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SMPL Design – Moyle Drive Duplex

We’re proud to present the Moyle Drive Duplex, an energy efficient pair of homes created by SMPL Design.

Located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories of Canada, this home is rated 82 within the Energuide efficiency platform, which means these homes use 40-55% less energy to operate than a traditional home. The exterior finishing is crafted with zero maintenance in mind, using corrugated metal, exposed beams, and treated wood. The wood itself has been sustainably grown, harvested and manufactured. The interior deploys bamboo flooring, matching the look and feel of a proper hardwood floor, at greatly reduced impact to the environment.

Fulfilling its efficiency-minded ethos, this duplex features instantaneous hot water heating courtesy of 95.4% efficient propane furnace, for consistent heating savings. A heat recovery ventilator assists in providing a healthy living environment. Finally, the entire building is pre-wired for solar electric, making its future installation easier for new home owners.

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Angled view of exposed beam with address, close up of corrugated metal siding.


View of the front steps, with natural exposed wood beams supporting balcony.


Side view of front steps, recessed lighting under balcony, front entrance and small window. Second floor features large window next to sliding glass balcony door.


Close up view of address on exposed support beam.


Centered view of the front steps, highlighting dark wood staircases, second floor balconies, and aluminum siding.


Wide shot of upstairs living room space, with mounted ceiling lights and hung chandelier over dining area.

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Upstairs living room with view down stairs to lower level. Light, natural hardwood flooring abounds.


Close up view of wicker chandelier over combined dining and living room space, with glass doors to balcony in background.


Kitchen area replete with rich dark wood tones and slate grey countertops, upstairs bath in background.


View of living room and dining space over close up of kitchen sink.


Lower level bathroom with dual-faucet sink and small “slot” window above mirror.


Upstairs bath with light sconces, dark wood cabinetry, and separate privacy room.


Laundry area on first floor, energy efficient appliances. Light natural hardwood flooring continues from upstairs.


Here we have a view of the inside and outdoors from balcony window. Efficient LED lighting is detailed.

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