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I Was So Proud of Our Wall-Mounted TV Until I Saw These Next-Level TV Mounting Systems

Wall-mounted TV with wires showing

Our wall-mounted TV with wires showing – kind of ugly.

When we moved into our new house in May 2022 we bought a TV wall mounting kit and got to work. I had a buddy help out. Within an hour we had our 65″ TV mounted, in what I thought to be a perfect place and method. Wow, was I ever wrong.

I dropped the ball with our wall-mounted TV effort in two ways: the actual wall-mounting system AND cord management. Of the two, my biggest crime was failing to plan for cord management. It’s still an eye-sore.

That’s our TV above – notice the unsightly wires extending out the bottom. 

I need to do something about it. But what?

Below I showcase 2 next-level TV wall-mounting systems followed by multiple methods to conceal those ugly cords. It’s all about cord management when you mount a TV.

Next-Level TV Wall-Mount Systems

Okay, I admit the two systems showcased below are far from necessary but they’re cool. IMO, it’s far more important to properly deal with your cords. However, let’s have some fun and check out some amazing TV wall-mount technology.

The overall concept I’m talking about is “motorized” as in you can move your TV around with a remote control. Gimmicky? Yes. Cool? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely not.

1. Motorized Wall-Mount – Best System I’ve Seen

Watch the video – it shows you everything you need to know:

The above, which is arguably the best TV wall mount system out there is available at Nexus21.

2. Motorized Ceiling-Mounts

The ceiling mount is when you don’t want your TV front and center all the time. Think bedroom, kitchen area or even living room. Not only can you get ceiling mounts but you can get concealed ceiling mounts. Check it out:

You can get the killer drop-down ceiling mount at Nexus21.

3. Concealed Drop-Dow Motorized Ceiling TV Mount – WOW!

If you want the best in TV mounting and concealing, this is what you get. It’s space-age stuff… at least it looks like it. Fun party trick too. If money is no object, you could put these in every room. Imagine finishing up dinner for a dinner party you’re hosting and dropping a TV down at the end of the room to put on the game. Fun stuff.

3 Ways to Conceal Unsightly Wires Protruding from Wall-Mounted TVs

This is where I truly dropped the ball. Fortunately, I have options to fix it. Currently, I have more cords than I can keep track of stemming from our wall-mounted TV. It’s hideous; amateur hour. Here are my options. I haven’t fully decided on which one to go with.

1. The Tube Method – Must Cut Into Wall

This first method runs a flexible tube from behind the TV to the floor for running the wires. Here’s a screenshot from the above video:

Tube method for hiding wires from wall-mounted TV

2. The Fishing/Snaking Method – Must Cut Into Wall

The fishing or snaking method is simpler than above and shows how to easily snake your wires through the wall. Check out the following screenshot from the above video:

Snaking wires through wall from wall-mounted TV

ECHOGEAR in-Wall Cable Management Kit
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03/27/2023 01:23 pm GMT

3. The Peel n’ Stick Method – No Cutting Into Wall

This last method is for folks who don’t want to cut into drywall and run wires. You can count me in that camp. You can buy these wire concealers at Amazon here.
Simplest Method
TV Cord Hider Kit

This is the simplest method for hiding unsightly cords and wires anywhere in your home including those extending from your wall-mounted TV.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/27/2023 01:07 pm GMT

Last: How to conceal your TV altogether but still have it in the room – 5 Best Methods

Maybe you don’t want people to know you’re a TV junky or maybe you just don’t like the look of a TV in a room or maybe you actually don’t watch much TV and don’t need it “ready to go” 24/7. Whatever the reason, if you want to hide or conceal your TV, here are several good options (other than trying to fool someone with a ceiling mount haha).

1. Armoire for TV (and other things)

Armoire for concealing and storing TV

Buy this armoire at Ballard Designs

2. Sliding shutter doors

This is pretty clever – it’s number 3 in the She Holds Dearly video above.

DIY Sliding shutter doors to conceal wall-mounted TV

3. Ballard Designs Wall Cabinet

Wall-mounted TV cabinet

Buy at Ballard Designs here.

4. Conceal with bi-folding art

bi-fold art concealing wall-mounted TV

Don’t forget about the cool concealed drop-down ceiling mount option shown above. That’s next level.

5. Pop-Up TVs

You can install pop-up TVs that are concealed in cabinets, kitchen islands and other clever spaces. Nexus21 sells all kinds. Check them out:

Kitchen island with pop-up TV

Cabinet that stores pop-up TV

Auton also offers a whole lot of ways to conceal TVs inside and outside your home. Check it out:

Cool pop-up TV technology by Auton

Phew, that’s a lot wall-mounted TV tech, ideas and info. Now you see why my wall-mounted TV, which is fine, definitely lacks compared to what I could do and what is out there.