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10 Different Types of Card Tables

Card table with green surface for playing poker.

In the 1700s and 1800s, card-playing was such a popular leisure activity that card tables became part of household furniture among the middle-income to wealthy families in the US, Britain, and other parts of Europe. People played for money as well as for skill and conversation to be enjoyed with evening guests.

In the 17th century, card tables weren’t specially crafted yet so they were covered in a floor-length cloth. Then in the early 19th century, card tables in the US featured fold-over tops concealing the gaming surface with carved pedestal bases that had legs. The tables were oftentimes made of mahogany but there were also those that were made of walnut, maple, rosewood or satinwood.

During the Victorian era, oval or round types of card tables emerged known as the “loo table.” The name is derived from Lanterloo, a popular game of that time.

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Square Folding Table

Samsonite XL 39" Square Folding Card and Game Table, Commercial Quality, Black (74866-1041)

Source: Amazon

Folding tables are probably the most common type of card table that you will see people using. These tables are generally not too expensive and you can easily store them in your house. The good thing about these folding tables is that they are able to be folded down so that you can tuck them away somewhere. This makes it nice and simple to put them in a closet where they will be out of the way until you need them again.

There are several different types of folding tables that you will want to consider when looking for your optimal card table. The first one to look at is the square folding table. As you would probably guess when going by the name, this table has a square shape. This is really convenient for when you want to have a four-person card game, as it will have clearly defined sides that will belong to each person for the duration of the card game.

The one problem that arises when using this type of card table is that there isn’t a lot of table space. If you need a bit more room, then you might find this table to be a little too small to work optimally. As an example, if you or some of your card-playing friends are large men, then you may not feel like you have a lot of room to spread out when using a table of this size. Also, you won’t have a lot of excess space on the table itself for anything except for the cards.

If the size isn’t an issue for you, then this will make for a very good card game table. You will be able to easily bring it out whenever you are hosting a poker night, and it won’t be an arduous task to tear it down when the night is over. These tables are convenient and cost-effective, so it is easy to recommend to any average card game fan. Just do your best to estimate whether the space available is going to be enough to suit your purposes.

Round Folding Table

Flash Furniture 48'' Round Granite White Plastic Folding Table

Source: Amazon

The next type of folding table that you will likely see in people’s homes is the round folding table. This type of a card game table is pretty common and can be used for multiple purposes. This is a table that many people will buy just to have it set up on their patio. It works well for holding drinks and giving people a place to eat lunch outside, so it isn’t purely a card game table in any way.

The same could be said of any of these folding tables, though. They are commonly used to play card games, but they’re really quite useful for multiple things. Round folding tables are popular because they are very compact. You will have a simple time putting this table just about anywhere in your home, so you don’t need a huge amount of free space to set this up.

That being said, the fact that it is compact can also be a detriment. You aren’t going to have quite as much space as you would like when using this type of a card game table. As long as you don’t have too many people playing cards with you, everything should be fine. Four players can fit around this table and play cards, but depending on the size of the individuals, it might be a bit cramped.

Even so, this card game table is well suited to playing games like poker, euchre, spades, and solitaire. You will have a good time as long as you aren’t planning on hosting large card game nights with many people in attendance. This is an affordable card game table that will work well for a few people. Storing the table will be very simple and you will be happy to own it.

Rectangular Folding Table

Cosco Deluxe 6 foot x 30 inch Fold-in-Half Blow Molded Folding Table, Black

Source: Amazon

If you are going to try to host larger card game nights, then it might be beneficial to purchase one of these rectangular folding tables. These folding tables are going to be much longer than any of the other folding table types. This gives you a significant amount of space that you can take advantage of during your card game.

Being able to spread out a little bit feels nice, so you will like having the extra room. You won’t ever feel like there isn’t enough space to fit all of your cards and you should even be able to fit your drink on the table as well. This is going to work out a lot easier for you if you plan on having multiple people come over. You could actually play card games with more than four people with a table like this, so it works well for people with many friends.

Many people love purchasing these tables when they want to host a poker night. They have enough room to comfortably sit multiple people and they aren’t that expensive. You will be able to purchase a table such as this without breaking the bank. There are more dedicated poker tables on the market, but this is going to be one of the most cost-effective ways to get a table that will feel comfortable.

