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12 Different Types of Interior Door Styles

A collage of interior door styles.

Building a new home or renovating the home interior is a perfect opportunity for giving our thoughtful attention to interior door styles. When it comes to doors, we often think about its durabilities such as how it can stand up to daily use or its functionality such as how it can accommodate the level of privacy we desire or its noise control.

What we don’t bother much about is picking the right style of interior doors for our homes. Doors are highly visible so they’re capable of adding character and charm to a room. There are many different styles and configurations to choose from so make sure you choose the one that best matches your home’s overall interior design.

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1. French Doors

French doors with valance facing the living room.

French doors are among the most famous types of interior door styles. People understand that French doors are visually appealing and they expect to have to pay a premium price for them.

It is true that many French doors can be a bit on the pricey side but they can be very practical options depending on how your budget looks. A nice set of French doors is going to work excellently in many parts of your home.

Most people use French doors as exterior doors that lead out to the patio. It isn’t entirely uncommon to see French doors being used as entrance doors to a dining room or even as doors that lead to an indoor garden area.

You can really put these doors wherever you think they would look nice. It just depends on whether you want to make use of them in a particular living space.

These French doors here are very lovely and will even resist rust and corrosion. If you want to have a door that will stand the test of time and look visually stunning, then you will want to go with these French doors.

They shouldn’t be too difficult to install and you’ll love the way that they look. This particular door is even pre-hung to make the installation process even smoother.

2. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors partially opened dividing the dining room and living room.

Pocket doors are another unique option that some people like to make use of in their homes. The biggest difference between a pocket door and a traditional door is that a pocket door can hide inside of the wall.

You can build a little recess in your wall and the pocket door will simply slide into it when you open it up. It actually isn’t too complicated to get this done but it will involve making some modifications.

If you want to be able to install a door as easily as possible, then trying to install a pocket door may not be your best bet. It is going to involve doing a bit of work and getting things prepared.

If you know what you are doing, then a pocket door can be a very neat door to have around. Many people like using pocket doors for closets but they can also be used as bedroom doors or even in other areas of the house.

You will need to buy the right hardware in order for everything to work out properly. Then you will be able to hang your hollow door and get everything working.

As long as you followed the instructions properly, it should be a good addition to your home. You’ll like the overall look of your new pocket door and it will last for a long time.

3. Barn Doors

Barn door partially opened allowing a peek of the bathroom.

Barn doors are a little bit different than the other doors that are being discussed here. Typically, you may think of a barn door as an outside door that is used on a barn.

If you have been paying attention to interior design trends, then you may be aware that barn doors are quite popular to use inside your home. If you are attempting to go with a more country-style décor, then a barn door is going to fit right in.

These barn doors are going to add a significant amount of down-home charm to your house. Some people even like to use these types of doors for their primary bedrooms.

They have a very different feeling to them and can completely alter the look of a living space. If you want to make things a bit different than usual, then adding an element such as this to your home can work well.

Of course, one of the first things to understand about barn doors is that they slide. The installation of a barn door is going to be completely different from hanging a door in a traditional frame. Barn doors are also typically larger than a normal door.

You’ll usually want to use these in spaces that have larger entrances, although you can make some modifications so that you can use your barn door for a bedroom door if you would like.

This barn door here is going to work out well for anyone who wants to use one for a bedroom door. It is skinny enough to be practical for a smaller entrance.

This door comes with everything that you need to install the barn door. The hardware kit is pretty straightforward so you should be able to have a smooth experience the entire time.

4. Colonial Doors

Colonial door

Colonial doors are among the best options for you to consider when you want to purchase an ornate door. These doors are great for decorative purposes and can also be very practical.

The way that they are designed is excellent for drawing people’s attention. They have an undeniable visual appeal that can really help to make any room look nicer.

It should be noted that these doors are a bit more commonly used as exterior doors than they are interior doors. Even so, there is no reason why you cannot use a colonial door inside your home.

Many people decide to use these doors as entrance doors to dining rooms and even doors that lead to a den of some sort. They won’t work so well as bedroom or bathroom doors due to the lack of privacy.

These doors have several prominent glass panels that allow you to see inside of them. Sometimes people will install frosted glass or tinted glass in these doors for added visual panache.

