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16 Different Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A collage of different types of Mid-Century modern furnitures.

Home décor trends change every day. One day, bold and bright décor are a thing and the next day, soft and subtle décor styles become hit. Amidst the ever-changing home décor trends, mid-century modem furniture has managed to retain its popularity.

In fact, sustained popularity is rather an understatement. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the popularity of mid-century modern style has been booming for quite a while now.

If you observe talk shows closely, you will see guests sitting on mid-century modern style chairs. If you are going out for fine dining at a contemporary restaurant, you will be most likely to be seated in a mid-century modern style seat.

People are increasingly incorporating this style to their homes. They love the elegance and simplicity it brings to their interior. It keeps the décor light and subtle. The beauty of mid-century modern style lies in its simplistic and minimalist design.

It is one of the most popular styles for interior design these days! Its popularity is often accredited to Mad Men. It is attractive and versatile. With mid-century modern décor getting so popular, let’s look at it in detail.

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Background of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture is not something that just got in. It is something that dates back to the early 20th century. Not to mention the fact that it has never enjoyed the popularity that it has gained today.

The mid-century modern style initially grew in America. It is based on earlier styles like the Bauhaus that began in Germany. After World War II, there were changes in Germany. As a result of the changes, many Bauhaus architects migrated to America.

War is always followed by technological and economic changes, so did World War II. There were advances in economy and technologies which had an impact on how people lived and what they needed. There was an expansion of the cities. Suburbanization took place. 

Modern homes were quickly built. With that, the demand for modern furniture also increased. Advances in technology allowed the development and production of a new range of materials that made exploring new textures and forms possible- giving birth to the mid-century modern style!

Distinguishing Features of Mid-Century Modern Style

The mid-century modern style stands apart from all other styles. There are certain features that distinguish this style from all others.

  • Mid-century modern style is highly functional, which is extremely important for any furniture
  • It has sleek lines and gives an uncluttered look. It comes in both geometric and organic forms
  • It has minimal ornamentation, so your home can never look overdone
  • It uses different materials, both traditional and non-traditional
  • It brings different and contrasting material together, which make the style attractive

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture has become a thing. Furniture for all rooms can be found in this style. Whether its bedroom, living room, or dining room, you will find mid-century modern furniture for them.

So, if you are planning to redecorate your home with mid-century modern furniture, you don’t need to worry. You will find something for every room. We have compiled many types of mid-century modern furniture ideas for you which will help you in redecorating your home with mid-century modern furniture.

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Bedroom

A bedroom is the most private and the most intimate place of any home and that is why we want to talk about mid-century modern furniture for the bedroom first. There are some unique furniture designs that are quite popular. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bed

Ecos Living 14 Inch Rustic Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame/Natural Finish/No Squeak/No Box Spring (Queen)

The basic type of mid-century modern furniture for the bedroom is a bed, obviously! A bedroom is a place where you unwind at the end of your day. The bed has to be comfortable. It has to be so stylish that it calls you to it.

We are serious! The bed has to be inviting. A mid-century modern bedroom set is simple yet the most stylish bedroom set that you can get. At times, people get bold bedroom sets that make their room look small and congested but with mid-century modern furniture, your bedroom will never look overdone.

The clean lines of the mid-century modern bed add to its elegance. The tapered wooden legs, which are characteristic of this type of furniture, make it look stylish and delicate.

The low headboard allows you to use the space over the bed for decorative purposes, or even for a night lamp. Getting a mid-century modern bed is definitely a great idea.

2. Nightstands

Swyss Side End Table Nightstand with 2 Drawers Storage Mid-Century Accent Wood Furniture, Dormitory Bedroom Assembly Bedside Cabinet

A bed is not complete without nightstands. With them, your bed looks complete and so does your room. You can use nightstands for so many things like placing your spectacles, a book that you read every night, your watch, cell phone, and what not.

They are a small piece of furniture so why should one invest in a mid-century modern nightstand? They are super functional, simple, and elegant.

You should make sure that you utilize any space available in the bedroom because nobody likes clutter in the bedroom. With mid-century modern nightstands, you can use it for storage of important things you want handy because they always have spacious drawers.

3. Dresser

Prepac Milo Mid Century Modern 6 Drawer Double Dresser in White

A bedroom without a dresser is not a very good idea. A dresser is an essential piece of furniture for any bedroom. They accommodate so much of your essential stuff in them like your beddings, towel sets, undergarments, and what not?

Not to forget how you can enhance the look of your room by utilizing the dresser top for placing family portraits or fresh flowers! What does a mid-century modern style dresser has to over that any other dresser doesn’t?