You should weigh your options and consider what you want out of a card game table before purchasing this. It will work very well for most of your card gaming purposes. It is also possible to buy two of these and put them side by side to create even more space. You should have a good experience when using a rectangular folding table like this one.

Oval-Shaped Poker and Blackjack Card Table

Source: Wayfair

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in just about any casino that you will find. It can be a lot of fun to place your bets and do your best to defeat the dealer. There is a significant amount of skill involved when you play blackjack, as knowing the odds of pressing your luck in any given situation is important. Whether you are a serious blackjack aficionado, or if you simply like to play a few games here and there, it will be fun to own a dedicated blackjack table.

This table being showcased here is oval shaped and it works exceptionally well for playing blackjack at home. It is easy to set up a dealer section in the middle of the oval-shaped table while seating three or four people around the table to play the game. This table has enough space to where you will be able to play blackjack without feeling like you don’t have enough elbow room. Many of the folding table options will be slightly more cost-effective than this, but they don’t have the same surface space.

You can also very easily play poker when using this table as well. Being able to use this table for multiple purposes is really nice. It also looks like a dedicated card game table. It has a very casino style card game table vibe, and that is exactly what the manufacturer was going for when it was created. Adding this table to your game room is going to be a lot of fun for you.

It should also be noted that this table folds up to be stored away conveniently. Many of the table options on this list are able to be folded, which makes things convenient for when you don’t want to have a card game table set up at all times. This table is kind of long, but as long as you have a big enough closet, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a place to put it when it isn’t in use. This is a recommended card table for anyone who really loves blackjack.

Collapsible Poker Table

Polar Aurora 72" X 32" X30" Metal Base Foldable 8 Player Poker Table Casino Texas Hold'em Play Table Holdem Card Game Table w/Black Cup Holders

Source: Amazon

Poker is definitely going to be the most prevalent card game that people will play on these card tables. You will find many different tables that are marketed as being specifically for poker. This one is no different, but it stands out from the others in a few significant ways. The first way is that this poker table is very lightweight, while still remaining strong and durable.

The second way that it stands out is the most important. This table is completely collapsible. It is a dedicated poker table that you can collapse down and store when it isn’t in use. The folding tables work similarly, but even the table portion of this item is able to be folded in half. This makes it really simple to find a spot where you can tuck this away.

People who don’t have large homes need to think about whether they are going to be able to store things properly. This table is so compact that you will be able to store it quite easily even if you don’t have a lot of closet space to go around. This makes the table much more desirable than it might otherwise be. It is a very competent poker table, it’s just that the collapsible nature of it is the standout feature.

Octagonal Card Game Table

Octagonal card game table

Source: Wayfair

If you want to buy something that is going to feel really substantial, then it is worth looking into this octagonal card game table. Some people want to have the best possible experience when hosting a card game night in their home. For most people, one of the average folding tables will suffice, as they’re very cost effective and work well enough to play cards on. Buying a more dedicated card game table can make things substantially more enjoyable, though.

This octagonal card game table has many advantages that you will want to consider. First, the octagonal shape is going to create a perfect environment for having multiple people over to play cards. The table is made in such a way that it has natural sections that will belong to each player. The tabletop is quite large as well, so you will always feel like you have room to do everything that you need to do.

The tabletop is made out of felt and it looks really nice. This is going to be perfect for playing any type of casino-style card game that you can think of. The felt works out nicely for dice rolls as well, so this table could easily serve other purposes too. There are also cup holders on the tabletop, so each player will be able to keep their drink nearby without having to worry about spilling it and ruining the table.

Tables like this aren’t as inexpensive as some of the folding table options. The legs of this particular table do fold up, though. You can still store this table away in your closet when you aren’t using it. The difference is that this is a more dedicated gaming table than the other folding table options.

10 Player Light Up Poker Table

BBO Poker Lumen HD Lighted Poker Table for 10 Players with Blue Speed Cloth Playing Surface, 101.5 x 46-Inch Oval

Source: Amazon

When you are incredibly serious about your love for playing poker, you will want to buy a really nice poker table. This poker table is something that any serious fan of poker would be thrilled to have in their home. It has an oval-shaped design, similar to the poker and blackjack table mentioned earlier. This table separates itself by being visually stunning and having the capability of seating 10 different players.

