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20 of the Best Quilting Websites and Blog

A collage of quilting websites.

Quilting is a really peaceful and fun activity for many people, which is why quite a few people are so enamored by it. Some are so passionate about it that they may even start a blog around the topic.

While it may seem silly or out of the ordinary to you to have a quilting blog, there are millions of people around the world who use them daily. It is a great way to show off the skill you have as well as share the art of quilting and sewing with others.

Every day new audiences look online to learn a new skill that will allow them to create with their own hands. Quilting blogs are one such place that people flock to as a resource on how to begin their sewing journey.

There are online videos, blogs, websites, and newsletters which can actually guide audiences through the process of a beginners quilt and then more advanced projects. Many bloggers even end up making money through the website with online advertisement and selling courses and products.

With growing interest and demand in the fascinating world of quilt-making, it is important to find the right blogging resource.

There are millions of crafting blogs and websites on the internet but that doesn’t mean that they are all the most helpful and interesting ones. In the list below, we have complied websites that will truly help you in this journey.

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The Cutting TableThe Cutting Table for quilters

Jenny, a Missouri native, and mother to Allan and Natalie launched The Cutting Table years ago. Her children often help her run the blog and get fresh material out often. The loyal host of audiences following them knows of the website as the best place to go to for quilting techniques, tips, and advice.

The quilts featured on the website are full of vibrant colors and shapes that will grab the interest of a seasoned quilter as well. They are really artistic and well-made.

The owner of the blog also happens to be the owner and CEO of the most famous quilting company in America, Missouri Star Quilt Company. The company also features daily quilting deals on the website which is great for quilters who want to save money on quilting materials.

AccuquiltAccuquilt for quilters

Accuquilt was founded by Eleanor Burns as a one-stop-shop for a resource on fabric and cutting. Audiences who have any questions regarding the material they should invest in or how to start their first quilt will truly treasure this website.

Eleanor also hosts the “Block of the Week” contest every week where members send in single quilt blocks for her to rate. Every contest is unique because there are plenty of new members joining in every week.

She insists that every great quilt design just starts with a single block that you add onto later, which is why it is important to learn block creation well.

There are other quilting tutorials, shop links, and material resources on the website as well that you can take advantage of for your next quilting project.

Quilting DailyThe Quilting Daily for quilters

The Quilting Daily was launched as a blog that respects the fact that beautiful quilts are an art form rather than just a plain craft. It presents an interesting way to think about your next sewing project by referring to quilting as fiber art.

They have plenty of troubleshooting tips and free tutorials for quilters which can help to inspire you to create your next quilting design. You will be able to quilt along with the tutorials for a better understanding of the project, which makes this a great resource for beginners as well.

The website also has a newsletter that you can receive weekly in your mailbox. If you want to learn more about the marvelous art of quilting, these weekly updates can help you achieve greater heights in the world of quilts.

McCall’s Quilting BlogMcCall’s Quilting Blog for quilters

The famous McCall’s Pattern people created this blog for audiences all over the world who respect and enjoy quilting patterns. There are tons of specific and precise instructions on how to create, sew, and cut quilt patterns.

This ensures that you will definitely have a lovely new quilt by the time you stop scrolling through the website. The website is designed to challenge you so that you will have professional results and can increase the difficulty level as you go.

Diary of a QuilterThe Diary of a Quilter for quilters

Diary of a Quilter focuses on the quilting life of Amy Smart. She documents the progress of her works as she quilts which many people and readers follow religiously. She also has really helpful tutorials and several how-to blog posts and videos that guide you.

She also has many themed sections such as Halloween quilt patters, so you don’t have to Google aimlessly for your next inspiration. The blog is written in a unique format like a daily journal, which keeps audiences reeled in.

Quiltville’s Quips and SnipsQuiltville’s Quips and Snips for quilters

Quiltville on BlogSpot is maintained by the owner and passionate quilter, Bonnie Hunter. She enjoys collecting scraps of all kinds of quilt fabric and patterns to sew them into the most interesting designs ever.

Bonnie is also known to take orders for specific quilting projects and jobs, which means the blog is regularly updated. She also teaches quilters how to quilt shop for their next project by being scrappy.

One technique is to buy the fabric by the bolt to reduce pricing for the product. This makes it an interesting way to introduce someone to the world of quilting.

Crazy Mom QuiltsCrazy Mom Quiltsfor quilters

The Crazy Mom Quilts website is run by a really creative and crafty mother who loves to try new challenges and projects. The best part is that she is always trying her hand at creating something unique with quilting.

For example, she has taken on some challenging projects such as making bags with different quilt pieces sewn together. She also has a pattern shop and some free patterns for those people who want some inspiration.

She also offers quilt-making basics and block tutorials to help all types of audiences try their hand at something new.

