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11 Different Types of Crochet Tools

Be sure to have these different types of crochet tools before you get hooked with the craft. You'll have better experience with crochet as a productive hobby when you've got all the materials you'll need.

Crochet as a craft started in humble beginnings during the early 19th century in Europe. This was when crochet was known as “shepherd’s knitting.” People looked down on the practice as a craft until Queen Victoria purchased crocheted lace from Irish women who struggled to survive after the potato famine. The queen herself got hooked on the craft of crochet and went on to make eight crocheted scarves for South African War veterans.

Fast forward to today, when the practice of crocheting has proliferated society and become mainstream in the arts and crafts sector. In 2016, 28.8 million Americans participated in knitting and/or crocheting, and thousands of websites offer free crochet patterns to download with the click of a button.

In the 1920s and 30s, crocheted items began as accessories and graduated to use in entire garments. Crocheted fashion and homeware reached peak popularity in the 1960s. Today, crocheted clothing items still make featured appearances on the catwalk from the likes of designers like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

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YarnYarns in different colors.

Before you start crocheting anything, you’re going to need an ample amount of yarn to complete the project. Yarn is the material you are going to be using most often when crocheting. Buying spools of yarn can actually be quite enjoyable, as you will be able to choose from various different colors, textures, and thicknesses. Most people who get really into crocheting wind up keeping a stock of many different colors of yarn around at all times.

It’s also important to note that not all yarns are made the same; some are better suited for a certain crochet project, while others are better suited for a different crochet project. Depending on what the yarn is made from and other pertinent details, a skein of yarn may be better used for certain tasks than for others. Some yarn can be excellent for use when you want to make clothing, but others can be better suited to making items like towels. Make sure you are buying the yarn that is recommended for the type of item you are attempting to crochet.

Buying yarn online is very convenient, but you can also go to your local craft store to get what you need. Craft stores like these should have a large selection of yarn, and will also carry many of the other crochet tools that are discussed in this list. Buying yarn is one of the more fun aspects of purchasing what you need for crocheting. Take your time to enjoy the process of choosing yarn, and be sure to pick out the yarn that appeals to your sense of style the most.

This convenient bundle of yarn mentioned here contains many different colors of yarn. There are 30 different yarn skeins, which will give you plenty of variety from which to choose. When you’re making something that requires multiple colors of yarn, being able to purchase a convenient bundle like this is truly ideal, as it’s an affordable way to get a bunch of the materials you need. So, take advantage of this solution if you like the colors that are shown here!

Discover all the different types of yarn for crochet here.


Blue sewing scissors.

Having a good pair of scissors around is going to make things much easier no matter what situation you’re in, but scissors are also an essential crochet tool. You’re going to need to make some cuts to your yarn in order to keep things going smoothly. Unlike with sewing thread, it isn’t as easy to sever yarn without using a pair of scissors. Yarn is a quite a bit thicker than embroidery floss or sewing thread, so you are going to want to have a reliable pair of scissors nearby when you are crocheting, making a pair of scissors one of the essential crochet supplies.

Thankfully, buying a good set of sewing scissors will cover all your bases. There are many different types of scissors for you to choose from, but pretty much any standard pair of sewing scissors is going to do the trick. You can often purchase scissors in packs with other accessories that might come in handy later. This can be a smart way to get a few other things that you might need at a lower price than otherwise.

The accessory kit shown here presents an excellent means to obtain accessories for sewing purposes if you are in need of those as well. Most of the extra materials in this kit won’t be particularly useful for crocheting, but they are still terrific to have around if you are into arts and crafts in general. The set of scissors in this crochet kit is incredibly reliable, so you’ll have an easier time with your yarn craft when you have a reliable pair of scissors available.

Stitch Marker

Stitch markers in different colors forming a heart shape.

A stitch marker will play an important role when you are crocheting. Using these handy and essential crochet tools allows you to mark your crochet stitches so you can keep things clear in your head. Stitch markers are available in various colors, which allows them to make completing your crochet project or projects as easy as possible. You can use a stitch marker to clearly mark where your stitching pattern begins and where it ends, making this one of the most important crochet supplies.

