improve your shot.

Look for decorative fringe along the cups and a solid construction that gives the table visual weight if you are interested in a traditional pool table.

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5. Craftsman

Wooden pool table in a transitional style.With visible dovetail joints, lightly stained and finished wood, and simple lines to draw the eye, the craftsman-style pool table really is beautiful and is a welcome addition to any home. Many buyers choose this table because it will fit so well with the rest of the furniture that they have in their homes but even if you don’t have a lot of craftsman-style furniture, you can rest easy that due to its solid construction, airy legs, and gorgeous wood grain, it will fit in no matter where you put it.

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6. Farmhouse

Black and red pool table with minimalistic details.If you are in the market for a pool table that is a little more rustic in appearance, then the farmhouse style pool table with its cross-bracket trusses made to mirror other touches in your home will speak to you. The gorgeous staining on these pool tables may easily reflect the open crossbeams in your home. Often made of solid wood, these pool tables are ones that you will be able to pass down to your children due to the tables’ great construction.

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7. Midcentury

Pool table in a mid-century style with manufactured wood as frame.While midcentury furniture usually has hairpin legs as one of its characteristics, this pool table would not be able to support itself on such thin and slight legs. Its legs do, however, mimic the shape of the hairpin leg and this detail, combined with the solid construction and gorgeous drop pockets, make it a welcome piece in any home decorated in the midcentury style. With classic emerald green felt, you’ll feel as though you have been transported back in time when you play on this pool table.

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8. Rustic

Rustic, wooden pool table with a weathered oak finish.Generally painted with a light gray or white wash or left alone to allow the beauty of the wood to show through, a rustic pool table is attractive in any space. Look for one that has a weathered finish and leather in the pockets as this detail will add to the overall appeal of the table. With carved and curved legs that aren’t overly ornate, you can easily pick out this style when shopping.

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9. Transitional

A transitional pool table with a blue and black finish.Unique silhouettes and interesting lines make transitional pool tables a little different from any other style. While they can be painted, they are traditionally left with a gorgeous finish on the wood to showcase the drama of the lines and form of the table. Look for one that is made only of hardwoods and has strong bolts to keep the interesting shape looking its best.

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10. Tropical

Tropical pool table in island and brown tones.Just a little different than some of the other tables offered but similar in ways to the transitional-style table, the tropical piece will not look out of place in your paradise game room. Whether you live on an exotic island or simply wish that you did, this table will make a great centerpiece. Surround it with bright colors and gorgeous plants and you’ll feel as if you’re playing out in the open air.

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11. Victorian

Victorian pool table in a dark cherry finish.An attention to detail, bright metal inlays around the cups and on the feet, and curved legs mimic the style of other Victorian furniture that you may have in your home and ensure that this piece fits in to your collection and stands out as the main focal point in the room. You’ll love how sturdy it is, even though the legs are curved and appear lighter.

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C. Shape

1. Rectangle

All pool/billiards table are rectangle.

Standard pool table in a rectangular shape.Easily the most recognizable shape of pool table, the rectangular table is a classic. When people talk about playing pool, they are referring to playing on this kind of table. No matter what your game is: one-pocket, eight-ball, snooker, or nine-ball, you’ll be able to easily play on this table.

They come in a number of different sizes so you have to carefully choose which one will best meet your needs. Because this is the most popular shape, you will have many tables to choose from and will be able to be a bit more picky about the features that are important to you.

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D. Type

1. Standard

Standard pool table in black with plastic frames.Standard pool tables are just for one thing – pool. While you may try to use the table for something else, you will want to be careful not to hurt the felt or it can damage the pool table to the point where you can no longer play. You won’t be eating dinner on this table and it will most likely be in a game room so that it does not get damaged when not in use.

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2. Conversion

Wooden conversion pool table and table tennis set.These pool tables are growing in popularity as more and more people do not want to have a pool table that has no other function. They are great if you want to keep your table in the family room to be enjoyed but don’t have room for both a pool table and a dining room table. They can easily convert into a craft or dining table and some come with an optional part that will allow them to also convert into a table tennis table or air hockey table.

If you want to get a lot of use out of your pool table, then you will need to look for a convertible style.

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3. Table Top

Mini-sized and lightweight, table top pool table.Perfect for the office or home that does not have a lot of room, table top tables come in a myriad of sizes, even up to a little over three feet. This makes them great for pulling out after a meal or a business meeting to kill some time or even break the ice. They also make a great gift for children who are just beginning to be interested in playing pool, as you don’t want them playing on your nice table and possibly damaging the surface.

No matter your age, you’re sure to love playing a little on a smaller table top table.