Style! Mid-century modern furniture is known for its simplicity and that is what you will get with a dresser in this style. The smooth finish, clean lines, raised legs, and straight edges would make your bedroom look warm, welcoming, and extremely neat!

4. Chaise Lounge

Modern Sources - Mid Century Recliner Lounge Chair with Ottoman Real Wood Genuine Italian Leather Eames Replica (Black/Palisander)

At the end of the day, all you wish for is a comfortable place to lie down, listen to some music, read, or simply take a nap. What is better than a chaise lounge to do that?

If your bedroom has enough space to accommodate a chaise lounge, go for mid-century modern style chaise lounge for your bedroom. You can enjoy the comfort, style, and elegance. Above all, it would bring the décor of your bedroom up by several levels!

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Living Room

All the family members gather in the living room to share laughter. The living room is the most roughly used part of the use. It is where the family watches a movie together, plays games, and do everything a family is supposed to do!

It should have a lot of comfortable space to sit in. Let’s see the types of mid-century modern furniture for the living room.

1. Sofa

Jasper Mid Century Modern Fabric Loveseat (Light Blue)

A sofa set is the primary piece of furniture that you need to furnish your living room with. Since comfort cannot be compromised for living room furniture, mid-century modern style sofa is an ideal option. 

Mid-century modern sofa sets are the epitome of comfort, style, and elegance. They offer significant sitting space and unmatched comfort. Once you settle down, you won’t feel like getting up anytime soon!

They can incorporate an element of simple style that adds the perfect touch of the spark that a living room needs.

2. Accent Chairs

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair Elegant Grey with Wood Legs Armchair for Home Office Study Living Room Vanity Bedroom

You must have seen a lot of people have started placing accent chairs in their living rooms. They do not just provide additional sitting place but they also look classy. Mid-century modern accent chairs have gotten the most popular among all types of mid-century modern furniture.

They are simple and very stylish. They are not very huge which makes them suitable to be incorporated in any space, be it a living room, bedroom, or office. How can we not tell you how amazingly comfortable they are!

3. Egg Chairs

Design Tree Home Arne Jacobsen Inspired Egg Swivel Chair, Yellow

Have you ever heard about egg chairs? If not, we will tell you what amazing thing they are! They are the cutest and the most stylish chairs for any living room. The mid-century modern furniture never fails to amaze us! A single egg chair can have such a major impact on your living room that you won’t know unless you actually get it.

They are sophisticated and super stylish. They blend well with any whatever the theme of your living room is. it conforms to the ideology of mid-century modern furniture perfectly – simple yet powerful!

4. Coffee Table

Rivet Allyson Mid-Century Modern Two-Shelf Adjustable Coffee Table, Walnut

Another living room essential is a coffee table. A living room cannot be completed without a coffee table in it. You need a pace to place your drinks and popcorn while you have a family movie night, don’t you?

A coffee table can even be used to display some decoration pieces that will make your living room look aesthetically pleasing. Including a mid-century modern coffee table to the living room will be a cherry on top!

Since a coffee table is usually placed in the center of the living room, the mid-century modern style will make the center a center of attention. You will love how well the effect turns out to be.

5. TV Console

Priya Home Furniture 58" 3-Drawer Mid Century Modern TV Stand - Walnut

Most people prefer having a TV in their living room so that it is accessible to everyone. Nowadays, flat screen TVs are ruling the market. That being said, you will definitely need a TV console to finish off the look with style.

A mid-century modern TV console will look pretty and decent in your living room. While serving the purpose of style, it will also offer some storage space where you can store your video game or music CDs.

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Dining Room

The dining room is a very important part of the house, almost as important as the living room considering it is the place the family eats together. It is the place in every house where family members talk about how their day was.

It is a place that should be decorated with love and affection. And we want you to remember one thing, and that is, the décor of the dining room can actually affect the appetite. The prettier the room is, the more enjoyable the meal becomes! Have a look at the types of mid-century modern furniture for the dining room.

1. Dining Table

Mabel Natural Walnut Finish Wood Mid Century Modern Dining Table

A dining table is a piece of furniture that makes any room a dining room. Only if the room has no furniture at all, a dining table is enough to make the room functional. A dining table that is too huge will make the room look dark and unwelcoming.

Your goal should be to make the dining room as warm, as welcoming, and as spacious as you can. For that, the best option is to bring home a mid-century modern dining table.

The mid-century modern dining table will make the dining room look warm and welcoming with its simple and elegant style. The neat making of mid-century modern furniture makes it a favorite of many people today.