You can crochet without using a stitch marker, but it might be a bit more difficult for some people. If you are just learning how to crochet, then getting all of the help you can is highly recommended. Even veteran crochet enthusiasts make use of stitch markers so they can avoid making mistakes as they work on their crochet stitches, which shows how this is an essential crochet tool. A stitch marker helps you to work more swiftly, and to avoid errors that will cost you time to correct when doing a yarn craft.

If you are working on crocheting a round pattern, then having a stitch marker around will prove to be invaluable as your create more and more crochet stitches. Round patterns can be a lot trickier for new crocheting hobbyists to this yarn craft. It is tougher to keep track of where you are when crocheting a round pattern because you might not have a clear vision to keep you on task without using a stitch marker. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should go ahead and buy a stitch marker, because round patterns are pretty common in the craft of crocheting.

The stitch markers being shown here are an awesome purchase for new crochet hobbyists. This bundle of stitch markers is really easy to use and comes in many different colors. It can be purchased at an affordable price. We would encourage you to buy this bundle if you don’t have any stitch markers in your collection yet. You’ll be happy to have them, and using stitch markers will make following a crochet pattern that much simpler and easier.

Tape Measures

Green measuring tape for sewing.

Tape measures are essential crochet tools because you must measure things out properly to complete a crochet project. It goes without saying that the measurements of anything you are going to be making are quite important. You need to ensure that you are making the project symmetrical and that the lengths of the materials are correct. A tape measure will prove to be especially important if you are crocheting clothing items of any kind, so that they will fit on the average person or the person for whom you’re making the item.

Even those who like to crochet things such as blankets and towels will want to have access to a good measuring tape. If you try to simply judge the measurements of your materials by sight, you might not measure accurately or might need to start the project over entirely. Experienced crochet enthusiasts have measuring tape at the ready when they are working. Having a tape measure and using it makes things as simpler for you, and you won’t have to be concerned about whether you are doing things properly.

You can use a measuring tool like a ruler if you simply do not have a measuring tape around your house, but this isn’t as convenient as a fabric tape measure. Buying a tape measure will allow you to measure around curves, and will generally be more precise when you take measurements. You can buy tape measures in different colors or that look pretty, too. This tape measure here has a nice leather design and feels quite luxurious to hold.

It can be worthwhile to pay attention to how a tape measure displays its measurements. Some tape measures have inches on one side and centimeters on the other, while others may display both of these measurements on the same side. If you have a preference, make sure to pay attention so that you purchase the style that appeals to you.

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Crochet Hook

Wooden crochet hooks.

Crochet hooks are absolutely the most important tool that you will need to have access to in order to crochet. Without a crochet hook, you won’t be able to crochet anything at all. These hooks come in various different sizes as well, so you need to pay attention to what you are purchasing. You need to buy a hook that is going to work well with the yarn you are planning on using in your crochet project. Crochet hooks of all materials and hook sizes should be available at your local craft store.

As an example, you won’t want to use a smaller crochet hook size when you are planning on using a large and heavy type of yarn. It wouldn’t work out as well as a larger crochet hook would, and you would have a harder time throughout the entire process. Generally speaking, crochet hooks have letters that denote their size. The scale of crochet hook sizes goes from the letter B all the way up to the letter S.

You also need to consider what the crochet hook you are buying is made from. There are several different materials that are used to make these tools. There include the wooden hook, the aluminum hook, or the plastic hook. A plastic hook may not be as sturdy as its wood hook and aluminum hook counterparts, so you might not get as much use out of a plastic hook as you would hooks made from a different material.

Metal crochet hooks are a great choice because they are so durable. Metal hooks are convenient options you should consider, and they don’t cost too much money overall. Other crochet hook material options may include handmade wooden crochet hooks and even ones made out of clay materials. Pick out the crochet hook made from the material that appeals to you the most, and you will be ready to begin crocheting.

