225 Living Rooms with Tile Floors (Photos)

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If you’ve narrowed your living room flooring to tile, that’s a big step in the living room decor process, but now you have to choose a tile.  There are many types of flooring tiles to choose from, and within each type are there many patterns, colors and shapes.

Tile (ceramic, porcelain and terra-cotta) makes up the flooring in 6.76% of living rooms.  As you’ll see in our extensive gallery below, many living rooms with tile flooring also have an area rug.

Photo Gallery

The living room boasts elegant furniture set along with a grand chandelier and a fireplace.


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Should you get tile for your living room?

Personally, I prefer hardwood, but in warm climates tile is definitely a great option because it helps keep the home cooler.  That’s why you see many tropical homes have tile throughout.

Another big benefit of tile is the amazing designs, colors, shapes and patterns you can choose from.  You can create an intricately designed floor with tile or stay super simple with a single color.

As for it being cold, that’s easily overcome by adding a large area rug on top (which is a common feature).

Tile is also durable (much more so than carpet), more scratch resistant than hardwood, stain resistant (for the most part) and easy to clean.

A big downside is it’s very hard.  We have hardwood flooring and that’s hard for kids to play on, but tile is even harder.  Again, an area rug can help.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice.  The right tile can create a spectacular looking living room.  Just look at the example in the image at the top of this post… I don’t think you could imagine another floor option for that gorgeous modern living room.  Moreover, it’s a very simple design almost looking like wood, but has the square staggered pattern which creates a great visual effect in the space.