Absence of carving and designing gives the table a very casual and informal appearance which is exactly how the atmosphere of a dining room should be. Even if you have guests coming over for dinner, you will see how mid-century modern furniture’s warm appearance lightens up the atmosphere!

2. Dining Chairs

YEEFY Fabric Dining Room Chairs Mid Century Dining Chair Upholstered Chairs, Set of 2(Green

Mid-century modern dining chairs will complement the mid-century modern dining table. Together they will create a gorgeous dining room. 

Mid-century modern dining chairs will not make your dining area, even if it quite small, look congested and overdone. If you want your dining room to look modern yet sober, mid-century modern furniture is what you should get!

3. Buffet Sideboard

Limari Home LIM-75543 Palazzi Collection Mid-Century Style Veneer Finished Dining Room Buffet with Stainless Steel Accents, Handles & 4 Doors with Glass Shelves Inside Walnut & Gold

Every dining room needs a piece of furniture that can fit table linen, dinnerware, and serve-ware. For this purpose, you often see dining rooms having buffet sideboard. It is also needed to serve food at times.

When you are working on creating a mid-century modern dining room, how can you not get a mid-century modern style buffet table? Along with mid-century modern dining table and chairs, the buffet sideboard will create a look that is sure to bring in some compliments your way!

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Kitchen

If you have a kitchen with a modern design, you will genuinely enjoy the time you spend cooking. When they say the décor of a room has an impact on the moods of the occupants, they also mean the kitchen.

The types of mid-century modern furniture ideas for kitchen are few but they too, have a profound impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Chairs

Heyesk Dining Room Chair Set of 4 Mid Century Modern Chairs,Upholstered Seat (Black, 4)

Most kitchens have an open counter instead of a dining table. It is more like a bar where you can sit and have food. In such kitchens, you need to have some sort of sitting space. Kitchen chairs are your best bet here.

Many types of kitchen chairs are available today but mid-century modern kitchen chairs are the best you can find. You cannot afford to make your kitchen look overdone or congested. The simplistic style of mid-century modern chairs is what they are so popular for.

With mid-century modern kitchen chairs, you can make your kitchen look classy, stylish, and super welcoming.

2. Kitchen Table

The Mezzanine Shoppe 62217WNA Modern Mid Century Two Tone Square Dining Table, 35", White/Natural

Some people prefer not having a separate dining area. Instead, they have a kitchen table in their kitchen. If that is the case with your kitchen, you should incorporate a mid-century modern kitchen table. 

Mid-century modern kitchen table, like other types of mid-century modern furniture, has clean lines, wooden legs, and simplistic design. You will be amazed at the impact that a single table set can have on the entire outlook of your kitchen.

Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Patio

Patios are a blessing. If you want to enjoy good weather, or just sip tea sitting in a cool breeze, you can simply step out on the patio. It is the best place in the house to relax and rest. What could be better than being able to sit in a cool breeze and read your favorite book?

When you talk about patio furniture, it can be quite a challenge. You have to pick furniture carefully considering outdoor weather conditions. If you are planning to get new furniture for your patio and are confused about what style should you go for, we suggest you give mid-century modern furniture a look!

1. Patio Chairs

Set of 2 Summer Orange Acapulco Chairs Outdoor Patio Lounge Chairs Mid Century Modern

Comfortable chairs are a necessity for patios. Since you will be spending most of the time in patio sitting and relaxing, you just cannot compromise on the comfort. To have a modern and stylish patio, style is also important.

So, what can you get that is both comfortable and stylish? Mid-century modern furniture it is! Mid-century modern patio chairs are what you should get. They won’t just look amazing sitting in your patio but will also provide the comfort that you desire.

The simple and sleek design would add to the style and make the patio a part of your home that you won’t be able to get enough of!

2. Coffee Table

GFURN Acapulco Indoor/Outdoor Side Table


You will definitely need a small coffee table for your patio. Where else will you keep the mug of coffee or tea, or a plate of crispy fries while you’re enjoying the weather?

When you are getting mid-century modern design chairs for your patio, why not get a mid-century modern coffee table for your patio as well? The dynamic duo will make your patio a sight to see!

The fine design, the simplistic look, and an elegant outlook will surely get you some oohs and aahs!

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Designers

As the popularity of mid-century modern furniture continues to grow, so are the number of mid-century modern furniture designers. However, who were the first people who came up with this style? Who are the pioneers of mid-century modern furniture?

In 1946, Platform bench was made by George Nelson. It is considered to be the first memorable designs in the mid-century modern genre. Later, Ray and Charles Eamee created the beautiful Californian chairs.

The idea of this power couple was simple: to create something simple yet powerful and get the best of the things to most people at an affordable price.