Darning Needle

Yarn knitting and sewing needles.


Source: Amazon

You will definitely want to make sure you have access to a darning needle for your crocheting. These needles are quite a bit different from a standard sewing needle. The most obvious difference between a sewing needle and a darning needle (also called a yarn needle) is that the eye on a darning needle is significantly larger than that of a sewing needle. This allows you to thread the eye of the needle much more easily. Darning needles work a lot better for crocheting purposes than sewing needles because of this feature.

Darning needles are typically used to make repairs in the yarn while crocheting. There will be times where you will create holes in something you have made. You don’t need to fret when this happens, or decide to throw something you worked so hard on away. Simply take your darning needle (or yarn needle) and use it to repair the yarn using the same yarn that you are using to make the item.

It will be a lot easier to fix the yarn when using a darning needle than it would be to use a traditional sewing needle. These needles simply work much better with the types of yarn that are used for crocheting purposes than sewing needles do. You might find that darning needles are used for knitting repairs as well. There is a lot of crossover between crocheting and knitting, even though the processes and tools are quite a bit different from one another.

Finding a good darning needle won’t be difficult, either. The darning needles shown here are quite durable, and will work wonderfully for your purposes. This is a yarn needle 12-pack, and if you purchase it, you will likely not need any other darning needles for a very long time. It’s a highly recommended purchase since you are likely going to find a use for these darning needles eventually.

Crochet Hook Organizer

Easy to carry crochet hook organizer.

Source: Amazon

It can be a good idea to go ahead and purchase a crochet hook organizer. This will be convenient for those who have several different crochet hooks that they use on a regular basis. You don’t want to just leave out your crochet hooks in your designated arts and crafts area, as they can easily get lost and sometimes can get damaged. Buying one of these crochet hook organizers gives a essential crochet tool set a place to be stored neatly, and you’ll always know where they are.

Staying organized is always ideal when you have many different arts and crafts accessories. When it comes to crocheting, people often own several crochet hooks of varying sizes. As mentioned earlier, crochet hooks of different sizes will work better for different types of yarns. Having many crochet hooks is actually quite a common practice among those who crochet, so using an organizer is really quite a practical solution.

The organizer here is very convenient to use and it also looks pretty. This organizer features a zipper design, and it will keep your crochet hooks safe no matter where you are taking them. The padded material of this organizer will work nicely to keep your crochet hooks from encountering any problems, damage, or from becoming lost. The large capacity of this organizer ensures that you can store several sets of crochet hooks, so it can be an ideal solution for those who do a lot of crocheting!

It’s important to note that some people prefer to crochet their own crochet hook organizers, which are usually a type of bag. Crocheting your own organizer or bag is definitely something you could do if you are so inclined. Keep in mind that it may be somewhat difficult to crochet something that would protect your crochet hooks to the same degree as this organizer does. Think about what you want, and then decide whether or not this crochet hook organizer is going to be the right fit for you.

Row Counters

Digital row counters in different colors with LCD electronic digit tally counter.

Source: Amazon

Row counters come in a couple of different forms. There are manual row counters that simply keep counting upwards as you click a button. These types of counter are simple and can work perfectly for keeping track of what row you are on while creating a crochet project. In modern times, digital row counters have become much more common.

Digital row counters work the exact same way as manual row counters, except that they use an LED display instead of manually sliding numbers. There honestly isn’t much difference between the two in terms of functionality. The costs of buying a manual row counter versus a digital row counter are quite similar as well. Generally speaking, buying a digital row counter is probably the most convenient option, because these counters may include some other additional conveniences.

This is a digital row counter that will be very easy for you to use. You can wear this digital row counter on your wrist like a normal wrist watch, making it fun to use. This counter makes it simple to keep track of your row simply by glancing at your wrist. It is simple in design, but its ease of use is an awesome feature in this situation. You will be able to count the rows of your yarn very easily, and this will help you to stay on task.