The Quilt ShowThe Quilt Show for quilters

The Quilt Show blog features highly intricate patterns and individual block designs. It is updated daily and helps to create amazing quilts with complicated patterns. For example, it uses a beehive time diagonal pattern which people adore because of its similarity to French tapestry.

All kinds of people from expert quilters to novices can enjoy the website due to the minute details that are sewn into the pattern of the quilts. This website teaches quilting like a Geometry teacher explaining advanced math.

The complexity of the designs and lessons on creating balance in the quilt work is exemplary. The best part is that the techniques and tips are explained really well, which allows users to actually follow the intricate pattern designs.

Stitched in ColorStitched in Color for quilters

The Stitched in Color blog was launched by Sarah from South Carolina. She loves creating new quilts from scratch and features challenging, advanced techniques such as tunnel blocks, stretch patchwork art, and quilting designs on the blog.

These designs are based on familiar objects and patterns such as Cascade Quilt Pattern and Cathedral Window pattern. You may have guessed from the name that the blog focuses a lot on creating lots of color in the quilt designs.

This is perfect for those people who love to add color and intricate patterns on their quilt work. You will also be able to sign up for updates or visit the website at your own leisure for updated tutorials on new quilting designs that you can incorporate into your next project.

Red Pepper QuiltsRed Pepper Quilts for quilters

Red Pepper Quilts is a popular quilt blog of Australia which deals with many delicate and unique patterns. Most of the patterns are inspired by scenes from nature such as miniature roses.

The website is full of helpful tutorials to guide you on different models that you can try at your leisure. The main technique used by the quilter is to create triangles that face the opposite direction and have them fit together in a square.

The owner also loves to collect different scraps that she can use for quilting blocks. She also has a section on the website featuring an Etsy store where you will be able to see all the finished products and samplers.

There is also a quilt gallery on the website that features some finished goods which you can take inspiration from.

Fons& PorterFons& Porter for quilters

You will be able to find a lot of rich content at Fons & Porter which is perfect for quilters at every level. Whether you have been quilting for years or just picked up the craft, you will find suitable tricks, tips, and techniques.

All the advice is given by quilting experts to help you improve your skill and level up your quilting game one step at a time. There is also a lot of information on the website concerning quilt blocks and styles.

They also have a Block Friday series where you can learn more about different quilt blocks that are made all over the world by all sorts of quilters. You can also learn more from the suggestion they have about incorporating these blocks into your quilts.

They also address some important questions that quilters may have when they are working on their new projects. You will be able to learn how to use pre-cuts, how to bind your quilts, whether or not to prewash your quilting fabrics, where to get quilting supplies, and much more.

Generations Quilt PatternsGenerations Quilt Patterns for quilters

The Generations Quilt Patterns has become a household name among quilters. It is run by Julie Baird who is the builder, author, and photographer behind the popular website. She has been sewing since years now, inspired by her creative grandmother and mother who were dressmakers.

She started the blog with her mother, Trudy Wasson (Late), with a dream that the new generation child, Reilly, will also join the crew. Hence, the name Generations Quilt Patterns came to be.

The blog is designed to help quilters with every stitch from the first to the last so that they face no difficulties with their craft. You will be able to find great quilt block patters for novices as well as tutorials to challenge you.

Superior ThreadsSuperior Threads for quilters

Superior Threads is dedicated to creating high-quality notions and threads. It is the leading resource in needle and thread education in the industry and many quilters rely on the blog to learn more about the world.

The website has a huge collection of educational videos, guides, and articles that you can learn from free of charge. The main purpose of the website is to help sewing and quilting enthusiasts learn more about the intricacies of this world.

They teach everything from the basic principles of how to use tools efficiently to adjusting the tension of the needle. You will learn a lot of new techniques on how to simple improvements can be made to improve how you quilt.

They also have plenty of information on needle sizes and their impact on the quality of stitching. You will definitely be able to attain success in your next sewing project with the website.

Keepsake QuiltingKeepsake Quiltingwebsite guide on quilting

The Keepsake Quilting has been recognized as the leader of the quilting world since the past two decades. It has become the most popular resource for quilters from all sorts of backgrounds and skill levels. It started as a quilting-supply catalog that you could mail order in 1986.

By 1988, customer demand encouraged Keepsake Quilting to open a retail quilt shop in New Hampshire. This shop went on to become a popular tourist attraction for quilters around the world. Their catalog is now cherished by quilters as the ultimate resource for quilting supplies and fabrics.

The website is now a huge guide and store for some of the finest selection of quality cotton fabrics in the world. They have exclusive fabric collections and Medleys that you can enjoy, as well as a vast arrangement of quilt kits, books, patterns, notions, and tools that you can use.

Love Patchwork & QuiltingLove Patchwork & Quilting for quilters

Love Patchwork & Quilting blog is hailed as one of the bestselling quilting magazines. It will definitely ignite a passion for different quilting fabrics in you.

