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Terrific Tree House Design by Bengo Studio

a beautiful view of the forest from the treehouseThe Qiyunshan Tree House is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom hotel with a living room designed by architectural primaryminds, Bengo Studio. The building, which is comprised of stacked timber, compliments the surrounding wooded landscape while offering guests plenty of modernity. The upper floor is particularly stunning with its incredible sweeping views.

Exploring the Exterior

The exterior of the hotel is impressive with its expansive surrounding of nature at its finest. Tall trees surround the property, which features a mix of glass, metal, and natural timber. The building itself is reminiscent of a cottage, yet it offers modernity because of its unique design created by Bengo Studio.

Many of the volumes are situated in such a way that they provide roof access. Guests can enjoy views from any of the volume’s various rooftops. The highest deck affords a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding forestry. A wooden ramp leads up to a curved glass corridor that guides visitors inside.

From the outside, the stacked box design appears striking to the eye. Because of the building’s unique design, it immediately captures your attention. At night, soft interior lighting illuminates the building, which is then visible from the road. Though it might not seem roomy enough for hotel accommodations, the interior proves that looks can be deceiving.

An ocean of red cedar trees surrounds the property, providing plenty of shading. The building itself sits 11-meters tall, which matches the height of some of the more mature trees in the area.

Exploring the Interior

The interior is just as impressive as the exterior. The cantilever design accommodates a wood spiral staircase that connects the lower and uppermost levels together. The top story of the building contains a “landscape room” where guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Other interior features include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows in almost every room ensure that you are never without an incredible view
  • White and wood combinations: A combination of white paint and wood walls offer a sense of class, relaxation, and modernity
  • Soft light: Soft lighting illuminates the rooms in a way that is easy on the eyes and incredibly relaxing to the mind
  • Plenty of natural light: During the day, guests can enjoy plenty of natural lighting thanks to the long, full windows

Bedrooms come equipped with large, comfortable beds and a large TV for entertainment. While seemingly small, once you step inside the rooms, you find that they are quite spacious. A living room area allows guests to sit back, relax, and unwind. The same combination of white paint, timber, and soft lighting is found throughout each room.

Part of the reason for the plain white walls and wooden plank flooring was to avoid distractions. By keeping things simple, guests can focus more on the view from the windows rather than the interior design. Seven rooms ranging from six to nine square meters in size can accommodate up to two families at a time.

Because of the unique layout, two families staying at the same time will not disturb one another. However, both the living room and landscape room are open to the public. Part of what makes the Qiyunshan Tree House so spectacular is that you receive a different view of your surroundings as you move through the various parts of the building.

Design by Bengo Studio

Design by Bengo Studio