From then onwards, furniture designers have paid considerable attention to this style and the style has always been in, but never more than it is today.

How Is Mid-Century Modern Different Than Contemporary Furniture?

Contemporary design is anything that is in currently. It is subject to continuous changes. A style stays contemporary as long as it is not surpassed by something new. However, a mid-century modern style refers to a style that was originated in the mid 20th century.

It is simple and stylish, unlike heavy art-deco styles. It is not even like the industrial-style furniture that was once used. It uses materials like molded plywood, polished metal, glossy plastics, linen, and wood.

Mid-century modern furniture is usually very spacious and open. It is often raised from the floor that gives any room an airy vibe. A lot of people are switching to this style because of this very reason – it makes rooms look large, welcoming, and open!

What Makes Mid-Century Modern Furniture So Popular?

There are numerous reasons why the hype about mid-century modern furniture just doesn’t die off. One of the major reasons for this is that mid-century modern furniture is great for small spaces. With its open and clean designs, it does not make rooms look too-full.

Secondly, you can find mid-century modern furniture at every price point. You will fund pieces that are quite affordable and you will also come across furniture that costs a fortune. This means that whatever your budget is, you will find something of your liking.

People change to new styles if they don’t like the existing one or if the new ones are too good to be ignored. The thing with mid-century modern style is, people simply like it! They like it so much that nothing else intrigues them. this has lead to the sustained popularity of the mid-century modern style.

Most Popular Types of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The endless variety is available when it comes to mid-century modern furniture. The hype doesn’t seem to die and more and more people are switching to this style every day.

However, there are certain pieces of mid-century modern furniture that have gained exceptional popularity and they continue to lead the list of most popular types of mid-century modern furniture.

1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman  (Charles and Ray Eames)

Would you believe if we tell you that Eames lounge chair that was initially designed by Charles and Ray Eames has been in continuous production since it was introduced in 1956? Well, believe us because it is true.

It is one of the most iconic furniture pieces that have been created under the mid-century modern label. It was initially made by combining the existing pieces of furniture; a country club chair (19th century) and a used baseball mitt. It is perfect for any living room!

2. Wassily Chair (Marcel Breuer)

Designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925, the Wassily chair has been in the game since 1960. Bruer was an apprentice at the Brauhaus. He used his inspiration from a bicycle frame and designed this iconic piece of furniture.

It was far ahead of its time when he initially designed it. He re-launched the chair in 1960 when the mid-century modern furniture era was springing up!

3. Saarinen Dining Table (Eero Saarinen)

People use table clothes to hide a not-very-pleasing table top. The Saarinen dining table is a mid-century modern piece of furniture that is so pretty that it needs no hiding. It is extremely simple and sober but it is beautiful.

No doubt that it is still a popular piece after so many years of its introduction in 1957. The simple and precise design of this dining table has made it popular among people, and today it is available in many sizes, finishes, and colors.

4. Florence Knoll Sofa (Florence Knoll)

The Florence Knoll sofa is another iconic mid-century modern piece that was initially introduced in 1954 but it is still one of the most popular mid-century modern pieces of furniture.

It is the perfect combination of design and function. This sofa offers unmatched comfort alongside a super stylish and sophisticated design. It is an ideal option for any living room.

5. Barcelona Chair (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)Mid-century modern lounge chair and ottoman

The well-known Barcelona Chair dates back to 1929. You can it is practically synonymous with mid-century modern design. This is one of the few pieces of furniture that carry the elegance of mid-century modern to the finest limits. It is a versatile piece that can be incorporated into any living room or formal space.

6. Noguchi Table (Isamu Noguchi)

Mid-century modern table

Noguchi table is the most delicate coffee table ever made! We are not exaggerating. We actually mean it. Ever since it was introduced in 1948, people have showered their appreciation for the simplistic design.

It looks beautiful in any living room. Everything that is bold and has deco-design, or is too bright is not always a preference. Most people today prefer furniture that is simple so that their rooms look spacious and airy. This coffee table is beautifully simple!

7. LC3 Grand Modele Armchair (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand)

Saarinen mid-century modern chair

When we say comfortable furniture, what comes in mind in a huge and soft sofa seat which we can curl in. however, sleek designs can be comfortable too. You don’t think so? Well, this LC3 Grand Modele Armchair is proof that sleek designs can offer comfort.

Since 1928, this armchair has been providing people with comfort and their homes with a touch of mid-century modern style.

Mid-century modern furniture is not going out of trend any time soon. If you are planning to re-decorate your home with this type of furniture, go for it! It has continued to make homes look breathtakingly beautiful and utterly classic and it could do the same favors to our living spaces as well.