Apartamento TC by Firma Arquitetura

Apartamento TC by Firma Arquitetura

By: Firma Arquitetura
Jardim Europa, São Paulo
Area: 270 m²
Year: 2019
Collaborators: Guido Otero, Murilo Zidan e Pedro Torggler
Photos: Carolina Lacaz
Work: Potentia
Woodwork: Padrão Móveis
Locksmiths: Padrão Móveis / Artsteel
Stones: Bellas Artes / Alicante
Automation: Dinx Solutions
Lighting: Labluz / Itens
Furniture: Líder (sofá e poltronas sala de estar), Breton (banco sala de estar e poltrona suite), Franccino (mesa de centro), Thonart (cadeiras sala de jantar)
Metals: Kohler / Deca
Hardware: Ketesi
Home appliances: Fast Shop / Enjoy House
Curtains: Marilisa Garreta / Dauer Decor
Cushions and upholstery: Dauer Decor
Objects: Líder / Dpot Objetos

Our history with this apartment begins at a time of great transformation for the family of our customers. After having lived almost 30 years in the same property and having seen their children start to leave the house (and the grandchildren start to arrive) they felt it was time to make some changes in that property.
The aim of this project has always been the desire of our customers. Throughout the process of designing the project, we began to better understand what was really important to them, what elements attracted them and the “design of things” that most identified themselves. We understood that the purpose of all that reform was to receive and gather the whole family at home, that each of the objects they had told a story, which was in simplicity that they saw the comfort they sought. These were the elements that guided and inspired us throughout the reform process.
The main highlight of this project is certainly the island of corten steel that we created in the middle of the room and that redefined all the new architecture and decoration of the apartment. It arose both with the aim of making it possible to receive and cook with friends and family on special days, as well as serving lunch and breakfast on a day-to-day basis in a more pleasant place, as well as making some questions possible. of a technical nature, such as the installation of new air-conditioning machines for the entire room, the creation of an ambient sound system and new lighting scenarios. Throughout the renovation we went along with our customers choosing some pieces they had and liked a lot to give more prominence in the decoration. This was the case, for example, with the center table in the living room in corten, which received a marble complement to suit the new dimensions of the furniture and also the frames that were arranged chronologically on the wall of the dining room.

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