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23 Different Types of Interior Closet Lighting Ideas

Interior of a walk-in closet with a chandelier, recessed lights, a lamp, and windows.

While many homeowners may not care about closet lighting, this does not, by any stretch, lessen its importance. Truth be told, closet lighting is just too important to ignore.

Generally, closets either completely lack illumination, or they are exposed to good-for-nothing bulbs; there is no in-between. These kinds of instances make the situation exceedingly inconvenient. Just imagine what you can possibly do during the evenings or the night time when the need for lighting is the highest.

Without illumination, your closet will be pitch black and you will take longer than ever to find what you are looking for. This will make you realize at some point that the installation of proper lighting is the first thing you must do after building your own lovely closet.

However, before you invest in closet lighting, the following are a few essential tips to keep you on the right track. Have a look.

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How to Choose Interior Lighting for your Closet

Never go for Halogen Lights

Those of you who don’t yet know, halogen is a type of incandescent light that consists of a gas to amplify lighting. Owing to its function, halogen bulbs tend to produce excessive light. As a result, the bulbs get uncontrollably hot, making them dangerous for spaces that are small and tight such as your closet.

While halogens are tiny and apt as a decoration piece, they are unsuitable for enclosed areas. Therefore, it is ideal to go for some other kind of lights to prevent any damages in the long run.

Consider Fluorescent Lights

Over time, fluorescent lights have lost their credibility for being strong and durable. That being said, they are still the number one choice for closet lighting. Why is that so? That’s because they are the coolest lights. This means that there are fewer chances of these types of lights burning off. These lights also happen to be quite energy-efficient; in other words, they help you save your money on your monthly utility bills.

Install Your Own Closet Lights

Fret not if there is no light in your closet already. You can always install one by yourself, and it is not even that hard. If nothing else, you can always install a battery-powered light bulb or fixture. There are many fixtures out there that can easily be attached or stuck in your closet and serve as the perfect lighting system.

Installing your own lights can be a fun task as you will be exposed to a variety of lightings when you are trying to choose one for your closet. In this blog post, we have gathered different types of interior closet lights that will take your wardrobe to a whole new level.

Popular Types of Closet Lighting Options for You

1. LED LightingLED Lighting in a Closet

Let’s admit it, without ideal lighting, your closet can end up looking dark and dreary. In addition, it will become harder for you to find what you were looking for. The simple task of finding the right dress and shoe will become a hard row to hoe. And this may irritate you to the extent that you will avoid going to your own closet the next time. The only way to fix this kind of situation is by getting proper lights in there. And one of the lighting systems that you can consider is the LED lighting.

With LED lighting technology, your closet has the potential to beam with oodles of light, creating no nuisance for you at all. Install it anywhere in the closet and it will flood the room with bright, shiny light, apt for both small and large closets. Make sure that you opt for LEDs that are specifically designed for closets.

The best part is that the components of LED lights are quite flexible and efficient. They are small and compact in size and don’t require wires, which makes the installation process simpler. Having wireless LED components also allow you to have no junction boxes or in-wall hard wiring. The switch button is available in the form of remote control or is attached on the wall. If you want to avoid the hassle of mounting lighting in your closet, investing in LED lights is the way to go.

2. Illuminated Hanging RodsLighted Hanging Rod in a Closet

One of the best ways to make use of LED lights is by having them mounted on the underside of your clothing rail. You can also consider having LED rope lights in your closet. This is one of the most stylish ways to incorporate lighting in your closet, usually reserved for luxury hotels and high-end houses. Since the purpose of a light is to allow you to see your wardrobe clearly, lighted hanging rods will help you achieve this goal easily.

For the installation of these lights, make sure that they are attached from the bottom of the rod, at an approximately 10-degree angle. This will prevent the light from directly entering into your eyes. Another safety tip to consider is getting 100 lbs on a 42” rod as it will safely hold your clothing items for a longer span of time.

These lights also work on a motion sensor which means that you won’t find the need to switch on the closet lights to find your clothing. The minute you walk into your closet, the lights will sensor your movement and will automatically turn on the lights for you.

3. Task LightingTask Lighting in a Closet

While primarily your closet is where you keep your clothes and shoes, it is also a place where you get ready, put on clothes and accessories. Without having proper task lighting, your dressing-up purpose could be deterred. You will need proper lights so that you can see what you are slipping on and how your final look appears to be.