This is one of the best card game tables on the market for those who want to host large games. If you have seven or more people that regularly attend your poker nights, then you will be very well served to have a table like this. Everyone is going to have more than enough room to be comfortable while playing on this table. There are even convenient cup holders placed on the tabletop so that everyone can have easy access to a nice cold beverage.

You will also find that LED trim lighting has been placed all around the border of the playing space. This really adds a lot to the overall presentation. You can enjoy a really nice card game playing atmosphere when you purchase a table of this quality. Your friends will definitely be impressed with it and you’ll be the most popular host of poker night, without question.

The table isn’t going to be able to be purchased inexpensively, though. This is a premium table that is designed for those who are serious about playing poker. You will have to invest some money to get a table like this, but for a serious poker player, it will feel like money that is well spent. If you choose to purchase this poker table, then you are definitely going to love your time with it.

Baccarat Table

Baccarat tableSource: American Gaming Supply

Baccarat is a casino-style game that is a favorite for many people across the globe. If you have visited a casino at some point in your life, then you have likely played baccarat before. It can be a lot of fun and you might want to be able to replicate that enjoyment in your own home. There are some options available to you that will allow you to play baccarat in the comfort of your domicile.

There are many baccarat tabletops that you can purchase. This will essentially act as a mat with all of the baccarat information printed on it. You can use this to replicate the baccarat experience pretty well. If you decide to go this route, then you will want to purchase an oval-shaped table so that you can play baccarat the way it was intended.

You could also just decide to purchase a casino quality baccarat table of your own. Going this route will definitely cost you a pretty penny, but if you are serious about your baccarat, then you might want to take it into consideration. Buying a gorgeous baccarat table for your home game room would be undoubtedly thrilling. You would be able to host some very intriguing game nights if you decide to make this purchase.

A baccarat table like this is made beautifully. It is designed to be quite rugged and you will be able to make use of this purchase for many years. Of course, you will need to have a lot of space to be able to fit a big table like this somewhere on your property. If you have the means to purchase a table like this, then you likely have the space for it, though.=

Combination Game Tables

Combination games tableSource: Wayfair

It is possible to find some card tables that are actually able to be used for multiple purposes. People love being able to have game tables in their homes. Sometimes it is difficult to find the space to fit all of the different tables for the games that you would like to play. For this reason, there are tables that are made to serve multiple gaming purposes.

The table being highlighted here is capable of serving as a poker table while also playing games such as bumper pool. It is very spacious and will provide you with the perfect surface for hosting a weekly poker game. Bumper pool is a lot of fun as well, so if you want to have access to another fun party game, then getting a table like this is very sensible. You will be able to use it for cards regularly, but you can easily switch to having fun with it in another way when the mood strikes you.

Tables like this are very well made, too. You will be able to enjoy this table for many years, as it is made from an incredibly sturdy wood. When you invest in purchasing a high-quality card table like this one, it becomes a treasured part of your home. This is going to be a staple of whatever room you decide to put it in and it looks very nice.

Of course, the high-quality design of the table also means that it is going to be somewhat expensive. You will be paying a premium to purchase such an outstanding card table. It even has cup holders so that you will be able to enjoy your poker night to the fullest. It might be pricey, but it is also the perfect type of card table for those who want to have fun with other games sometimes, as well.

Cribbage Table

Brown cribbage table

Source: Etsy

Another popular card game that is widely played across the globe is cribbage. Cribbage likely isn’t the first game that you think of when you are considering card game tables. Regardless, this game is quite popular and can be a lot of fun to play. You will find that many people who play cribbage take the game quite seriously.

If you are a serious cribbage player, or if you have someone in your life who is, then purchasing a dedicated cribbage table is very sensible. You will be able to enjoy many fun games of cribbage whenever you want to when you have access to one of these fantastic tables. They look really nice and they’re made to stand up to repeated use over the years. You can use this cribbage table for years and it will still look really nice in your home.

The cribbage table being shown off here is known as a coffee table style cribbage table. It will be able to sit in your living room and it won’t look out of place. This is a bit different than many of the other card game tables being represented on this list, as this isn’t something you will be taking down and putting in the closet. You’ll be leaving your cribbage table in your living room, so it will be ready for you to play a game whenever you feel like it.

The price of this cribbage table is really good overall. You will be able to purchase this table without feeling like you are spending too much money. When you take into consideration that this has an incredible build quality and that it is going to be a nice permanent part of your living room, it feels like a good value. Serious cribbage players will adore having this table in their homes.