This can also mitigate some of the concerns about people being able to see inside of the glass panels. When you purchase a door such as this, it is usually because you want something that is going to look really nice.

The Colonial door that is being shown here is a pretty standard design. It isn’t as easy to install as many of the pre-hung doors featured in this list but it won’t be too onerous either.

It should take a couple of hours to get this door installed right. It is made to be installed for either left-handed or right-handed installation.

It even comes with a very nice brass handle set. Whether you are looking to use a door such as this for your kitchen or if you need an ornate door for your home office, a Colonial is going to please you.

These doors have been popular for a very long time and you’ll definitely fall in love with it. It’s one of the best doors to purchase when you are thinking about maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

5. Craftsman Doors

Craftsman door in a kitchen.

Craftsman doors are unique in that they offer a different visual style than almost all of the other doors on this list. Most of the door styles will feature panels but these panels are usually aligned either vertically or horizontally.

A Craftsman door has panels that are aligned both ways. You might think that this would look unusual and may throw off the symmetry but it actually works out very well.

There are two vertical bottoms on the bottom that are quite long. These panels will be long rectangles that are parallel to one another. On top of this, there will be a large rectangular panel that is aligned horizontally.

They work together to create an interesting style that has become a favorite for many people.

Sometimes the top panel of these doors is fitted with glass too. There are even doors where all of the panels will be fitted with ornate glass. It is a bit more common to see the top panel with glass than it is all three.

Regardless, you should know that this is an option if you are looking to add more ornate qualities to your door.

The Craftsman door being shown here is a more reserved and affordable option. This door doesn’t necessarily scream out with lavish qualities but it can look very good in your home.

It is available in several sizes and colors, making it a good practical door to purchase for just about everyone. Whether you are in need of a bedroom door or a bathroom door, this is going to be a good fit.

6. Atherton Doors

Atherton Door

Source: Home Depot

Atherton doors are another style that you will want to be aware of. The defining feature of an Atherton door is that it has four raised panels.

The panels are placed vertically with two on the left side of the door and two on the right. They look really good on these types of doors and you’ll be able to admire the look of the raised panels.

This is one of the more common types of doors that people use when they want to do double doors. Two Atherton doors standing side by side can look really nice overall.

If you want to buy doors that will look great in a larger entrance, then these are going to work nicely. You’ll be able to impress your guests and it is a fairly practical solution as well.

Atherton doors aren’t necessarily an expensive option even though they look really good. You should be able to find these types of doors at just about any large hardware chain.

The most common type of door is an interior slab style door so buying one or two of these will be very simple. You will be able to get the doors that you need without having to spend too much of your hard-earned money.

The Atherton door being shown here is a great example of the beauty that is possible with this style. It comes in four different colors and is already primed.

You’ll be able to install this door very easily so it won’t take up too much of your time. Atherton doors are gaining in popularity and you may want to go with one of these for your home.

7. Princeton Doors

Princeton Door

Source: Lowes

If you want your home to have a touch of elegance, then adding a Princeton door to your premises is a good idea. These doors are very charming and sophisticated, giving them an appeal that will work well in your home.

Some doors are better suited for being used in particular areas of your home. As long as you are trying to achieve a sophisticated look, Princeton doors are going to be able to work perfectly in your environment.

One of the standout features of a Princeton door is the arch at the top of the door panel. This is done in a cathedral arch style that really makes the door come across as more impressive.

If you want to have a door that is going to garner a bit of attention, then a Princeton door might be the best choice that you could make. It looks really good when it is placed prominently inside your home.

You should be able to use a Princeton door in any room of the house too. It is a bit more common to see these types of doors in a primary bedroom setting or an elaborate dining room, of course.

It wouldn’t be unusual to have a Princeton door in any room of your home, though. If you want to add some charm to your home, then putting a Princeton door just about anywhere will help you to achieve this.

This particular Princeton door is a nice, clean example of a simple door. This door isn’t as elaborate as some of the Princeton doors can be but this gives it more of an understated charm.

It wouldn’t look out of place in a child’s bedroom or a kitchen. The door even comes pre-hung for your convenience so it is certainly an option worth considering.

8. Continental Doors

Continental Door

Source: Home Depot

Continental doors have proven to be one of the more popular options among people who are building new homes. These doors look very elegant when they are put in the proper spots.