If your closet accommodates a dressing table, USB charging station, coffee bar, or suitcase packing station, you will need task lighting for convenience. Incorporate LEDs under the cabinets that may help fulfill your task lighting needs. Go for excellent output puck lighting with a diffuser. The diffuser will ensure the distribution of light in all areas. Place the diffuser as far under the closet cabinet as possible. This will provide the best lighting, a clear view of all your items in the closet, and not to mention, will aid in performing tasks with quite ease.

4. Mirror LightingMirror Lights in a Closet

Although your mirror lights won’t light up your closet, they definitely will help disperse the light all around. This will further help in brightening up space in no time, especially if your closet is a small one. To ensure that the light of your mirror easily reaches to your clothes, place your mirror near the railing. Hence, the use of mirror lighting can easily be two-dimensional for the owner. In this way, you won’t find the need to add in unnecessary light fixtures when clearly mirror lighting can do a similar job for you.

However, make sure that you invest in bright lights that illuminate as much of your closet space as possible. White lights are highly recommended than dull, golden lights. The latter ones can prove to be deceptive which is why it is always safe to opt for clear, bright lighting for your mirrors.

5. Wireless Lighting SystemsWireless lights in a Closet

As stated above, wireless lighting is the best thing that you can opt for in this modern age. As the name suggests, this type of lighting system requires no wiring at all. There are many types of wireless lighting system that you can go for. Some of them are discussed below:

Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Lights

Motion sensing LED lights are turned on the minute they sense movement in the room. You can install these lights anywhere in the closet from the wall to ceiling to corners of the cabinet.

However, if you want to mount them in your ceiling, you will have to invest in motion sensing LED ceiling lights. These lights will help disperse light in all the corners of your closet and as you will leave the room, the lights will automatically turn off.

Cordless Ceiling/Wall Light with Remote Control

Perfect for the ceiling and walls of your closet, cordless wall lights work with the help of a remote. These lights help add sophistication of the recessed lighting to your closet. They are super easy to install and require no wiring at all. The light flushes out from the ceiling all over the space and accentuates the ambiance of the closet instantly.

Touch-Tap Light Stick

These OxyLED closet lights help to turn on the light by simply a touch of the sensor. This will lessen your chance to get an electric shock. These lights also happen to be stick-on which means that you can mount them anywhere in your closet at any time.

The most stand-out characteristic of this light stick is that its lighting can be adjusted by a simple press and hold button. Whether you want full-on bright lighting or minimal light, you can easily have it through the touch-up light stick.

Mini Stick On Touch Light

If the size of the light stick bothers you, you can pick the mini stick-on touch light instead. The shape of the light is round and must be tapped in the center for it to be turned on.

It consists of LED floodlight technology which offers ultra shiny light. You can stick it to a wide range of surfaces, inside your closet cabinet, on your mirror wall, or on your closet wall.

Lofter Cabinet/Wardrobe Wireless Light

Unlike conventional light, lofter lighting comes with two sensor modes. However, it only works when the closet is dark and can sense motion.

Lofter lights come with several other characteristics that make the product worth the investment. For example, the light system radiates super bright LEDs, consists of rechargeable battery, is easy to install, has motion sensor mode, and motion and light sensor mode. Typically, these wireless lights are long and rectangular in shape and slightly lofty too.

6. ChandeliersChandeliers in a Closet

Who said that you can install chandeliers only in your hallways or bedrooms? Over time, more and more homes accommodate chandeliers in their walk-in closets to give them a luxe result. To house a chandelier in your closet, your closet has to be larger in size or else your space will appear congested. To make your space welcoming and lit up, invest in stylish chandeliers. Here are some of the rustic and romantic chandeliers that you can consider for your closet lighting.

Crystal Chandeliers

Add the right amount of glamour to your closet by having crystal chandeliers in your closet. For a full dramatic impact, opt for chandeliers that drip with crystals.

If your closet consists of fewer elements, then invest in a large crystal chandelier for a statement piece. But, if in case, you don’t have enough space, then a petite-sized chandelier is a great alternative. This type of chandelier won’t only flood your closet with light but will give an elegant touch to your whole closet as well.

Glass Chandeliers

Are you someone who prefers light fixtures rather than heavy ones? Go for glass chandeliers then as they are light as a feather. Glass chandeliers come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. This classic type of chandelier is an easy way to give the interior of your closet a facelift.

Out of all the popular types of chandeliers, glass chandeliers are the most common pick among homeowners. That’s because it allows them the convenience to experiment more with the overall décor of their closet’s interior.

