20 Shabby-Chic Kitchen Ideas for 2019

Discover various Shabby-Chic style kitchen photo gallery showcasing different design ideas.
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Although it is a popular interior decorating style, shabby-chic can be hard for people to define. It involves decorating with vintage or worn looking furnishings, but you can also take new items and make them look worn. If you’re interested in using this style in your kitchen, then here are some shabby-chic kitchen design ideas that may inspire you.

Shabby-Chic Designs

There isn’t a definitive style to shabby-chic as it can draw from different styles of furnishings and it uses a wide variety of colors. While white is the often the predominant color incorporated into a shabby-chic room, other light colors, such as pale blue, light green, soft yellows, and other pastel colors can also be used. Vintage, modern, and contemporary pieces can all be incorporated in a shabby-chic room design.

Make New Look Old

To create a shabby-chic design in a newly built home, you may need to roughen up your brand-new cabinets. Most decorators going for a shabby-chic look will use sandpaper to sand down furnishings to the bare wood or take the gleam off new paint. You can also use painting techniques, such as dry brushing or whitewashing, to make a new set of cabinets look as if you bought them second-hand in a vintage store.

Shabby-chic first became popular in the 1980s, so its appeal has waned, but some people still like the style. However, out of over 1.78 million kitchens in a design survey, only 0.20% were shabby-chic. When using a Shabby-chic design, you don’t need doesn’t to stick to one certain design style for kitchen furnishings.

Mix and Match Style

When furnishing and accessorizing the kitchen, feel free to be creative and include the items you like. You can mix and match different design styles, different eras, and in a variety of colors. For instance, you can put modern furnishings with Spanish décor, contemporary chairs with a farmhouse style table, or mix natural elements with chrome and glass.

With shabby-chic, the items with which you decorate don’t have to be brand new either. You can go shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, antique malls, or construction salvage to find kitchen cabinets, peninsulas, furnishings, and décor.

Since there are no stringent rules to follow, you can be as creative as you wish. However, if you need shabby-chic kitchen design ideas, examine this gallery of kitchen images to find shabby-chic designs to recreate in your kitchen at home.

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