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11 Different Swimming Pool Accessories – Ultimate List

A collage of swimming pool accessories.

The summer season is a festive one in which people often enjoy the ability to get out and enjoy the company of their friends and family. There tend to be a lot of gatherings in which people will enjoy the company of their loved ones and activities that they are not able to do during other times of the year.

For example, many people host pool parties during this time of year, and the best way to have the best pool parties and a great experience for everyone is to make sure you have the right pool accessories to put on the best pool party possible. 

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1. Wireless Pool Speaker

Blufree Pool Speaker with Lights,Bluetooth Portable Speaker IP67 Waterproof Hot Tub Speaker,Louder Volume,Rich Bass, Mic, 82ft Wireless Range Floating Speaker for Outdoor Pool Sports Home Party Shower

You might understand that electronics and water don’t mix, and this may lead you to think that pool speakers are out of the question, but that is not exactly true. There are many tools now that are created to be waterproof and wireless.

Thus, you may want to look for a great wireless pool speaker that will float in the pool as your way of making sure you put a little life into the party. After all, it is hard to have a great pool party if you don’t include music as part of it. 

A floating wireless pool speaker will provide the owner with the ability to play all of their favorite music directly from the speak in a way that they couldn’t otherwise.

They can hook it up to any Bluetooth device that they want in order to change the song, the volume, or perform a number of other controls over the programming that is playing.

It is nice to have that much control over the atmosphere of the party, and it is a lot of fun to let the speaker float around the pool and fill up the whole party with the very best sounds that you might ever want to enjoy. 

2. Poolmaster Waterfall Fountain

Poolmaster 54507 Spa and Swimming Pool Waterfall Fountain, For Pools with 1.5-Inch Threaded Return Fitting

Do you want to make your swimming pool the kind of pool that people from all around like to talk about? If that is where you are with things, then you need to add elements to it that make it fun and exciting, and one of those elements is certainly a Poolmaster Waterfall Fountain.

When you have one of these installed, you can let people enjoy the ability to enjoy an actual waterfall fountain in the pool itself. This is to say that they can play around in a waterfall-type experience that they simply don’t get in most other pool settings.

The Poolmaster waterfall fountain makes it easier for you to have the chance to enjoy the experience of what it feels like to have an actual waterfall in your home swimming pool. Say what you will about it, but many people admit that this is one of their favorite things about going to a pool that has one equipped. 

Children will love the experience in particular, but it is also great for a pool party where only adults are in attendance. No matter what, it adds a little something different and special to the experience. 

3. Towel Warmer

SHARNDY Towel Warmer with Built-in Timer ETW13S for Bathroom Wall Mounted Bath Towel Heater Plug-in Electric Heated Towel Rack Black

The experience of getting out of the pool may be among the least pleasant experiences that one deals with when they are at a pool party.

They have gotten used to the temperature of the water, and they will feel rather cold when they step out and start to dry off and get back into their everyday clothes. That is why it may be a good investment to get a towel warmer.

We recommend the Brookstone towel warmer for those who are thinking about what they can use to make their pool party even better than the rest. This item may be purchased directly from the Brookstone company, or it may be purchased at a number of different retailers that carry these products.

Either way, the important thing is that one gets their hands on a towel warmer device if they are going to get serious about managing their comfort and making sure they have what it takes to keep themselves comfortable when they are getting out of a pool. 

Using a towel warming may seem like a small thing, but it is the first step in making sure that one has the most comfortable pool party available. The device itself is a big investment on the front end, coming in at nearly $200.

However, the ability to have a delightfully warm towel available when you need it is worth the money that one spends on it. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to provide for yourself and your guests the best possible experience that they can have at the party. 

Step out of your pool and into the warm embrace of a towel that has spent some time inside the Brookstone towel warmer device. This is the way to go about things and keep it all as comfortable as possible for yourself and others. 

4. Pool Foot Bath

SWABBO Footwasher, Beach Essentials for Washing Feet Outdoors, Portable Pool Foot Bath, Keep Sand and Dirt Out of The House, Portable and Durable, for Beach, Poolside, Camping

There is nothing more frustrating than spending a long period of time getting your pool cleaned up from all of the debris that can gather in it only to see people step into the pool with dirty feet.