Candle Chandeliers

While keeping candles in your closet is not a safe option, you can have candle chandeliers that come with flickering bulbs. These bulbs are in the shape of a candle that gives out the image of burning candles.

Like glass chandeliers, candle chandeliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can go with one that suits your closet the most and add an element of charm to your closet in an instant.

Chandelier with Shades

Chandeliers with shades provide subtle lighting which may not be an ideal source of light in your closet. But if you are planning to have more than one lighting system in your closet then chandelier with shades can be a great second choice.

While it may not illuminate your space brightly, it will create a soft, warm atmosphere, making every onlooker or by-passer to enter inside.

7. Track LightingTrack Lighting in a Closet

This type of lighting is best for closets that are situated in an attic. These lights help accentuate the roof and the interior of the space like no other light. By installing these lights and making sure to position them in a clever way, you can allow interesting visual effects to come to life in your closet. There are many types of track lighting and some of them are listed below:

Linear Track

If practicality is your aim, then linear track lighting is an ideal choice for your closet. These tracks are straight in length, typically 4 to 8 feet long.

Investing in just a single linear track will be enough if you have a small closet as one linear track can accommodate several lights. As compared to other types of tracks, linear tracks are the easiest and simplest to install.

Flexible Track

This type of track is quite stylish-looking due to its stretching and bendable feature. You can easily curve these tracks in whatever style and shape you wish.

Did you know that you can also cut them into your desired length? It is a type of track light that is functional, decorative, and customizable!


Those of you who want their lights to serve as a remarkable decorative piece must get their hands on pendant tracks. These lights are connected to a vertical rod that faces toward the bottom. For ambient lighting in your closet, pendant lights are a perfect choice.

Step Head Track

It is one of the most common types of track light, distinctive for its simple and professional design. For a sleek and sophisticated closet interior, install step head tracks. Some other types of track heads that you can invest in are pinhole heads, round back heads, and gimbal heads.

Rustic or Victorian Track Lighting

The track lights that are mentioned above are all modern and contemporary in design. But if you want more out-of-the-box kind of lighting in your closet, then opt for rustic or Victorian types of track lights. These lights will give out vintage feels and transport you way back in time!

8. Accent LightingAccent Lighting in Close

Accent lighting serves the purpose of minimalist lighting which means that they give out soft, warm rays. Homeowners make the mistake of positioning these lights from the top. However, experts suggest installing them in front of the cabinet so that the light directly falls on the objects and gives a beautiful effect overall.

Below are a few interesting types of accent lighting that homeowners can consider for their closets:

Rope Lighting

Rope lights are usually used in rooms to create a cozy atmosphere. If you want your closet to exhibit similar vibes, then go and buy beautiful rope lights from your nearest light market. These lights look best when installed on the walls of the closet. Some of their versions can be installed outdoors for a welcoming effect.

Ribbon LED Lightings

These are similar to rope lighting, except that they are more modern, given that they have LED installed in them. Like rope lighting, ribbon lighting can be mounted anywhere in your closet. These lights work best in enclosed closets.

Undercabinet Lighting

Also known as puck lighting, under-cabinet lighting is great for smaller closets. Make sure that you go for puck lighting that has a Xenon or LED-based light source. Avoid getting these lights in halogen as it can be quite dangerous.

9. Natural LightCloset beside a small window.

While artificial lights are one of the best inventions, they do come with their fair share of disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is an increased monthly electric bill. Another downfall of artificial lights is the fact that they may not show the actual color of your dresses and shoes. For example, if you have yellow light in your closet, your grey colored dress may appear pale blue which can be quite misleading.

If you want to save up on your energy bill, then it will be nice to make the most of the natural light. For that, you will need to ensure there is a large window in your closet. This will allow the sunlight to seep into the closet and you wouldn’t find the need to have lights, especially in the daytime.

10. Lamps

No matter how old they are, lamps can never go out of style, especially when unique and stylish ones keep coming out in the market. You can have lamps in any size and shape, depending on your personal choice and the interior of your closet.

Since lamps may not give out the brightest light in the world, we recommend you have more than one lamp in your closet. If your closet already has perfect lighting, you can still have lamps to serve the decorative purpose or to give out a hint of illumination in your closet.

You can also attach your lamps with dimmers as this will allow you to adjust the lighting according to your preferences whenever you like.

Your closet will be no less than a dungeon without good lights, so invest in good quality lighting and make the space truly beautiful.