A nice Continental door works well in just about any living space. When you combine a door such as this with interior design elements that complement it well, it can really be a great combination.

These doors have two face panels that are different sizes. The one that is on the top is larger than the other. This larger panel also has a curved top rather than just forming a straight rectangle. It draws the eye to the door and really does look quite nice.

Continental doors can be used in a few different ways. Sometimes people hang these doors as standalone doors. This works well when you are looking for a bedroom door or a door for a normal-sized bathroom.

You will also see double Continental doors that can provide you with an even more interesting look.

The double doors are usually reserved for entrances to larger areas of people’s homes. Sometimes double Continental doors will be used in the entrance to a dining room or a large den.

The one being shown off here is just a standard single door design. It will work great for your standard needs but rest assured that there are various double door options for you to peruse if you would like to go that route.

9. Cambridge Doors

Cambridge Door

Source: Lowes

Cambridge doors are nice, simple door options that have become staples of the modern home. You will find these types of doors in so many homes across North America.

The look of these doors is very contemporary and features two raised panels. The panels are different sizes with the top one being larger.

Some people think that the overall look of these Cambridge doors is a bit too simple. There are many who appreciate this subtle beauty and that is why it has become so common.

This is a door style that can be used in most areas of the house. It isn’t flashy but it will look very appropriate in any room that you decide to place this door in.

The Cambridge door that is being shown as an example here is a good representation of what this style is all about. It is a basic white color and it will look natural in almost any home environment. It can be used as a closet door or as a bedroom door.

Whatever it is that you need a door for the inside of your home, you should be able to find a Cambridge door that will work nicely to suit your needs.

10. Provincial Doors

Provincial Door

Source: Lowes

Provincial doors have the potential to be absolutely gorgeous. When you decide to go with this style of interior door, you will be getting a really pretty door.

This door has four vertical rectangular panels on its face. The top two panels are a little bit different, though, as they feature an arch at the top that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Sometimes these Provincial doors will even come with glass panels installed in them. This can add an extra dimension of aesthetic appeal to an already pretty door.

Most of the time, the Provincial doors will not come with this glass. It is the larger doors that are used for bigger entrances that usually do.

The one that is being shown as an example here is a door that comes with the extra glass panel. It is located on the side of the door and definitely looks really nice.

The glass pane has a sort of diamond design that is going to grab some attention. If you want to have a really nice-looking door in your home, then considering purchasing a Provincial door is going to be a great idea.

11. Avalon Doors

Avalon Door

Source: Home Depot

An Avalon door actually has some similarities to some of the other doors mentioned above. The biggest distinguishing factor of this type of door style is the way that it looks.

It has three rectangular panels of varying sizes located on its face. There is a large panel on the top of the door, a smaller one in the middle, and then a fairly large one on the bottom.

These doors are often used as pantry doors but they can be used for other purposes as well. It wouldn’t be unusual at all to see an Avalon door being used for a primary bedroom or a bathroom.

They are just very common among pantry doors and other types of closets. Whatever room it is that you decide to use this door in, you will have an easy time getting everything set up.

The door that is being shown here can be purchased in multiple sizes. You can buy a very small version of the door for use in as your pantry closet door or you can buy a larger one for your primary bedroom.

Either way, this Avalon door is going to be very simple to trim and install. This makes it as easy as possible to get a custom fit that is going to work for your particular situation.

12. Rockport Doors

Rockport Door

Source: Home Depot

Rockport doors are another popular interior door style that is seen all throughout the home. Sometimes these Rockport doors are seen being used for closets but you will also see them being used as bedroom doors just as often.

They can be very pleasing to look at and have a sleek look overall. The standout feature of these doors is the six rectangular horizontal panels featured on the face of the door.

If you want a nice, clean-looking door that is pleasing to the eyes, then Rockport doors will suit you nicely. They can work for a variety of different purposes and will certainly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

People use these doors both as single doors and as double doors. They will work well either way so it is good to know that you have options.

The version that is being shown here is a single-door style Rockport door. This one is white and has a very smooth look to it overall. It is very well suited to being used as a bedroom door or a bathroom door.

If you need a reliable door that is going to be simple to install, then you’ll love how easy this one will be for you.

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