It can happen all the time, and it is even more likely when you don’t have the tools necessary to help people keep their feet clean before they dive right in. That is why you will want to get invested in a pool foot bath that you can provide to people who may come to your parties. 

This tool is a simple bath that you set at the stairs that people use to enter the pool. You set it up for them there, and they will step into it when they first enter your pool as necessary.

They will rinse off their feet and make sure that you don’t necessarily have to worry about them dragging foreign objects into the pool all the time. It can happen if you are not careful about how you keep your pool clean, but it won’t be such a big deal if you set up a pool foot bath that people can use anytime they are about to get in. 

This one purchase may reduce the number of times that you have to clean the pool, and that can be a very big deal. You can avoid so much of the stress of having to constantly clean up the pool over and over again.

If that is something that you would like to explore, then please consider getting a pool foot bath that you know that you can count on all the time.

5. Flamingo Drink Holders

GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink Holders (3 Pack) Designed in the US | Huge Selection from Unicorn, Flamingo, Palm and More | Float Your Hot Tub Drinks In Style, Floatmingo

This may sound kind of funny, but flamingo drink holders that can float on the pool can be a great thing to add to your list of “must-have” items for your next pool party.

You are likely going to have people drinking when they come to your pool party, and you will want them to be able to bring their drinks into the pool if they would like to do so. Thus, you may want to get the inflatable flamingo drink holders that can help you serve people the drinks that they need to enjoy. 

The reason why people may want to go with the Flamingo version of drink holders is simply because they are a lot of fun compared to some of the other options that are out there. You can get these drink holders easily and they are designed to be able to carry all different kinds of drinks.

The typical size will be able to take care of holding a can-sized drink, and that is what most people will be sipping on when they are at your pool party. Thus, you may want to get these drink holders and have them on hand when people are coming over to enjoy your pool party. 

These drink holders float so it is possible for people to sit their drinks down on the water if they would like to do so. It is probably a good idea to put drink markers on them so that it is easier to tell different drinks apart after there are a lot of drinks floating around in the pool.

That said, the flamingo drink holders are a great choice for providing everyone with the chance to enjoy your pool party while sipping on some drinks as well. 

6. Pool Toy and Storage Bin

Modern Blue Pool Storage Bin - Extra Large | Perfect Contemporary Nylon Mesh Basket Organizer For Your Goggles, Beach Balls, Floats, Swim Toys & Accessories | Air Dry Items Quickly & Easily Roll The Mesh Storage Bins To Your Home Garage or Shed

The pool can become a messy place when one doesn’t have a storage system of any kind set up to keep things organized. There are many people who find themselves in this situation, and that is why they may need to invest in a pool toy and storage bin for their next pool party.

After all, it is very important to keep everything staked up in a way that it can be easily accessed by those who need those items when they need them. 

Everything in the pool can be placed in the storage bin until it needs to come out again. People who throw frequent pool parties are likely going to want to keep those items in a storage bin so they don’t have to look at a chaotic mess of toys and supplies floating around their pool at all times.

Truthfully, the only way to get it all organized and put together is to make sure one is using a proper pool toy and storage bin in the way that it is intended to be used.

Otherwise, things are simply going to fall apart, and it won’t be feasible for pool owners to make the changes that they need to make to get their storage bin put in place and taken care of. 

7. Inflatable Lounge

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch for Backyard Lakeside Beach Traveling Camping Picnics & Music Festivals

This is a fun addition to any pool party, and it is an inflatable lounge. You can get one from a number of different companies, but we highly recommend you try out the one from Intex.

The pool mats and lounges that are offered by this company come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Some of the products are designed to be used by a single person, but others are built for multiple people to climb into them at the same time. 

No matter which one someone ultimately chooses, it is nice to know that they can get something from Intex that will make their pool party a little more fun.

Users can climb into the lounge and relax while the sun beats down on them and they are able to enjoy the experience of finally getting out into the pool without necessarily having to be directly in the water at all times. 

Those who spend some time in an inflatable lounge are likely to realize that it is one of the best ways to experience a pool day. It is so important to be able to be comfortable while being out on the water.

After all, some people don’t particularly like the sensation of being wet or experiencing the cold feeling of the water on their skin. They can avoid it by making sure they just relax on their inflatable lounge instead.

