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Top 10 Types of Quilt Stands


Quilt hanging on a wooden fence quilt stand

I never gave quilts a second thought until my mom got into quilting big time. Since she started quilting, my wife and I and kids have been fortunate recipients of gorgeous quilts, blankets and wall hangings.

Some quilts are works of art. Works of art that also keep you warm and comfy on a cool night. When you aren’t enjoying their cocoon of comfort, it seems shameful to stick them in a closet until needed again. A quilt stand allows your quilts to add their beauty to your home.

Quilts are usually full of heritage, memories and tradition – chances are that if you have a quilt, it was passed to you by your grandparents or your parents. What do you do to such a hand-made primarypiece? You protect it!

You want to protect  your special investment and one way to do that to a quilt is to fold it as little as possible. This is where the a quilt stand comes  in handy!

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Why should you hang your quilts?

If you have been folding your quilts for a long time, forget that and start a new way of preserving your creations. The stand allows for quilts to air out while avoiding the crease folds that usually end up collecting air and smells. When you fold a quilt, you may also introduce permanent crease marks where you don’t really want them to be.

So what if you really need to fold a quilt? If you have a lot of quilts, try unfolding them and refolding them in a different way after some time. The best way – buy a quilt stand!

Display your quilts…

A quilt can be modern, vintage or a mixture of in between. In essence, it’s a work of art that should be displayed. When you want to add a decorative aspect to your home, you can throw it over a loveseat, a comfy sofa or snuggle with it in bed. The best part about having these creations, you can change them often to create different looks.

A stand helps you feature your patterns and stitching while making the home look minimal and neat.

Quilt stands are an inexpensive way to mount your designs for an entire view. We did some digging and found some of the best fitting stands that look great and work well!

When Life Gives You Scraps, Make a Quilt

And then display it with a quilt stand. But, which one is right for you? Read our comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you find the best fit.

1. Curved Wooden 3-Bar Quilt Stand

Curved Wooden 3-Bar Quilt Stand

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Starting off our top 10 is this beautiful quilt stand in a walnut finish. If you are looking for a piece to complement your existing decor and really let the quilts stand out, this is it. The subtle curves provide style while providing storage for 3 blankets or quilts, even king size.

It is under $60 and it is highly rated from previous purchasers on Amazon.

People loved this quilt so much and some on Amazon are even buying an extra one to use in the bathroom as a towel organizer.

2. Metal (Bronze Finish) 3-Bar Quilt Stand

Metal (Bronze Finish) 3-Bar Quilt Stand

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This quilt stand is perfect when space is at a premium. With the flat back, it can easily be placed against a wall and not take up much needed floor space. It is also pleasing to the eye with a bronze finish and scrolled feet. The all metal construction provides a much appreciated sturdiness when it is holding 3 quilts.

This stand has an added bonus with a shelf at the bottom. Perfect for storing slippers or whatever else you may think of!

This has no issue holding a few quilts. The stand is sturdy and At under $60, this stand would make a great addition to your home.

The rustic finish grabs your attention and keeps it. With scrolled metals, the metallic beauty blends easily into your interior along with the surroundings.

3. Wrought-Iron Free-Standing 3-Bar Wire Quilt Stand

Wrought-Iron Free-Standing 3-Bar Wire Quilt Stand

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This stand is a piece of art all on its own with the it’s sweeping curves and wrought iron black finish. It has a welded fabrication that can hold 3 heirloom quilts with ease. The shelf on the bottom provides protection for your blankets by preventing them from touching the floor.

It arrives fully assembled so there is one less thing for you to worry about and it is taller than the average quilt stand providing even more room for your treasured blankets. Style and function for under $120!

4. The Freestanding Ladder Rack Quilt Stand

The Freestanding Ladder Rack Quilt Stand

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You get 2 quilt racks for the price of 1 with this beauty. It easily transfers from an a-frame to a ladder without needing any tools. There are no worries about heavy quilts with this stand. Each rung is reinforced and can hold 10 pounds.

When this stand is in the ladder style, it is a piece to be admired. Standing at 5 and a half feet tall, it makes a style statement without taking up a lot of space. It also holds 5 quilts when most stands hold 3. It has a shelf on the bottom for extra storage or even to display knick knacks.

We love how this ladder gives off a hi-end loft appeal. At just under $160, this stand is piece to be considered.

5. Tall Portable Single Bar Quilt Stand (Show it Off)

Tall Portable Single Bar Quilt Stand (Show it Off)

Are you a quilter who sells your works of art or do you have a heirloom quilt from an ancestor that is just begging to be displayed.

This portable quilt stand is a great option. Every facet of your quilt can be admired as this stand has an adjustable height level of up to 10 feet.

Top quality construction almost 100% ensures this is a once in a lifetime purchase. This quilt display is super cool and almost looks like a photographer’s background stand – it offers the full view of any quilt design.

A travel bag is included in the price and for under $170, it is a great investment to display your priceless quilts.

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6. Small Wood Minimalist Quilt Stand

Small Wood Minimalist Quilt Stand

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This minimalistic design is simply divine! The l-shaped design provides a clean look as well as sturdiness and durability for your quilts and blankets. It has a beautiful mahogany finish and polished chrome cross bars.

There is enough storage for 3 large quilts. This unique stand is also a space saver so it is ideal for smaller spots like beside a couch or bed. So get out your beautiful quilts from that dark closet and display them out there.

7. Decorative Wrought Iron Freestanding Quilt Stand 

Decorative Wrought Iron Freestanding Quilt Stand

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This stand is a real stunner. The wrought iron black will complement any decor and the intricate details will have have your friends wondering if you’ve recently come into some money. The fact that it cost you under $50 is your secret to share or not.

It has a dainty look but can hold 3 quilts very easily and previous purchasers attest to how sturdy it is. It really does have that classic beautiful look that you would see in an Old Hollywood film!

Don’t be scared by how skinny it looks – for a slim quilt stand, it packs a lot of power in a frame that’s strong and ready to hold your quilts.

8. Acrylic Silver Contemporary Freestanding Quilt Stand

Acrylic Silver Contemporary Freestanding Quilt Stand

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Even people who like modern decor get cold and need a place to store quilts. This is their quilt stand. Polished chrome with tempered glass shelves give a clean, modern look and provide storage for whatever you may require.

This stand will look at home in your living room or bathroom. Maybe buy two, they will come in handy. Double the use of this stand and it looks great too! This is the part where you get creative – always look at different furniture pieces and accessories and how they can be used in different places around your home.

9. Leaning Ladder Quilt/Towel Stand

Leaning Ladder Quilt/Towel Stand

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One of the best things about a quilt stand is that it can have multi-purposes. This ladder style surely does. Imagine it in your bathroom with magazines at eye level and easy to reach. It has a durable stainless steel construction and leans against the wall for quick and easy set up. 5 rungs provide ample storage.

If you want to add that spacious industrial feeling to your house, throw on a ladder and some quilts.

10. Wall-Mounted Quilt Stand

Wall-Mounted Quilt Stand

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Yeehaw! Are you a horse lover? A purveyor of all things country? This is the quilt stand of your dreams! This is made of very strong solid steel and could be hanging in a tackroom holding horse blankets, so it surely is enough of a stand to handle Grandma’s quilts. It is handmade with used horseshoes that have been cleaned and sealed. They will not rust and you can choose the finish you would like making every one a custom piece. Complement your western decor or add a piece of the country lifestyle into any room in your home.

This stand would also look amazing in any cow poke’s bathroom or would make a great gift for the horse lover in your life. At just under $30, it only looks like you spent a lot of money.


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