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Interior Door Dimensions for Many Different Door Designs (Charts and Tables)

interior doors

Okay, so open concept is a thing right now. I love it. You probably love it.  Many folks are spending thousands renovating their home to get open concept.

But, that does not mean there is no need for interior doors.  Think bedrooms, bathrooms and I also love double doors in between rooms that gives you the option of open concept of sealed off.

If you have interior door needs, check out our epic guide on interior door sizes and dimensions below.

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Interior Doors

Interior doors are exactly what they sound like, doors to separate rooms. A measurement of 32” is traditional, 36” or larger is required to meet handicap and wheelchair accessible standards. The size of the room is a consideration toward interior design style and door sizing, but they’re available in any modular size the opening might call for.

Interior Flat Panel Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel doors serve the same function and tend to be conservatively priced. They work well with a sheer utilitarian home design style which provides focal points on other architectural aspects of the room, and they are economical solutions for businesses that aren’t trying to establish the personal design elements of a home.

Interior Bi-Fold Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Bi-Fold Doors

Typically used for closets or perhaps a laundry room, interior bi-fold doors can be used creatively toward other functions in a home. They provide privacy or hide an unkempt storage space with a physical rather than structural use, and are designed to fit doorways which need such cover according to typical architectural home designs.

Interior French Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior French Doors

Interior French doors are elaborate glass doors, usually outfitted with accent pieces of fabric to resemble curtains, as decorative pieces in a home. They can be built to fit an opening twice the size of a normal doorway, or made in two half-sized pieces to fit a regular door opening.

Interior Louver Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Louver Doors

Interior louver doors are typically intended for closets, but like bi-fold doors, can be used for other purposes according to what the homeowner wants the final effect to be.

Interior Plank and Beaded Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Plank and Beaded Doors

Plank and beaded doors were traditionally hand-carved, or perhaps a series of moldings attached to a board to create an interesting appeal for an interior door. Modern machinery and manufacturing techniques make them more accessible to a typical home when a door as a focal point is in order.

Interior Raised Panel Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Raised Panel Doors

Interior raised panel doors are the standard of today’s modular building systems. Such doors are available in any size imaginable, as they are the baseline doors contractors tend to use when there are no further specifications and the home is meant to provide appeal to any potential buyer who may not appreciate specific design styles.

Interior Utility Doors

Chart Dimensions of Interior Utility Doors

Utility doors are different in that they don’t incorporate cosmetic appeal but only serve a utility function. They work well to separate unfinished attic or basement spaces, or to provide rooms if needed in a utility building.