30 Asian Living Room Ideas for 2018

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Asian purple living room with interior wallpaper, hardwood flooring and a rug.

Source: Zillow DigsTM


Designed by: Ben Amzaleg

home-images2017-06-10 at 8.33.09 AM
home-images2017-06-10 at 8.33.09 AM 16
A large, carpeted media room with recessed lighting.

Designed by: 3D Squared


Source: Zillow DigsTM

family_room2017-04-13 at 7.03.58 AM 50
family_room2017-04-13 at 7.03.58 AM 64
Living-Room1 (63)
Living-Room1 (61)
Living-Room1 (60)
Living-Room1 (51)
luxury living room
Living room in luxury home
Living room with fireplace
Living room with rounded fireplace
Living_Room (822)
Living_Room (799)
Living_Room (700)
Living_Room (677)

Asian living room design ideas are always a crowd favorite. In this article, we’ll share a bunch of ideas about Asian living room designs so that you can implement them at home and create your special place of relaxation—or your elated place of entertainment.

Zen, Or Not?

The largest question that you need to ask yourself before undertaking an Asian living room design is whether the living room will be intended for entertaining other people or personal relaxation. If the living room is intended for entertaining others, it’ll be drastically different.

For one, Asian style living rooms intended for entertainment are centered around a single large table, with comfortable chairs that surround it. The other pieces of furniture in the room are adjuncts to the central table and the conversations that go on there. Thematically, the Asian living room for entertainment can be nearly monochrome, or perhaps contain only the colors of the wood and the white walls.

Art also tends to be featured in the Asian living room designed for entertainment. Each wall is an opportunity to display a large piece of art—not necessarily Asian art, so long as it is art that dominates the view of the entire wall. The art displayed on the walls of the Asian living room designed for entertainment require a direct artificial light cast on them from above to maximize their impact.

The rest of the entertainment-centric living room should have both lamps and artificial light from above to provide the right spectrum of lighting for the right crowd, at the right hour of the evening. The emphasis is on subtlety.

Gathering Spot, Or Place Of Peace?

For relaxation, the concept is entirely different. Asian living rooms designed for personal relaxation are very sparse, perhaps sporting a single chair or couch, mat, floor height table, and carpeting rather than hardwood. The walls will be bare, and the emphasis will be on natural light filtering in, or artificial light falling directly and evenly from above.

The relaxing nature of the peaceful Asian living room design means that it’s incompatible with entertaining others unless they’re willing to sit at the floor height table with cushions—which some people will find charming. Even if entertaining others in the Asian living room designed for peacefulness, remember that bright colored objects like dishes and cushions break the setting, and shouldn’t be used.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of living room design ideas.

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