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10 Different Types of Patio Doors

House with Patio with 2 doors.

If you lead an active lifestyle as I do, always having guests over, then heading to the backyard is commonplace. Since the patio door is used as much or even more than the front door, it’s important to ensure that it’s sturdy, attractive, and opens easily. 

Ever visited someone and sliding the patio door is a two-person job, because it constantly gets stuck and you’re afraid you might break it? Okay, you get the point! Let’s look at the different types of patio doors and their pros and cons to see which best suits your needs.

Types of Patio Doors

Patio with wooden floor and plants.

Aesthetics and practicality are generally the deciding factors in patio door design. The various types of patio doors and a summary of each are included in the list below.

  • Double-swinging outward: When the wind blows, the seal on the out-swingers gets compressed. The visual effect of coordinated windows is increased
  • Double swinging inward: Elegantly welcoming are two doors that swing in. Interest can be added to a room with an arching shape
  • Single in-swinging: A French door has a single hinged panel, and a fixed sidelight can provide the illusion of a pair. To protect the rain from getting inside when the door is opened inward, there is an overhangBlue French door and a stripe door mat.
  • In-swinging Center-hinged: One door and one fixed pane imply a pair when they are center-hinged. The hinged side should be placed in a location that is most convenient for swinging. Single pane French doors are given a boost by the addition of taller bottom rails
  • Telescoping Slider: Multiple panels move on ball-bearing rollers in a telescoping slider
  • Single sliding door: It saves both internal and outdoor space. It’s easy to adjust the light with remote-control blinds installed between the panes of glass

Sliding Patio Doors 

Sliding or bypass doors, which are sometimes known as gliding doors, have become highly popular. Natural light floods in through the windows, making them a breeze to clean and care for. Slider doors are made up of many panels, at least one of which moves back and forward on covered rollers while the door opens and closes.

A patio with sliding glass door and white curtain.

It is possible to build large swaths of glass using sliding and fixed panels. To avoid obstructing the installation of furniture or walkways, panels glide parallel to the wall. In situations where space is at a premium, sliding doors are a common alternative to swinging doors.

Exterior Pocket Sliding Doors

You can open up your space even more with an outside pocket sliding door than you can with a retractable patio door! The pocket sliding patio door is fitted uniquely, that’s why this is the case.

An external pocket system’s track, as well as framing, are built into the walls of the home, so the panel blends in with the rest of the structure.

A wall between the inside and the outside is removed, allowing for expansive vistas of the surrounding landscape. The building of pocket doors with many door panels will necessitate a substantial depth, so consider this before proceeding.

The ASE 67 pocket sliding mechanism, for instance, not only provides superior insulation, security, and versatility but also levels the threshold. This ensures that everyone may safely and easily move from the inside of your home to the outside of your property.

Sliding Patio Doors Pros and Cons

Pros: Clean and modern “wall of glass” style; the door may be linked with a sliding screen patio door to allow outdoor air inside yet manage to keep the pests out; the area on each side of the door can be fully utilized

Cons: Sliding patio doors are less safe than hinged patio doors because of the modest locking system. Sliding panels can also get stuck or fall off their tracks.

Hinged Patio Doors

Swinging Doors

Living room with a fire place and white door.

Hinge patio doors, as they’re also known, function in much the same way as regular outside doors. Full-view glass panels are frequently hung in pairs to maximize visibility. Rather than being hinged at the top or bottom, the doors swing open like a butterfly. Another option for a patio door with hinges is a French door. 

Closed French doors are hinged on the side jambs to ensure the door panels touch when they’re closed. On one of the doors, there is an astragal that houses the latching mechanism. This region is completely clear when French doors are open.

For a truly stunning impact, many homeowners choose to flank their French patio doors with casements or even double-hung windows and sometimes place fixed glass panels over the frame.

Folding Patio Doors 

There are many benefits to using a folding patio door setup. There is an overhead track that allows each piece of the system to move along and fold neatly away, allowing complete access. Having between two and eight leaves, they are available in a variety of sizes and arrangements.

Corner Patio Doors

A corner patio door has the distinct power to open up the room in a very unusual way. There’s no better way to brighten up an otherwise dingy area than by installing folding or sliding patio doors in the corner. Depending on the design, you may need support columns, so you’ll want to consult with your preferred builder or architect before making a final decision.

Hinged Doors Pros and Cons

Classical elegance and grandeur; safety is rather like a conventional door (latching mechanism + doorknob lock); durability is often superior to sliding patio doors; a patio door that’s single-hinged is appropriate for minimum wall space.

French patio doors have several disadvantages, including the fact that they can’t be connected with a screen door; they can’t be used in conjunction with a screen door, and they might even appear too “old-fashioned” in certain situations.

Types of Patio Door Materials

Wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and vinyl are the only five materials that can be used for construction. It’s all about what’s most essential to you when it comes to making a final decision.

Aluminum Patio Doors

Modern aluminum patio doors provide a clean and contemporary look. To fully take advantage of the glass you could fit in the frame, they feature very thin frames. Aluminum patio doors are strong and low maintenance, just like steel patio doors.

