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Colors that Go Well with Purple for Interior Design

Living room with purple accent wall

Welcome to our first “colors that go with X” series. Our first edition comprehensively covers what colors go with purple for interior design.

Instead of attempting to list every color combination we think works with purple, we provide a gallery of different rooms that include purple and other colors.

With software, we then extract the colors in the room so that you can exactly which colors are being mixed with purple in the color scheme.

While purple isn’t exactly the most popular color for interior design, it can work. Some of the examples below confirm that.

Please note that in most instances, purple is referred to as violet, but would often be considered purple. The range in purple below is fairly wide, but that helps give a diverse set of examples.

1. Modern Primary Bedroom with Purple Accent Wall

Below is a primary bedroom with two shades of purple making up the accent wall. See more purple bedrooms here.

Colors used with purple in this room: Black, grey, white and red.

Primary bedroom with violet geo accent wall and purple area rug.Purple room combined with black, grey, white and red.

2. Primary Bedroom with Light Purple Ceiling, Walls and Valiance

I don’t think a lot of people will get excited with this room because purple isn’t an accent color. Purple is the main event, making up over 70% of the room’s color scheme.

However, I like the combination of purple with the Wedgewood Blue.

Colors used with purple in this room: Blue and brown.

Primary bedroom with purple cloud walls and ceilingPurple room combined with blue and brown.

3. Earth Tones Living Room with Dark Purple Accent Wall

I know the purple I’m referring here is called brown, but it has a purple look to it. It’s the far back wall of the room. It’s a very subtle purple, but I think it works magnificently in this interior.

That hue of purple works well with earth tones, which is not a typical combination with purple.

Colors used with purple in this room: Brown, black and grey.

Living room with deep purple wall.Purple room combined with brown, black and grey.


4. White and Grey Living Room with Bright Purple Accent Wall

This is a great use of purple in a living room. Everything is neutral – white, grey and black and then BAM! one wall bright purple. I like “BAM” in interior design so I think this works.

See more purple living rooms here.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey and blue.

Living room with vaulted ceiling and violet accent wall.Purple room combined with grey and blue.

5. Royal Purple and Blue Living Room Example

Here’s an example of strong royal purple living room via the purple sofa and curtains. Then the bright turquoise blue pillows add more splash to the space. The thing is, it works… two bright colors working together.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey and blue.

Large purple sectional sofa with blue pillows.Purple room combined with grey and blue.

6. White Modern Kitchen with Purple Backsplash and Stools

I love this small white kitchen with purple backsplash and stools. It’s just the right amount of purple. The purple is combined with white, black and light brown flooring.

See more purple kitchens here.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey, black, red, brown and blue.

Purple room combined with grey, black, red, brown and blue.

7. Purple and White Bathroom

Here’s a bathroom with white, purple and black. It looks pretty good; perhaps not my first choice, but clearly the purple goes with white and black.

See more purple bathrooms here.

Colors used with purple in this room: Brown, grey, black and white.

Small purple and white bathroom with wainscoting.Purple room combined with brown, grey, black and white.

8. Purple and Brown Bathroom

This is one very purple bathroom with some medium wood thrown in. The purple makes it dark, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I think some white could improve it.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey, black and brown.

Luxurious purple bathroom with floating wood vanity.Purple room combined with grey, black and brown.

9. Black, White and Purple Bathroom

This example is an improvement over the above bathroom. While all the walls are purple, the black and white tub (which is awesome) along with black and white floors balance out nicely. The white gives the lightness the room needs. It’s still definitely a fairly dark room, but it has a regal aura about it.

Colors used with purple in this room: Brown, black, grey and green.

Elegant black and white freestanding tub with purple walls in bathroom design.Purple room combined with brown, black, grey and green.

10. Ultra Bright Purple Kitchen with Black Backsplash

You’d have to somewhat eccentric in interior design tastes to want this much of that bright purple. It’s too much for me, but it definitely goes with black. You’d just want to have less of the purple.

Colors used with purple in this room: Black, grey, brown and blue.

Purple room combined with black, grey, brown and blue.

11. Silver and Purple Kitchen with Wooden Floor

This is an interesting combination. When I first saw this kitchen design, I liked it. Silver and purple work, but it’s definitely on the glamorous side of the spectrum. That said, the purple is fairly dull so the silver shines. Here are some ideas if you’re interested in purple kitchens.

Colors used with purple in this room: Blue, brown, grey and black.

Stylish contemporary purple, black and silver kitchenPurple room combined with blue, brown, grey and black.

12. Modern Purple and White Kitchen

Here’s a great example of purple used judiciously in a kitchen. It’s balanced nicely with plenty of white so while the purple stands out, it doesn’t inundate you.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey, red and green.

Cool modern gray, white and violet kitchen design.Purple room combined with grey, red and green.

13. Purple and White Living Room with Wood Flooring

Frankly, this is simply to glam for my tastes. Too many curves and molding going on. A bright color like this works with sleek, straight lines, but with all the curves and decorative accents, it’s too much. This is a good example of a room where purple isn’t working too well.

Colors used with purple in this room: Grey, green, brown and black.

Purple room combined with grey, green, brown and black.

14. Dining Room with Purple Accent Wall, Wood Flooring and Light Wood Dining Table Set

This works rather well. One wouldn’t think purple goes well with wood, but this light wood and the fact that the room is very simple in design, the purple works nicely. I think I’d prefer all white walls, but for people who like a bit of color, the purple accent wall works.

Colors used with purple in this room: Brown, orange and green.

Minimalist purple dining room design.Purple room combined with brown, orange and green.

Credits: Software used for the color analysis is Tineye.

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