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Sretenka Apartment by Blockstudio

Sretenka Apartment by Blockstudio

Firm: Blockstudio
Project: 2014
Total area: 75 m2
Photos: Sergey Ananiev

Neutral colors and large windows create a larger visual space to the Sretenka Apartment. It is softened by chevron wood flooring that runs in every room except for the foyer and bathroom.

The apartment features an interesting floor plan. The foyer serves as the central focal point as it is surrounded by the rooms providing an easy traffic flow. The bedroom and bathroom lie in front while the formal living room and combined dining area and kitchen are situated at the back. The foyer is defined with a multicolored hex tile flooring mirrored in the bathroom. Full-height built-in cabinets maximized the storage.

The bedroom radiates a cozy vibe with its earthy palette – taupe walls, beige chair and drapes, and a wooden bed accentuated with a large, matching mirror. More storage can be found in the living room. It includes a french door that conveniently connects to the dining area and kitchen.

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