Aluminum patio doors, on the other hand, are more prone to dents since they are lighter than steel. Despite their corrosion-resistant design, aluminum patio doors can suffer serious damage if the protective layers are damaged in any way. The thermally enhanced alternative is a good choice if you care about saving energy.

Fiberglass Patio Doors 

In any environment, fiberglass patio doors are designed to last. Because of how little they swell and shrink in response to variations in outside temperature, they’re also incredibly energy-efficient.

These doors are incredibly durable, resistant to decay, and can be made to look like wood, making them a wonderful option for homeowners who prefer the look of wooden patio doors but prefer a more low-maintenance alternative.

Vinyl Patio Doors

For one, vinyl patio doors are a great option.

Patio doors made of vinyl are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. Plastic can be molded to resemble more expensive materials. Tinted glass could also be placed on the exterior of your home to complement the style and design of your residence. With metallic inside handles, you may personalize even more.

Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t rot, peel, flake, or corrode in the face of the elements. Vinyl patio doors are a low-cost, low-maintenance option that also saves on energy costs. Vinyl patio doors have a couple of niggling difficulties that need to be addressed.

In the first place, excessive temperature changes can cause vinyl to break. Because vinyl is combustible, it’s not the best choice for patio doors. In light of the advantages this patio door fabric offers, these two drawbacks are modest.

Steel Patio Doors

Steel patio doors are available in two styles:

Despite its low price, steel is a solid material that can withstand the rigors of most climates. Even though they may not be as fashionable as wood patio doors, they are more efficient and cost-effective. If they’re constructed correctly with high-quality materials, steel patio doors require minimal maintenance and shouldn’t warp or bow.

Steel patio doors may require additional maintenance if they are located in a particularly humid region.

Wood Patio Doors

Patio with couch and white pillows.

Your property will look more elegant and classic with wood patio doors because of their unique polish and appearance. It’s easy to fix minor scratches and other damage, which saves homeowners a lot of time and money. The downsides of wooden patio doors are their high cost and low energy efficiency.

Because wood is a natural product, it necessitates regular maintenance, which can be time-consuming. Excessive sunlight exposure, as well as heat, can fade wooden patio doors, which can be warped by atmospheric moisture.

What To Consider When Buying Patio Doors

Patio doors are among the most sought-after elements in any house. They make it easy to get in and out, while also allowing natural light to pour into the room.

Quality & Security

Modern patio doors offer substantial improvements over older models, which were renowned for heat loss, leak, and a lack of protection. Everyone wants to feel secure and there are great patio doors with top-notch locking mechanisms. More weather resistant than ever before, today’s premium frames and glass contain multiple locking points for added security.


With so many options on the market for patio door types and materials, we’ve put up this guide to assist you to select the best choice for your house. If you’re going to replace your windows or doors, you must work with a trustworthy provider that provides high-quality goods and a thorough warranty.

Energy Efficiency 

To get the most out of your replacement patio doors, you should focus on energy efficiency. Patio doors might save you money on your energy bills depending on where you live. Factors to keep in mind include the R-value and U factor, as well as low-E and UV coatings, plus the various types of glass.

Knowing Which Patio Door to Choose 

Here are some essential things to assess when deciding which patio door is right for your home:

How Frequently Do You Use the Door? 

If you frequently open and close your patio doors, accessibility is critical. Despite its ease of use, outside folding doors take longer to close and open than a sliding design. A sliding or lift-and-slide design is the best option if you want a solution that easily lets you get in and out.

For individuals who need a traffic door for their folding system, it is feasible to convert one of the panels into a traffic door.

Make Use of the Different Weather Conditions

When capitalizing on the summer weather, bifold doors are usually the sought-after option among modern door styles. Architects and home improvement programs frequently promote folding doors because they are ideal for reducing the barrier between a garden and the house.

Now the patio and kitchen line has been eliminated, allowing you to expand your dining and living areas. This form of patio door is ideal for a summertime barbeque because of its energy efficiency.

How Big is the Expansion?

You can never go wrong with glass patio doors, no matter what type of sliding mechanism you use. Pocket doors are ideal if you’re planning a new addition with a lot of room to work with. The ‘vanishing’ nature of these doors allows you to enjoy uninterrupted panoramic vistas, but you will need to integrate the design into your strategy from the beginning.

For Enhanced Security

With high-quality aluminum patio doors, criminals have no chance of breaking into your property! There are items made and installed to the highest standards of safety to give you complete peace of mind when you choose the right builders.

You can also get multi-point locking systems available on many items, which have been certified to fulfill strict US standards for burglar resistance. All security components are hidden from view by the sleek design of all sliding and folding systems.

If You’re on a Tight Budget

Thermally efficient sliding, folding, and panoramic doors are made by several companies across the world. Thermal insulation and greater energy efficiency can be achieved regardless of the type you choose to install. Due to their thermal break, aluminum frames will keep you both warm throughout the winter and cool during the summer.

Planning a Renovation

If you have a certain design in mind, you can get aluminum patio doors customized to suit it! You can also order frames in a wide variety of colors, including twin colors as well as marine-grade finishes. For a total house renovation, you might easily combine several door styles because each design is so versatile!

It’s best if you’ve got a limited budget in mind. They’re the priciest, but they’re among the most innovative designs available today.