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4. Bumper

Mini bumper pool table for indoor and outdoor use.If you’re interested in playing billiards and not traditional pool, then you will want to opt for these tables. They make it easy to play your favorite game without having to change anything about your main pool table. In addition, they’re small enough to tuck into a side corner of your game room and won’t take up too much space.

If you get one that is also convertible, it can double as a poker table or a place to enjoy drinks with friends.

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5. Folding

Mini pool table with foldable legs.Perfect for the home that doesn’t have a lot of extra room for a pool table or for the family that wants to be able to move their new table around as needed, a folding pool table makes it easy to enjoy playing the game without the commitment of giving up a lot of space in your home. You can easily pull out this table when you want to play and then fold it up for storage when you are done, making it a great choice for smaller homes or families on the go.

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E. Materialfa

1. Slate

Wooden pool table with a slate surface.Slate is a solid rock that can be used for the play surface of your pool table. It requires a sturdy floor in your home due to the weight and can be very difficult to move once you have it in your home but the table will never warp or become uneven, making it ideal to play on.

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2. Wood

All-black pool table with a wooden surface.Tables with wood surfaces are a lot more lightweight than ones made with slate but the trade-off is that they will warp easily. This is most commonly used on smaller tables, especially ones for children, as they will not be as sensitive to the problems with a table surface as adults will.

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3. Slate Alternative

Pool table with an alternative slate surface and a dark chestnut frame.A pool table with slate core instead of pure slate will be sturdier than a wood surface but not nearly as sturdy and reliable as a pure slate one. Over time, the weight of the rails will cause the table to warp, which will make the ball roll to the rails instead of staying put where it ended its roll. While they will last longer than a wood table, they are still not as high quality as a pure slate pool table.

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4. Plastic

Pool table with a plastic play surface.Most tables that feature a plastic or acrylic top will be convertible to an air hockey table. This is a great option for a playroom for your kids but not something that you will want to try to play a serious game of pool on. Most adults will not appreciate the kind of play that you can have on a plastic-topped pool table.

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F. Features

1. Drop Pockets

Pool table with drop pockets.If you want the classic look of a pool table where you reach into a pocket and retrieve your own balls, then you will want to buy one that has drop pockets. These are usually made out of vinyl or leather; leather drop pockets will patina and wear better than their vinyl alternatives, ensuring that the table lasts longer and looks its best.

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2. Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly pool table made out of oak wood.Perfect for people who want a pool table but want to make sure that they are not causing harm to the environment or buying one that is made from endangered wood, an eco-friendly pool table will look and play great. You won’t have to worry about contributing to deforestation when you buy one of these great pool tables.

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3. Auto Ball Return

Pool table made out of green nylon and manufactured wood with an auto-ball return feature.You can make it easy on yourself to get your balls back when you choose a table that has an auto return instead of drop pockets. While this isn’t the classic pool table look that many people want, it’s a great way to move the game along and not have to worry about walking around the whole table to collect your balls.

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4. Drawers

Standard, brown pool table with accessory drawers.Hidden drawers in your pool table make it easy to store all of the accessories that you need for your game without worrying about taking up precious real estate in your home. Since they’re hidden, you can stash everything inside quickly to clean up a game and return your game room to the level of cleanliness that you prefer.

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6. Solid Wood

Pool table with a black play surface and a solid wood frame.There’s nothing like the appearance of a solid wood pool table and they are a dream to play on as well. If you want a traditional-looking piece that will stand its own even in a busy room, then you need to find one that is made of solid wood. It will last for decades and always look amazing, no matter the rest of your décor.

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7. Outdoor

Electric blue pool table with aluminum frame.If you want to be able to play pool outside, then it’s imperative that you buy an outdoor table that can stand up the elements without being damaged. It will generally be made of a lightweight aluminum that will resist rust and will have UV-resistant synthetic felt.

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G. Surface Fabric

1. Polyester

Pool table made out of wood and polyester cloth.While fabric that is 100% polyester may look amazing, it tends to wear out faster than other pool table fabrics. This is often used on outdoor pool tables but if you do have an indoor pool table that has polyester on it, then you need to keep an eye on how it is wearing and be ready to replace it if necessary.

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2. Woolen Cloth

Standard pool table with its surface made out of green wool.More commonly called “felt” by those playing pool, this fabric has at least 60% wool in it and is thick, heavy, and long lasting. It’s perfect for casual games of pool as it will pill and that can cause some interference in your game. Although not the highest-quality material that you can have, it still makes for a nice pool table and a good game of pool.

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3. Worsted Wool

Pool table with green worsted wool.When you are playing on a table covered in worsted wool, you will immediately notice that your balls move much faster than on any other surface. This fabric won’t pill the way woolen cloth will and will last for a very long time. Although its high quality demands a much higher price than the alternatives, you will see the difference the quality of play that you enjoy.

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