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Regis Philbin’s House in Greenwich, CT (Listed for $4.595)

This is the massive formal living room of Regis Philbin's house, featuring a cozy sofa set and a classy center table on top of the large area rug. There's a fireplace with a TV on top of it.

Regis Philbin is a beloved talk show host, television presenter and game show host who has been in the entertainment business longer than half of our readers have likely been alive. He and his wife, Joy Philbin, own a magnificent home in Northern Connecticut worth an estimated $4.5 million. The total floor space is equal to a comfy 13,000+ floor plan. Owing to changes in the market, the house is worth roughly 30% less than it was at the time of purchase. Not that you can tell. The whole house looks deceptively small, tucked away as it is behind a huge green-way and a high canopy of trees.

Joseph Barbieri of Sotheby’s International Realty, Greenwich Brokerage is the chosen listing agent for the mansion.

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It is truly a testament to the personality of the man himself, who is as personable as he is talented. The front room is expansive, yet inviting with startlingly high vaulted ceilings, and arched windows over three large garden doors. It is clearly a space intended to be both a cozy sanctuary for him and his wife, but also an inviting space to entertain with ample room for friends and fun.

The entryway looks a lot like that of Larry David in the famous HBO program Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is austere and splendid with white checked marble tile, a soaring banister, massive pillars, and a gently curving staircase that allows a host or hostess to address an entire visiting group as he or she descends to greet them.

Two peripheral conversation rooms apparently are meant to appeal to male and female conversants respectively. One is dominated by off-white walls, ornate tables, and peach-colored couches and chairs. There are lots of windows in this first conversation room, all offering a view of a verdant garden. In the second conversation room, deep, rich, dark wood surrounds all around and high. The central couch is red and partnered by an officious looking desk. Across from the desk stands a majestic looking fireplace. … On second thought, this second “conversation room” might be more of an office on most days. You’d have to ask Regis.

What daytime entertainment star’s home would be complete without a theater? Regis’ home theater sports a three-seat leather couch and seven matching leather recliner chairs. The screen is run on a projection system and the audio is built into the walls- naturally.

This brings us to the bar, with lightly stained wood, dark green walls, and high-standing bar chairs. It is a small bar, but a big room, revealing something about the host’s disposition.

Then we have the kitchen. Two marble-topped prep islands show that this kitchen is all about business. Arched bay windows over a crescent of doors surrounding the dining table make a dining experience here feel like watching the sunrise.

Finally, we come to the billiard room. Regis obviously knows Pool. His billiard room is big enough to allow experienced players to position themselves properly for even the trickiest shot. Three high observation chairs line the wall.

Photo credit: Steve Rossi Photography for Sotheby’s International Realty