It may not be entirely necessary for you to purchase a row counter. Many people crochet just fine without using row counters, as they are capable of keeping the count in their head. If you feel like using a row counter would be beneficial to you, you should definitely purchase one. They don’t cost a lot of money, and they can be very useful to help you keep track of what row you are on while you’re crocheting.

Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns guide book.

Source: Amazon

Purchasing a crochet book with different crochet patterns in it can be very beneficial to your efforts. You will want to have some patterns available to you so you can know what you’re doing as you crochet. There are experienced crochet enthusiasts who simply know what they are doing and do not require patterns. If you are just starting out, you will want to have the visual aid of the patterns in a crochet book to keep you on the right track.

This book of patterns will prove to be very useful to you. You can create five different patterns and see how you can implement them in your crochet work. Using a crochet book will allow you to crochet many different things, and will allow you to be satisfied with the overall experience. Once you have learned all that you can from this crochet book, it could be a good idea to seek out even more crochet patterns and crochet pattern books.

Crocheting is something that you can work and improve at for a long time – even the rest of your life. Even people who have been crocheting for several decades can learn new tricks, and find new patterns to be interesting. There will always be fun new ways that you can challenge yourself, and the thrill of completing something really beautiful is always a reward. Buying some pattern books is a great idea to help you start out down the crocheting path, and you will definitely have more fun.

It is very inexpensive to purchase books with crochet patterns, as well. You will be able to spend a small amount of money and can get access to many patterns that will come in handy when you purchase a crochet book. If you want to have the best experience possible, then getting crochet patterns is a must. You can purchase physical books, or you could look for digital guidebooks if e-books are more your speed.

Yarn Organizer

Black 6-shelf yarn and craft organizer.

Source: Amazon

Keeping all of your yarn in order is going to be challenging if you don’t have the right storage solutions available for it. When people get really into arts and crafts activities, such as sewing, knitting, and crocheting, they tend to purchase lots of yarn. Having many different types of yarn sitting in your arts and crafts area isn’t going to be easy to keep neat, so you may need to find a convenient way to keep your yarn organized. This is why there are several yarn organizer solutions available on the market nowadays.

The yarn organizer shown above is essentially a hanging storage shelf solution. You can hang this little shelf in a closet and then place your yarn on the shelves. There is a space on the side where you can put your crochet pattern guidebooks and other materials as well. Using an organizer like this will help you to keep all of your crochet tools and materials for crocheting in one convenient location.

If this option doesn’t appeal to you, you can also find yarn organizers that are more compact than this one. You can purchase a small carrying case for your yarn as a portable option. These yarn organizers are ideal for those people who take their crocheting supplies with them to other locations, such as frequent travelers. Some people only crochet while they are at home, so the option that is going to appeal to you the most will depend on your own habits.

Either way, you can purchase a yarn organizer that fits your needs to keep your arts and crafts area from getting cluttered easily. A crocheting hobby is a lot of fun, and staying organized just keeps that fun as convenient as possible. Buying a yarn organizer is affordable, so it won’t be an immense expense or investment. You’ll be glad you bought a nice organizer when you are always able to find the yarn you need when you are in the mood to crochet something.

Blocking Mat

Blocking mats for knitting in sky blue color.

Source: Amazon

A blocking mat is a crochet tool you may or may not have a use for; it depends on what you plan to do with your crocheting projects. Blocking is a technique that is used in both crocheting and knitting. This technique involves shaping your yarn by dampening it and then molding it in a certain way.

If you plan on using some blocking techniques when you are crocheting, you will want to purchase a blocking mat. This will allow you to make doing the blocking a lot easier than it would be otherwise. A blocking mat provides a sturdy surface where you can do your work. Blocking mats like this can have fun designs, and can even resemble puzzle pieces.

A blocking mat isn’t an essential crocheting tool, but their existence is something of which you should be aware. It is possible to use blocking techniques without these mats, but having a blocking mat will make using blocking techniques a whole lot easier to accomplish. Mats like this can be useful for other arts and crafts projects, as well. It may be worthwhile to purchase some of these blocking mats, to keep them around your house.

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