They make around 13 magazines annually which feature essential techniques, must-sew projects, news, reviews, and interviews from the world of modern quilting. Alice, the Blog Editor, has been working with the magazine since it was launched.

She has managed to organize the team in such a way that they efficiently comb through the mountain of quilts and fabrics that arrive each month. She drives the magazine forward with passion and works with a lot of different contributors to ensure that fun, fresh projects are featured in every upcoming issue.

The blog has over 100 pages with details on patchwork, fabric projects, and quilting, as well as features, reviews, and news. This ensures that you can learn more about the contemporary perspective on quilting.

On Point QuilterOn Point Quilter for quilters

On Point Quilter was launched by the award-winning quilter, Kari Schell. She is an expert of Electric Quilt and a renowned pattern designer. She has a passion for assisting other quilters draft the best possible version of their dream quilt using the Electric Quilt software.

She has created some online training tutorials that can be accessed by owners of the EQ7 and EQ8 so that they can truly unleash the power of the software.

She has a bunch of really easy techniques that are combined with written instructions and 10-minute video lessons. This makes it easy to learn since you can use the learning style suitable to your needs. This makes using Electric Quilt a really fun and joyful experience.

The blog also has more information on quilt patterns, instructions, and a store for state-of-the-art machine quilting. This ensures that you will be able to create truly exceptional gifts for your loved ones.

International Association of Creative Arts Professionals (ICAP)International Association of Creative Arts Professionals for quilters

The International Association of Creative Arts Professionals (ICAP) was created to empower crafty professional to turn their passions into a successful business.

They help creators from all over the world with networking, professional development, and education. Over time, they have managed to help thousands of quilters expand their skills into a successful career.

ICAP was launched in 1983 by The Professional Quilter magazine. The original mission was to form a great resource library that you could use to stay updated as you and your business continue to grow.

This ensured that a healthy environment for learning and networking was available for use. The website is designed for people who want to pursue quilting as a full-time career and not really for beginners.

Suzy QuiltsThe Suzy Quilts for quilters

The Suzy Quilts blog is the perfect platform for people who have a deep love and passion for the tradition and heritage of quilting. It promotes the desire to craft contemporary and unique textiles among enthusiasts from all over the world.

Suzy developed this website after getting her BFA in Visual Communications. Her graphic designing background has ensured that she is able to transform conventional and traditional sewing into a personal and fresh interpretation of modern craft.

She inspires people towards minimal and unique designs that will be loved by the modern sensibilities of people. Suzy is a Craftsy Instructor, member of the Modern Quilt Guild, and a BERNINA Expert Ambassador.

She has been published in QuiltCon Magazine, Modern Quilts: Designs for a New Century, Modern Patchwork, and Modern Quilts Unlimited.

She has also collaborated with big names like Crate & Kids, Toyota, Hoffman Fabrics, Birch Fabrics, Windham Fabrics, Cloud9 Fabrics, and Art Gallery Fabrics. Her resume shows that she is more than qualified to guide everyone from beginners to seasoned quilters on new and fresh styles of quilting.

Bonjour QuiltsBonjour Quilts for quilters

The Bonjour Quilts blog is designed to help you in any quilting endeavor you choose to embark on. You will be able to find free tutorials throughout the blog. The website also has plenty of Kirsty’s patterns available in the shop that you can use to decorate your home or put in your sewing room for inspiration.

You will be able to buy plenty of modern, bright, and bold quilting patterns. They come with fabric cutting guides, tips on using sewing machines, diagrams, and more.

This can help you make the most of your time and up your sewing game. Free updates on the website come with guided tours on her best free patterns. Signing up will ensure that you never miss a new pattern update from Kirsty.

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Laundry Basket QuiltsLaundry Basket Quilts for quilters

The Laundry Basket Quilts was founded by Edyta who wanted a platform that could show off her family traditions. Stitching together threads and fabrics have been part of her family since generations.

She lets her passion and spirit shine through the presentations, workshops, and classes she conducts regularly. She also travels all over the world to connect with quilters of all levels and share her experiences. She loves sharing the inspiring stories of how her quilts are made with people.

Her love for fabric and a keen eye for color combine perfectly with her sense of style and design. She ensures that family teachings are blended into each work that she puts out so that she can create amazing quilts for everyone.

Her innovative technique and patterns have ensured that she can collaborate with big names like MODA and Aurifil to create Batik fabrics and stunning threads.

Quilting has been deemed an art form by many people and is often used as a way to relax and unwind. There are many different techniques from longarm quilting and free motion quilting to making baby quilts and doing applique.

All these different perspectives ensure there is always a challenge for you. Following up on blogs and websites can help you more than just browsing through random quilting pictures on your social media.

It is important to seek inspiration from all sorts of sources so that you can end up with resources that truly ignite a passion in you.

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