It is a great way for them to avoid having to put themselves in a spot where they must be directly in the water when they don’t want to be. 

Finally, the inflatable lounge is a great thing because it means that multiple people can all climb onto the lounge and spend time with one another out on the water.

It is a great place to get people all together for an enjoyable experience out on the water. If that is the kind of thing that makes a difference for you, then you need to think about the floats and loungers that are available for you. 

8. Movie Screen

Gemmy 39127-32 - Airblown - Movie Screen - 120"x70" Widescreen Deluxe w/Storage Bag - Blue

Did you know that you can watch movies while you are in the pool? It is true! You can set up a projector as well as a movie screen float that is available from many different companies.

They make the giant movie screen so that users can literally set up a movie for everyone at the pool party to enjoy on the big screen all at the same time. Best of all, they don’t even have to get out of the water in order to enjoy it!

They just set up the movie that they want to see, and then they can watch it while floating around on the water. Most people are likely to enjoy a movie projected on the big screen while floating out in the pool than they might be if they were simply watching a movie inside the house.

There is something so enjoyable about being able to watch a movie without having to get out of the water. That is truly something that people need to embrace and think about providing their guests with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movies while enjoying the comforts of the pool. 

9. Hammock Pool Float

【4 Pack】 Premium Swimming Pool Float Hammock, Multi-Purpose Inflatable Hammock (Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock, Drifter), Water Hammock Lounge . (Dark & Light Blue & Orange & Pink) …

One of the most enjoyable experiences that one can have is to sit in a hammock and enjoy the experience of relaxing while they are lost in their own thoughts.

Generally, people will set up a hammock between two trees somewhere and enjoy a relaxing swing in their backyard, a park, or anywhere else where they have access to trees that they can set up their hammock on.

However, there are pool floats that are designed like hammocks as well, and they are extremely useful for the purpose of helping people float in the pool in the most relaxing and enjoyable way possible. Don’t forget to look at how a hammock pool float can bring an extra layer of relaxation and fun to your pool party.

You may want to invest in one today so that you can get the full experience of letting your worries burn off while you are floating around in the pool. You may be surprised by just how much better your pool party can be when you bring items like this into the mix. 

10. Beach/Pool Volleyball

JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops, Floating Swimming Game Toy for Kids and Adults, Summer Floaties, Volleyball Court (105”x28”x35”)|Basketball (27”x23”x27”),Orange

Don’t forget that the pool can be a great place to engage in some competitions as well. You may want to use a beach/pool volleyball as something to help bring out the competitive spirit in people who are sitting in your pool at this time.

A beach/pool volleyball is the way to go when you are looking for people to get into the spirit of competition and engage with one another in a fun and competitive way.

You may want to bring a volleyball net into the mix as well. This will give people in the pool the ability to know where they need to hit the ball and who has scored points.

Thus, you will want to think about putting money into both the volleyball itself as well as the net that is necessary for scorekeeping. If the ball hits the water, the other team has scored a point! 

11. Outdoor Cooler Table

SereneLife Outdoor Bar Cooler Table-All-Weather Cool Furniture and Hot Tub Side, Rattan Patio Built 7.5 Gallon Beer & Wine Cooler-SLBUB795 (Black)

You don’t necessarily need to obtain a cooler table for your pool if you don’t want to, but it is a great addition to have in your pool. You will quickly see how much value it adds to your pool party when there are people all around who are asking about where they can get another drink. 

If you have an outdoor cooler table that you can load up with a few bottles of wine and put it in the pool, then you will find that you have people always served with the drinks that they want right when they want it. 

The table is able to hold up to 7.5 gallons of liquid, so it’s not a big deal if some of the water from the pool gets into the table at some point in time. This is just part of the experience, and this particular table can handle it.

The drinks that are contained within will be kept safe even when the water is added into the cooler table as a result of the normal interactions of people within the pool. 

Pool Accessories are a Must for Your Next Party

The next party that you are going to have in your pool is something that you can plan ahead for if you really want to.

Thus, you may want to make sure you get some of the items mentioned above if you want to host the ultimate pool party for yourself, your guests, and everyone that you have ever decided that you would like to have over for your next party.

Get these items today to get it all set up just the way that you want it to be!